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Rituals of Power

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There are many rituals of power that may be performed providing that you have the right components, strength and information.  These rituals can be used to power individuals, ward places, destroy items of power or drive creatures away. There are too many to detail so I have detailed the more relevant rituals of power that I have sensed the need for from the current inhabitants of the Hall of Heroes.  Below are the instructions, these alone will not suffice and any practitioner must find for themselves the required components.


One of the main components required to use the rituals described below is the Book of Keys.  This is referred to in each of the rituals and without it the ritual would fail.  A Book of Keys contains words of power.  These words should be uttered directly from the Book (it is not sufficient to copy these words down elsewhere or be recited from memory – it would not have sufficient power).  The words should also be uttered in the sequence mentioned.  The Book of Keys can normally be found within a place of great learning and is a magical and spiritual artefact.  Its power is such that it is tied to the place of great learning where it is found and cannot be moved more than twenty feet from this place.

To use a Soulstore you must first obtain one.  Once you have this you should place the Soulstore within the centre of the circle of people wishing to take part in the ceremony and use its benefits.  Each participant should intone the words of power contained within the Book of Keys; word seven, twelve and thirty should be intoned in order.  Once all participants have uttered the words they should each in turn approach the Soulstore and place the top of the Soulstore upon their forehead and intone word number six.  The top should then be placed into the Soulstore; the next participant then steps forward and repeats the process.  The last participant should seal the Soulstore.  At the conclusion all participants should once again intone words seven, twelve and thirty.

If you wish to ward a place (normally a building) in order to prevent entry by an unwelcome presence then you require three Soul Candles and need to empower a further six candles.  To empower a candle you need an ordinary candle, which should have a protective invocation cast upon it from the Good Sphere.  Once this is done you should intone words twenty four and seven from the Book of Keys, whilst holding the candle you wish to empower.  These candles, together with the three Soul Candles, should be placed at the normal entry point of the presence you wish to ward against.  Finally you should write the name of the presence that you wish to ward against upon a piece of scroll paper.  You should then write all of the words of power contained within the Book of Keys around the outside of this scroll paper, the words may lap and spiral inwards towards the centre and where the name of the presence you wish to ward against is.  This scroll paper should then be burned and the ash used to form a small line across the normal entry point of the unwelcome presence and where the candles are.  It should be noted that this type of ward is used to prevent powerful entities from accessing certain places, rather than to be used in order to stop the physical presence of normal creatures.  

Vere are most troublesome creatures and there are very few ways in which you can deal with them.  If you are unfortunate enough to encounter a Vere then I recommend flight.  If this is not an option then you must deal with them in some way; you can either submit to their will (which could lead to death) or face them.  All Vere are extremely powerful and difficult to defeat in combat.  They cannot be truly destroyed whilst they are receiving power from their Soul Garden, however, they can sustain sufficient damage (if you have the force of arms) in order to be forced to return to the Void.  This is only a temporary measure and the Vere will be able to return at their leisure.  

A much more effective measure would be to drive a Vere away; this means that you do not need the force of arms, although would need to be able to sustain a concentrated assault by a Vere and its minions.  To drive a Vere away, you require a Vere essence – this needs to be rooted to one place on the ground at a location of your choice.  The Vere essence should then have three Soul Candles placed in a rough circle around it, approximately one metre from the Vere essence.  Once this is done you need to intone words fourteen, one, twenty one and thirty one from the book of Keys over each of the Soul Candles and then the Vere essence.  This primes the ground ready for the hostile Vere; any ground prepared, will remain primed for fifteen minutes only, so requires timing.  All that is now required is to lure the Vere into the circle of light created by the Soulcandles, where it will remain trapped for as long as the ground is primed (maximum fifteen minutes).  Once the Vere is trapped you need to intone each of the words contained within the Book of Keys – once all words have been intoned you should, in a commanding voice, banish the Vere from this place.  Any Vere banished in this manner is unable to return to the place it was banished from.

Finally the Ritual of Returning.  This ritual can be used to banish spirits from a place that they are not meant to be or are trapped upon.  This ritual is designed to send back Souls that have somehow managed to end up in the wrong Realm or place and will return their soul back to either where it should be (appropriate Realm) or return them to their physical form.  This is a reverse of the ritual used by the Agothians to banish Souls to places they should not be.  Note that this ritual will only work upon Souls and not mortal creatures; if the Soul is in the correct place, the ritual will have no effect.  This ritual needs to be completed by a follower of the Good Sphere who is capable of dismissing Undead.  The caster should utter words of power number one, ten, twenty and thirty from the Book of Keys, followed by their normal Dismiss Lesser Undead invocation.  The words of power make the lost Soul vulnerable to the Dismiss Lesser Undead invocation.

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