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The Shadowsrise have issued a statement of the status of Nations upon Orin Rakatha at the end of a year of Reckoning as of Moon Day on Fools Moon. There is a plane wide upheaval as Nations relocate themselves to their new lands, and 30 days of Peace under an Aura of Serenity has been declared to facilitate this.
  • No information about the nature of nations or their locations, except their own has been given.
  • The Fortress of Pentar attempted to interfere with the Time of Reckoning so have been ‘rebuked’ by the Shadowsrise.
  • It was also stated that due to the plane wide disruption the Time of Reckoning causes, it will no longer be called once a year.
  • Individual nation status can be Reckoned on a case-by-case basis.
Of note to our people.
We attempted to gain two Nations, the Valley Nation and the Black Tower but did not hold enough status for either of these. Even if we had combined our status for one nation it still would not have been enough. This is mainly attributed to many of our people still missing since our nation lands fell, though the Shadowsfall disruption our people in Horde lands just before the time of reckoning is also a factor.
However, due to our nation’s links with the Mystics the Black Tower has been granted protection by the Dreadlord, and the Valley has been granted protection by the Master of Time both for one year.

Nation Status Failed

Black Tower
Cabal of the Dragon
Fortress of Pentar
Kiesora Dynasty
The Festival
The Hive
The Valley
Vagrants of Dionaite
Warriors of the Iron Islands

Nation Status Confirmed

Circle Aflame
Celestial Bureaucracy
Dai Fah Dyne
Eye of Madrigal
Halls of Asgard
Halls of Dread
Halmadons Heights
Jewelled Pavilion
Labyrinth of Xenos
Laire Tinwe
Olath Sharror
Saldorian Enclave
Shadows Fall
The Empire
The Scouring Wind
Warriors of the Crimson Winter
Well of Souls
Wizards Concilium
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