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Recovered Cadre Documents

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Cadre document 1479-1

 It seems that the team were successful in capturing the subject creature. A group was dispatched to the far mountain range, as close to the mists as possible. The creature in question was simple enough to locate by the large amount of other creatures she surrounded herself with.  Once we had subdued its many minions it was much easier to handle.

 From my research it seems that this creature of hordeling stock may be one of the rare specimens known as a Mistweaver. I am not sure of this yet, but once I look through the copies of the Life Drinker project I will be able to determine this once and for all

            So far the creature seems to show very little in the way of physical prowess, but its main talents seem to be in the aura of ‘compulsion' that she seems to surround herself with. Over the past few days I have captured a number of hordelings of various strengths and have seen them all fall under her influence. Now I am not sure if this is a natural reaction of hordelings to a Mistweaver or the compulsion at work. I will have to investigate this further.

           Upon further investigation it seems that there is some power in this compulsion. I had 6 of our prisoner brought in and one at a time put in front of the subject with instructions to kill her to win their freedom. It seems that the first five were of sufficiently low status to be totally controlled. As yet I am not sure if this is some sort of Befriending of Beguilement as the subjects had to be despatched when they turn on us. The sixth prisoner proved to have sufficient status to resist and managed to wound the subject. At this point I thought my experiment was going to fail but another startling discovery was made. The subject is a wizard or sorcerer of some talent. I order to defend herself it summoned a creature of earth that took away prisoner six by drawing him into the ground. Futher investigating revealed some sort of tunnelling ability.

           I immediately ordered my guards to seal the cell and render the subject unconscious. Neither the earth creature, nor prisoner six was seen for some time.

Side note on Scroll: previous research notes by Wizardess Swejest of the Cadre seems to indicate that these creatures may have had something to do with the Leader of the Brown School of Magic within the Kern Valley Alliance.

          My next paper will discuss the proposal for the experimentation and usage of this compulsion power. It is proposed that if this power can be tapped a force of the very numerous hordelings can be used to bolster the Priesthoods undead forces or could be used instead against the forces of Halmadon's Height or the Humact Sect.


Cadre document 1483-5

22nd day of Harvest Moon

 Hordeling subject H-136-NE-151

Mistweaver? 1 walk?

Gawall Earthbinder

Wizard or Sorcerers Magic? At least

 Power        -        very high, eight, five, two

Mana                 -        nine, five, five

Physical  -        minimal, though this race is tougher than a standard human.

Compulsion, affects hordelings to a great degree, other races to lesser.

Either beguilement or befriend invocations.

Summoning of elementals, burrowers, binds, welds, entrapments at will?

Good and Evil sphere access?

Duplication powers, seems to manifest power in nearby bodies.

  • Good power produce white hordeling
  • Evil power produce black hordeling
  • This ability seems to be limited to a number of times a day.

Opinion is that subject is extremely dangerous and should be kept sedated and warded at all times. Due to compulsion the subject should be kept in a secure location away from all other experiments.

Cadre document 1711-1, copied from 0218-8

2nd day of Bone Moon

The Life Drinker Project

An unranked undead Sarcophagidae creature designed for the stealing of status from its victims. 

Note: the rest of the document was detroyed....

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