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Zilvan Crusade Part One

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Setting the scene. King Michael has been very ill for several months now, ever since Eostaire, when a vision of him had been seen leaving, or being taken away. The powers of the Micheline High Priests have been fading recently. Clearly the two things are linked in some way. A crusade was declared by the authority of Rol Soran.

From amongst our towers and our people some were chosen to go on this crusade. All were acknowledged heroes and luminaries of their cause and tower, here I list them, their names in brief, with titles omitted for brevity.

White Retreat: Balthazar, Djimm, Erf, Brother John, Kal, Khortaz, Melkeron, Paullandiss, Ruff, Verrick, Wolf, and Zilvan.

Alliance Tower: Giles, Sky.

Wolfhold: Kevralyn, Lathrodec.

We were directed to meet upon the 9th day of leaf fall moon at a way station. There we were guided by Pathfinders to a portal and instructed that we should step through. We did so and afterwards found ourselves upon Murandir once more. There we were guided onwards by more pathfinders to a lit and well-guarded building. Inside that building were the Royal Fellowship, meeting to discuss the prophecy and other associated matters. They were awaiting our arrival. We were joined at this meeting soon after it started by Orlon Tenquil, who bore with him the Sword of Law - which was a sign that the elves of the deep woods were strongly supporting us.

At this meeting it was revealed that King Michael's body had faded away from the White Retreat totally. We were told that Rol Soran was one of King Michael's old councillors, a seer from the old days before the Chaos Wars. He had been trapped within the Forbidding Wall for many years until it was destroyed and at that time Sir Clavados had managed to captured Rol Soran's soul essence within a gem, following prophecy that he had been given. Duke Hanrow broke open the gem into five pieces and revealed the final prophecy of Rol Soran to us. Here are the words he spoke:

Imprisoned for a thousand years

No blood or bone in countless tears

The wall and crystal reach their end

And this my soul's last message sends

Yet others know the road

Once-allies too have taken

The shining light to guide them

A sovereign they shall see
Hearken! Hearken!

The clarion is calling

A purpose now is forming

The ancient kingdom's pilgrims

Swear oaths upon the Sword

 Hearken! Hearken!

The clarion has spoken

A crusade has awoken

The great now rise to action

No object will reward

As those around me gather

In wary trepidation

They join in common purpose

To set a monarch free

The compass spins in error

With North no longer guiding

The folly is repeated

That we could never see
The rift that lies between them

Much less than that which beckons

Seer's path has no returning

And two shall cease to be

A final chance to settle

The needle's navigation

Renewal of King's favour

Will set the seers free
Four unknown lands before them

No homeward road behind them

Let Faith and Law sustain them

Or Kingdom's end shall be

The chance for Kingdom's pilgrims

A monarch to set free

Hearken! Hearken!

The clarion has spoken

A crusade has awoken

 Hearken! Hearken!

The clarion has spoken

A crusade has awoken

The chance for Kingdom's pilgrims

The monarch to restore

At Eostaire when the vision of King Michael's leaving was seen, that was his essence being drawn away. The White Seers, who were seen leaving with him, had in fact left. They had followed his path, and were acting as lights or beacons across the planes, showing us the way to go. The first of the seers was here upon Murandir, and was travelling to meet us here tomorrow. These matters now having being resolved the Fellowship withdrew returning to Orin Rakatha. Save Sir Clavados, who felt the call of the Crusade, he appointed Lord Sebastian to take his place a Steward of the White Retreat. We gathered up the fragments of the stone that had contained the Soul essence of Rol Soran, for these were attuned to the seers, one to each seer and would guide us to them.

Before the left, the Sword of Law was passed to Sky from Orlon Tenquil, who was instructed that he was to return it to the elves in the Deep Woods. We sent guards around the building, whilst half our number, led by Sky set off to return the Sword. Sky's group were successful in returning the sword, and acquired some information that proved to be useful later.

My group who stayed behind held the building against some few minor attacks by local empire forces. Ultimately the local empire Consul and local Legion Commander came to investigate these disturbances. Our diplomacy was such that they agreed to let us pass as long as we caused no more disturbances. The legion commander, Tiberius, was unhappy with the consul's ruling on this matter, but accepted his authority. From our discussions with the Consul we believed that Senator Amadeus (one of the most powerful Senators in the Empire) and Special Unit 9 were also following the path to King Michael and were 3 months ahead of us.

Upon the morrow, the seer Pirion met us. He guided us to the place where the walls between the planes were weak and was the path we should follow. Along the way were assailed by the legion commander Tiberius and his fellows, an unnecessary battle, from which we withdrew yielding the field to them. Finally arriving at the right place Pirion instructed us in constructing the StrayLight Cage which we were to use to pass onto the next world. We used this cage in combination with a picture of the next plane to project ourselves across the walls between worlds.

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