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Working for Vetzlar Again

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We had been called upon again by Lord Vetzlar Master Alchemist of the Council of Ten to do some more work for him.

The group were a small group in charge was Lady Kevralyn Soulfire then Devin of Reapers, Myself, Phoenix Shadowflame wizard of the red school, runt of the Hospitlers, Tersius Druid of the Valley, Roban master assasin, Gutrot of the Rangers and Wolfram asspirant assasin.

We came across some Towerless as we travelled, they were particularly strong but then appeared to get weaker. One said he was feeling ill. We removed them from our path.
On our way to the waystation we came across a group of Drow from House Gurthal which Kevralyn told us they were 8th in line to the throne of Annach Morananil. They challenged us but they obviously under estimated us.
As we moved up toward the waystation we came across two Sargyn who were searching for something I am unaware of what happened as I had the power removed from my body. Runt gifted some power to me and the two sargyn were dead when I awoke.

We passed some of the Reader on our way too.

We were greated by the Dye-Fah-Dyne and were made very welcome. Inside the waystation there were some boxes with different symbols Wolfhold, House Agraathan, House Gurthal, Eclipse and Dymwan. We were unable to open the boxes other than the one for Wolfhold which Kevralyn could open as she was the highest ranked person in the group.

A yellow sorcerer from the northern marches was at the waystation to talk to us about Kal’s group who were going to the Garden of Elements we were unable to help us with his questions.

Lightfoot flame arrived and spoke to Kevralyn. She then spoke to Phoenix and used her influence to encourage him to move back to the White Retreat. While she was speaking to Kevralyn she appeared to have removed all the sorcerers high ranked protections from the party and left without replacing them.

We retired for the night.

We awoke the following morning and found soe hordlings bimbling around outside they were retured to the mists.
Then some Saldorians arrived they had a brief discussion with Kevralyn about cleansing and purifying but we didn’t agree with them. They offered to remove members of the party for us so that the human element may be free of the unclean. When we declined they said they would cleanse us all. They did a bad job of it.

Rethmar Sunbane 1st wizard of house Gurthal arrived to negotiate some matters with Kevralyn they offered a large amount of Gest for this. Kevralyn strongly declined the polite offer. Sunbane appeared to be displeased with these and attacked us, we managed to dispatch all but Rethmar Sunbane who seemed to disappear. Somebody said he turned into a spider and vanished into the undergrowth.

The Dye-Fah-Dyne asked us to assist him in ridding his fields of crocus’ of the towerless that were picking them and stealing his stock, we agreed to help.
As we went to the fields we found groups of towerless that seemed strange, they were not quite with it and powerful in their attack, again this wore off and they weren’t as strong. They had been smelling the flowers and applying them to themselves in some way. Roban used his Alchemy skills to surmise that they were using the flower as a drug to increase their strength.
We heard some screaming in the distance and moved on. Some more toweless had a Dye-Fah-Dyne captive saying that their boss wounld want her, for what purpose we are not sure. We freed her from her captors and healed her to full health. We carried on to the fields to find the other towerless and their person they were working for. There was another group in the crocus fields which we removed. As we were nearing the waysation again we found the other towerless and their master. An Easterling who claimed the fields as his own and declared that he was free to pick the flowers for himself. They attacked us and were a strong force, the Easterling could call upon the dessert sands to increase his blows to that of seven men. It was a hard fight but we prevailed.

We returned to the Dye-Fah-Dyne station. He was greatful for our help and invited us to some celebrations that night as it was his naming day. We accepted. As we sat down and ate a Sargyn scout arrived and informed us that her leader wished us to meet him at dusk. On our prevoius dealings with the thissesin others dealings with the sargyn we agreed not to go.
As we ate a figure appear before us he anounced himself as Omar life bearer. He congratulated us on the defeat of a great warrior, the easterling in charge of the towerless slaves, he gifted to us a boon saying that if we were ever stuck in the great desert we would be most welcome with his tribe for one day. A most useful boon as we plan to venture to the deserts at the end of Green Growing Moon. He vanished before us once he had spoken.

Hordlings wandered through the encampment. They were then removed.

As we went through the days events the sargyn scout appeared and spoke with a different voice as if someone were speaking through them. He said he was displeased that we wouldn’t travel to meet him, so he would come to us at dusk. As dusk was near to approaching we prepared for their arrival.
They appeared as if walking through a wall of water and spoke to us. The leader was Carcarius, an ancient name for a powerful shark, he said that he was the first priest and that the cult of the shark were a product of his teachings.He said that they formed within his ranks and moved away from his beliefs. He said he did not agree with their teachings. He could see the mark the Thisessin had place on some of us and boasted that he could remove it from us. They left.

Some figures in Wolfhold colours came to the waystation, one being interrogater Tarik who had come with some Reaper and Dark Bretheren acolytes and an ambasador to put Roban to trial. This trial was to determine whether Roban’s action or in action had caused the death of a valley member, Lady sin of the assasins, as it is stated in Valley law those who cause the death of a Valley member by actions or in action will be punished.
Roban was put to trial and was judged to have contributed to the causes of Lady Sin’s death. I appologise for being so blunt Roban but Interrogater Tarik inisted that it be known that Wolfhold upholds the law and punishes and rewards as the laws command.

We thought that after they left that we would be left alone for the night, we were wrong. House Gurthal arrived. Having previous disagreements with them we fought Kevralyn webbed a mighty warrior in the door way which was killed. It was a tough fight, Devin and Roban working well together to drop a few.

We made the area safe and the Dye-Fah-Dyne arrived to celebrate his naming day. A large cake in the shape of a hedgehog arrived and was shared with us all. We ate cake and drank, some more than others. In fact some to the extent they signed a certificate of marriage and have absolutly no recolection of it!
The evening ended on a good note provided by one of the Dye-Fah-Dyne singing.

Sleep came…..eventually……even through certain peoples snoring.

In the morning some more hordling arrived and needless to say we killed them all.
Again a group from house Gurthal arrived not getting the hint through previous encounters with them. Again we defeated them though this was a tough fight.
Agraathan came to speak with our party, we had met one of their group before, a duegar of the house. He had been slain when we last met him and it seems that when he was reserrscted his spirit had gone and in bringing him back he is now what is known as a lost soul. Any information on how this would occur I would be grateful if it could be forwarded to me.

We completed our task, rid the Dye-Fah-Dyne of the crocus sniffing towerless slaves and have been granted a boon by an easterling Life bearer. Success.


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