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Our Group

Da Boss

- Michael – Blue Saucerer and Dreamer

On da frunt line gettin there eads kiked in

- Kadian – Knight Aspirant of the Fell Knights of Ushas

- Kellorin – Knight Aspirant of the Order of St Michael

- Lupus – High Priest of the Gauntlet

- Marco – Dwarven Runepriest

- Smudge Welk – Sentinel

Heelin and powa suport by

- Sir Verric – Knight of the Order of St Michael

- Wyrmwood – Druid

Majik buggerz

- Knocker – Mage of the Brown School

- Nan-see – Mage of the Yellow School

- Echelon – Wizard of the White School

- Frankk – Sorcerer of the Black School


Sneeky Bastads wiv sharp daggaz

- Nobby – Master Scout

- Caradac Fireapple – Master Seeker

- Firenze Grimgrin – Scout

- Dayleth – Reaper/Scout

Our Mishun: To find out what had gone wrong with Moragar’s Inheritance and if possible, to return it to Orin Rakatha.

We gavered at da Mothers Den Waystashun to go and find Moragars Inheritence cuz it shuld av come bak by now but adn't and sum important peple wuld die foreva wivout it. Last seen wiv some hepath uncle blokes who took it to sum ovva planes so dey could get da extra spirit strengf to.

We got given arma dat used to be St Michaels but was now just regula Michaels. It elped us to find da inheritants but a mind flaya was also afta it for sum reasan. We was told to keep an i out fur ne more bits in case dey helped.

We waz told that Saucerer Merlin ad been lookin for da Inheritants and waz last seen unconsius in old Valley lands. So we waz teleported in to meet Wolf and da resiztance, who new were Merlin was, and den find Merlin and use da armor and Michaels dream skilz to help find da inheritanse.

We met da resistanze and lerned dat Wolf has been actin funny for a wile and waz now missin. He turned up dat evenin but wiv a bunch of weird different natshuns who all ad marks on dere faces dat loked lik tridents. Dey was unda da influens and attaked us. We killed sum of dem and evenshuly got Wolf on da floor but not ded. Den we ad to cut da mark of iz face cause we culdn’t get da mindflaya out of iz ed any ovva way. Wen Wolf came round he gave us a box wiv some paper dat he found dat might av been Merlins, and told us were e waz investigatin befor his hed waz messed wiv.

Dere waz also a vizit from a Kalid diplomat who wanted to give all da Valley prizonas bak if we wuld stop kickin da Kalids eds in fur a bit. Dere was sum bak and forf about diz given ow suspicus it waz but we culdn’t se a downside so ended up agreein. Da prizners shuld be bak in too weaks wiv annova to fur da Valley people two go bak to our old landz and get any stuff we left.

We slept on it and eaded out ta investigate da next day. On da way we killed sum Kalid and sum wildlife and found a Hospitala who waz trapped by sum plants. We saved er (Nobby elper er da most and she waz real grateful to im) and den she asked us ta save sum of er pashunts who waz mad and might attak us. She also said dat she ad looked afta Merlin but didn’t now were e waz. We found da mad mages and wiv sum planin and da glory of da EVIL SPHERE we put da nuttaz down wivout killin dem. Sista Orrailea took da mages ta look afta em and we prest on.

Afta mor Kalid killin we found a ritual site were da mindflaya ad Merlin trapped in sum wards wiv lodes of da mindflaya marks on is face. We killed da guard mind puppets and drove da flaya off by hittin it lots. Den got threw da wardz and woke Merlin up by cuttin all da marks of is face. E was a bit out of it and thout it waz da old days and we waz all iz old mates. We kept im appy enuf well we got bak to da secret rebel base. Den Michael said e culd get us into Merlins dreamz so we culd fix wat was wrong and get im back ta normal so e could tell us were Moragar’s Inheritance is.

Iz dreamz were abut sum stuff dat apened in da old dayz (propa old fogy mishuns) were we ad to trap a epath, den smash sum pots dat were basicly unsmashable and den dere was a dinner wiv sum nites of da arrow were dey were goin off into da abyss to die fightin only one of dem was rong and we ad to kill im. Wich fixed Merlins madness wen we all woke up. Merlin sed e had been lookin for da inheritance on Murandir but e fought dat mite me cus da Mindflaya waz leedin im da rong way. Michael poped into Merlins dreamz (HELLOOO) to giv im a hand findin da right plaice.

In da mornin Michael sed da inheritance was on Sho-Lun and Merlin sad e could do us a teleport so off we went. We turned up in a cortyard wiv sum gards hu (fairly) tryed to kik our eds in. Den a big gizza in a scarey mask came out and joined in fur a bit. E stoped wen e notised Lupus. Ne way aparently we ad landed in a sumer huntin lodge dat belonged to da big boss of da hole place, who used to be in da valey. Iz name was Shogun Toshiro Mifune, and once da fite stoped we got a leson in ow to baw from iz second caled “Lady Death” den was alowed to actualy speek wiv Da Shogun.

Lady Death ad bean tryin to find da Inheritance but culdnt for sum reson. We let er use da armor bit but it didn’t fix fings. So Shogun Mifune sed we culd elp im wiv an Oni problem and e wuld elp us find a bit of da armor dat ad bean seen nearbye. E was also aving problemz wiv sum pesants hu were being upity. So we sed we wuld kep an ey out.

We were led by da hedman of a local vilage who took us first to da Oni, who we gave a good kikin. Den to da bit of amor wich was caried by a memba of da Broken Arrow who had da same Mindflaya marks dat we ad seen everywere. E managad to fite da mind control long enuf to tell us dere was a hole plane on da abyss wich was run by a mindflaya demon called Duke Zengarrad T’grath, aka the Duke of Torment, aka The Mindscreamer”and e was afta da Inheritance cus it is a powerful Law and Good artifact. Befor e lost control agin e asked us ta kil im, so we gave im an onerable end.

Wiv da armar and da Oni ded we eded bak to da loge to meat da Shogunagen. On da way dere was a Samurai o wanted an onerable duel, so Kellorin fort im. Kellorin. Evan afta avin is shield split in too, Kellorin was da victor do dey both fort wel. Wile we were gon Lady Death ad fowned who waz blokin er investagashuns, so she poisened dem. Wiv da trator ded and da extra bit of arma Lady Death fowned were da Inheritance waz so afta dinna we ad anover teleport and set up da world worst ambush.

Fankfuly da Hepath Uncles waz realy old and didnt stop us til two late. We jumped em and it waz cler dey were now Chaos creaturs wiv stars and bones and gribbly bits rava dan de nice Uncles we waz expectin. So we gave em a kikin wich dey returned wiv a vengance. We fort dem for agez, den a mindlfaya turned up, so we fort im to, and da Uncles fort im, and it was a big old mess for a bit.

We kiled da Mindflaya wiv a daga dat we got erlier from da Knight of the Broken Arrow, wich was gud as killin mindflayaz. Den we fort da Uncles sum more, den eventualy dey droped da Inheritance and we grabed it and got out of dere. We went strate bak to da Mother Den waystashun wiv our mishun complete.

Sir Clavados took Morigars Inheritance to keep is safe wile we worked out what to do wiv it cus it shuld still be taken from plane to plane by sumone. But dat is a problem for anova mishun.


Knight Aspirant of the Fell Knight of Ushaz.

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