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To Molgus Zilbrosar

It appears that the Agoth Experiment has gotten out of hand - I am going to divert your team back onto our original purpose.
Dymtharis created the Cadre for a purpose and it is time to get back on track.  Orlon had his agenda and that allowed me to fund a number of missions to places of interest.

As usual ours is not to only group interested in these historical areas - the starry wisdom of the Ministry of Astrology, the Starfall Haruspex, the Un-named and of course the Archivists.  Be wary of them most of all - they know much and their reach is long, we are not even safe in our own Tower from their wrath.

I have sent Herbert to Red Hook - it is said that there is a piece of on ancient map drawn upon a rock outside that village.

I have sent Trevutus to the farm in Kalid lands to decipher an ancient inscription, I have sent Xirn to Froghorn to find an artefact, and I am sending you to the Darkwell to examine what we need before Otion gets there.

Scribe to Tiresias
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