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Assys Sorbon letter - from Miphon Hurst

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To Assys Sorbon

From Miphon Hurst

It is with great joy that I present to you this report on Cadre Projects

I will begin with my report on the Lifedrinker Project.

It is my findings that while of great use to us, the Lifedrinker is NOT an effective project for the Cadre. The dedication required to sustain the control invocations severely ties up our resources. It is my opinion that the control rituals should be taught to the Priesthood, to leave my Cadre free for more important work. Control aside, however, the Lifedrinker proved to be a useful weapon when used last. More than one of these creatures would have to be used to be truly effective. One worrying point however, the status the last Lifedrinker acquired, from the Valley Alliance seems to have been used to weaken its bindings somehow. I will send the relevant creation to you shortly, for I feel that the Fleashweavers will have to reanimate it.

Next is the report on the Arcana Matrix Project.

As you are aware we have only been able to Matrix Battle Magics to Ley-Constructed undead. Experiments have shown that it was theoretically possible to Matrix Wizardry to sentient Ritual-Constructs. However we of the Cadre have made our most spectacular breakthrough yet: the Matrixing of Wizardry to Ley-Constructs. Currently any Ley-Construct may receive only one High Magic spell. This is in addition to its existing array of Battle Magics.

As yet we have not completed our research into Matrixing Sorcery. Initial findings indicate the only non-corporeal Ritual-Constructs as well as Cosmic-Constructs can successfully cast Sorcery. But research is slow in this field due to lack of suitable research subjects. Again I must ask for you to provide me with at least two sentient Cosmic-Constructs.


Next is my report on the Disguise Project

It is my opinion that the benefits gained by being able to disguise our constructs are far outweighed by the costs both in resources and mana to achieve. Until we have discovered a more effective way of performing the necessary spells, I regret that the Cadre will not be providing our services in the regard to either the Priesthood or the Phalanx.

The Cadre has no new discoveries with regard to the Armour of Sandaster.

This concludes the Cadres project reports

My final words are a repetition of my request for more wizards to be assigned to the Cadre.

With all our projects we need more mana available, not extra hands. I will be sending the priests you sent me back to one of the Towers at the end of the week. Also we will be relocating Research Station Four due to its discovery by the Free Towers Pact. You assured me that the station was behind our lines, but as it turns out it was not. I trust our next allotted area to be more secure than the last. I cannot stress enough the security of our operations and what would happen if we were to withdraw our support.

May the Elements preserve

Miphon Hearst

Sorcerer in Chief, Dymwann Cadre

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