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Blooddrinker Scrolls near Darkwell

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These two scrolls were found by Valley Scouts (12/7/98) on the bodies of a number of Dymwann found guarding a portal from the plane of Maeglor. The Dymwann number included a knight.

The portal had been used by Dymwann leaving Maeglor and were reported to have been accompanied by a number of 'unusual' wraiths.

Fea-Gilmenorn Silverheart

Scroll One

Temuchin Blood Drinker

Your mighty knights obscure themselves wiith little skill, perhaps it's time we forgot the river of tears incident and worked together once more. My followers are much better versed in the arts of subterfuge than your men, besides we know much about the Serene One. It is time to divide and conquer, who know(s) we may even let you have a corner of Orin Rakatha for yourselves

Death to the towers.


Scroll Two


Stay in the area and keep alow profile. Keep watching the Shining One and if possible obtain one of his students for interrogation. Wait for our return after the time of reckoning.


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