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The Realm of Agoth

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The Realm that is now known as that of Agoth, is an inhospitable Void that is best not traversed.  However, if the need arises to travel this Realm then it is best to do so fully prepared.  There are a number of factors that should be borne in mind and are worth considering.  Firstly, you must know how to safely enter and exit the Void, then you should know how to protect yourself whilst on the Void and finally how to traverse the Void swiftly.  

The Void can be accessed via any of the existing Realms on the Plane of the Sleepless Dead, or via the Hall of Heroes; it has also been accessed directly using an item of planar travel, but this method is not recommended.  The last recorded incident of this happening was a couple of years ago when an item called Yana’s Hut managed to enter the Void.  

Dependent on where within the Void you wish to go, depends on where it is best to enter it and where from.  Most people only use the Void in order to travel to another Realm upon the Plane of the Sleepless Dead, therefore entry and exit points will relate to which Realms you are traversing from and to.  Very few people actually wish to travel to anywhere specifically on the Void itself, if they do, then the best place to enter from would be the Hall of Heroes.  However, entry into the Hall of Heroes has its own problems and requirements; details on how best to accomplish this are contained within the Book of the Dead, known as the Necronomicon, written by the Realm Lord Cardinaris.


To access the Void from any of the Realms, simply involves walking to that Realms boundaries and then stepping through.  However, this normally requires the permission of the appropriate Realm Lord, who is able to twist the mind to ensure you never find their boundaries without their permission.  To access the Void from the Hall of Heroes is another matter.  You must locate a suitable area (any piece of flat ground will suffice) and form those wishing to enter the Void into a rough circle.  At the centre of the circle should be a High Priest of each of the three primary Spheres.  These three should call upon their Aspects requesting their aid to leave the Hall and travel to the Void.  The other people travelling with them (forming the Circle) should focus their thoughts on where within the Void they wish to travel; the greater the focus will ensure the closer to their objective.  The time taken for transition from the Hall to the Void can be anything from five minutes to seventy two hours, dependent on the strength of the supplicants and their beliefs.  In order to return to the Hall, the same process should be followed, but in reverse (focussing on returning to the Hall of Heroes).

Once upon the Void you will begin to notice its life draining effects.  For every thirty minutes spent upon the Void all mortal creatures will lose part of their spiritual essence, no normal protections will prevent this.  This process will continue until there is nothing left of the Host and they become a Husk, their spirit travelling to the closest Soul Garden.  There are creatures of Agoth upon the Void who attempt to speed this process up and make use of any Husks.   If mortal creatures were planning to spend any amount of time upon the Void then it would be wise to protect against this.  It should be noted that there is no way to regain any spiritual essence lost upon the Void, through either sleep (which is impossible) or meditation; any spiritual essence lost or used, will be unable to be regained until you leave the Void.  Normally most mortals quickly traverse the Void and do not notice the life draining effects.

In order to protect yourself from the life draining effects of the Void you need to make a Soul vessel that you place part of your spiritual essence into.  This Soul vessel would remain at your entry point and will act as a beacon to your spirit.  To make a Soul vessel requires an open object, like a bowl or cup, which should have a Wizardry level spell of each of the eight prime elements cast upon it.  Each participant who requires protection would then drain some of their blood into the vessel.  Finally the vessel should be sealed by having a ritual invocation of each of the three primary Spheres cast upon it.

All mortals should beware whilst on the Void that they are not damaged unto the point of near death.  Any mortal who falls to the floor and is put into a dying state, will be unable to bolster their sprit and be called back to life.  The negative pull of the Void is too strong and any mortal who falls will ultimately perish. Sadly there is no protection versus this, apart from not being injured to the point of death.  If an individual were to die upon the Void then they would become a Husk, their body receptive to the commands of others.  The lost soul would travel to the closest Soul Garden.  If this were to happen, then the only way to return the Soul to the Husk would be to destroy the appropriate Soul Jar. 

Now that an individual has managed to penetrate the Void and has managed to protect themselves versus its negative effect, it is still highly recommended that they traverse the Void swiftly.  There is not much of note or interest within the Void, it generally being an unpleasant place of vast nothingness.  The main areas of significance are the Soul Gardens, of which there are thirty two, and the location of the Agoth experiment.

In order to traverse the Void swiftly, you must know where it is you wish to go.  To do this is simplicity itself, you must simply know the area you desire and focus all your thoughts upon this.  Within the Void, it is not so much of travelling the place but of drawing things to you.  One could spend months walking aimlessly encountering nothing, or one, with the correct focus, could stumble upon their goal within minutes.  The strength of will of those seeking determines how long they must travel.  It is presumed that one would wish to find either a Soul Garden or to view the Agoth experiment (which is discouraged).  To find one of the many Soul Garden’s you should focus your mind on the item or individual that it belongs to; the more you know about the item or individual the better.  Using this focus you should then walk as normal and should hopefully stumble upon your desire – be careful what you wish for though.

If for some reason you wish to view the Agoth experiment, although I cannot imagine why one would wish to visit this dangerous place, then you need more than simple will power.  Agoth calls unto itself, therefore you will need to have a part of Agoth with you; with this Agoth focus you should be able to find the Agoth experiment as you did the Soul Garden.  Obtaining an Agoth focus requires either swearing to Agoth, or possessing an essence of a strong follower of Agoth; such essences can be found within some Soul Garden’s – those dedicated to powering its strongest servants. 

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