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The Plagues of Hayat Ghallayha - Traslation

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 Our party consisted of:

ODA ZUG – byz it!

Library Ichabod, our leader
Rvhsys and Tarndhth of the Order of St. Michael
Frannk element-voyeur
Malice, nature, Fiddler
Drake, one of the creatures from the menagerie
Vallhn, a merchant of death
Zug, a businessman of useless idleness
Igor, the Franken fuck toy
Jhz·hryah Klhar water, our guide
And I, Mordecai from the hospital.

Our task was to go into the booth Jyvvyllyd to investigate the mysterious plague that had affected them. Immediately upon entering, I felt sick in the air. It washed over our party, affecting everyone from novices among us. It was the most interesting, that - like myself - it is simply removed rather than suppressed by prayer treatment is normal. Unlike me, this disease seems to be contagious, as we will soon have some peasants with an advanced form of infection that we met again.

ODA ZUG – itz grate!

Met with a woman named Qhadyyra dark prophet, stands. He gave us details of plague that affected his land. In conversation with him, we were attacked and threatened by Hypath mighty. He explained to us that this was Hypath persecution of his people for at least a year, seemingly unaffected by anything that we did. With the help of the Prophet women and our own research, we discovered that our father Jhbhdyah Klharvathr guide, the party leadership called Mysfyts, the ancient shrine was broken. The shrine contains the spirit Garrr Vrrthhll, fire, intrusion great warrior, his wife Ariana, a prophet mighty woman, and child is annoying. The three in a (successful) attempt to give the child to an artifact was composed immortality , as it is wasting disease is not different to my own. After defeat artifact exchange, Hypath able to swallow the essence of the child, and to obtain their immortality was. We also discovered that it had Hypath several node disease, contaminated land and air from the booth.

To combat this, we have to dare to child Hypath mind, destroying Hypath immortality. It involves a complex process of tasks, tests and difficult. Despite our struggles, we have succeeded, and in fact took the child. We return him to his parents, newly released to walk the earth once again (oh). After removing his immortality, which was left to destroy Hypath node disease had created, and then destroy him.

In search of the three nodes, we ventured once again. I feel very strongly as to what was the source of the problem, it is time to understand the testing process and removing the node from the plague. After venturing further, we found a number of things that are clearly hungry for some time, some just bone is reduced. Only in this area of ​​our life long, and something about my research makes people hungry to rise again and attack us. After dispatching them, malice able to commune with the land and removing nodes from famine. We move forward to the final node, and reach a deep anger growing within all of us, but I, of Ichabod and Igor. On the contrary, I found myself in a deeper peace than I have been in many years, constant pain and pain of my curse has been lifted. The casting of Ichabod sleep in knots, and I cast an aura of peace, we are calm has returned to the knot of war. In general, it seems that the creators of death was pale.

We then called Hypath, kicking his head in, and left to return to the valley.

In short:

ODA ZUG – tiz da bestst fing I eva Smelz!

Known as Mysfyts party, led by Jhbhdyah Klharvathr, shrine of ancient spirits Garrr Vrrthhll, Ariana and child failure.

Their actions talented Hypath immortality.

This Hypath, named Barash Httt Qhtazvrr, put on the ground Jyvvyllyd node disease.

We destroyed node disease, and exile Hypath, but our actions have released the ancient spirits. Fixed two, a 1 break.

damet garm --- may your breath be warm

Mordecai, of the Hospital.

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