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The party met on a dark and lonely road in the south east of Orin Rakatha just outside the Drowned Gate waystation.

We had been given instructions to meet a path finder called Bracken who could know the location of Lord Velteyn.

As the group started to greet each other we were attacked by a group of elementals.

The party moved into position well and had little difficulty destroying this the 1st of many foes.

Further down the road we came across a group of dead what we believed to be Concillium guards, the guards rose from the ground and attacked, these proved to be no match for the brave warriors of the party.

As the party checked they were all ok and tended any wounded our dashingly dressed scout came running into the clearing telling us he had found a sleeping lady on the bridge.

This lady turned out be a Concillium researcher called Brogal who had been put to sleep by the elementals, she checked the bodies of the fallen we had been attacked by and she recognised them as members of her party.

Brogal explained to us that the elementals were in fact Motes of lightning which had been caused by a tempest ( a tempest can happen upon the destruction of a powerful individual or elemental ).

Brogal told us their research had been taking place at an old House Agrathan base which was close, so the party decided to investigate.

At the base we again came under attack from Motes of lightning and a spirit was detected in the ruins which had some kind of ward forbidding us entry.

It was at this point I started to see the abilities of some of our party members.

A fearless dark priest, a mighty elven sorcerer, a crazed goblin and a brave monk made short work of the motes and a group of Duegar, a mage, 2 priests and a warrior found that they could pass the wards freely. After a brief search and the finding of the remains of a ritual and some scrolls the party decided to accompany Brogal to the waystation .

By light of a burning fire and with ale in hand the party once again introduced themselves.

Anebir Grey Beard - Duegar-Wizard of Steel and Earth, Mage of Fire

Kakarot - Goblin Warlord - Veteran of the Iron Guard

Delta - Hero Monk of the Middle Way and High Priest of the Grey Gauntlet

Capt Snorri Nosebiter - Pirate and robbing b**stard

Tornado - half elemental/elf - Sorcerer of Air, Fire and Water

The Legend Gomeric Grey Spire - Duegar - Priest of the blessing of the king, Priest of the forge , acolyte of the mind

Ivak - Duegar outcast - Veteran warrior and burner of Goblins

Kylar - High Priest of the Reaper Sect

Drokal Greyspire - Duegar - Master Smith

Vallen Grimm - Priest of the Reaper Sect

Eymeric'Dir Soril - some bloke from Aether Town (our guide)

Brogal left to continue her research so the party settled in for dinner and a couple of ales, soon enough Bracken arrived.

He explained that Lord Vetzlar had hired a specialist to investigate the Sateva (the place of myths and legends), his plan was to create a story teller and then create a story of the valley which would then help to secure our place on Orin Rakatha.

The specialist had already created a story teller and began to tell a story of the White Retreat. He believes if we can add to this story it will help embed those of the Kern Valley in the memories of Orin Rakatha, therefore strengthening our position there.

The Specialist is in fact a powerful mind flayer called the Observer.

Water day

Tornado who has taken the mantel of leadership decides if we can decipher the scrolls and cast the ritual that the Concillium failed to do it may help to reveal the presence of Lord Velteyn.

Snorri and Ivak returned to the Agrathan base to see if they could find any more pieces of the ritual, after about 30 min's they returned successful. Anebir and Tornado after much studying and beer drinking managed to solve the scrolls and work out that they needed to bind four powerful motes into four tablets before the ritual could be cast.

Tornado cast high magic on the tablets to get them ready for binding the motes, as the party were about to head off they came under attack from a group of hepath's.

Backed up by the two Duegar priests Kylar, Ivak, kakarot and the hero delta once again proved there combat skills by easily defeating these new foes.

On the way to the Agrathan base the party came under attack from elementals of fire and air yet again, once again helped by Kakarot and Delta both Tornado and Kylar proved how deadly they could be to the magical beasts who went down under a barrage of deadly strikes.

At the Arathan base the party were once again attacked by elementals of fire and air yet this time four very powerful lightning motes joined the battle.

After a long and hard fought battle nearly costing the life of the Fearless Goblin who was only saved by the bravery and power of the Priest Gomeric, Tornado and Anebir did what they set out to do and bound three of the four powerful motes into the tablets.

On their return to the waystation we were followed and attacked by a group who were searching for a Makel Daken, we believe these to

be some kind of psi conscript.

Realising these creatures were not magical in nature Ivak was the 1st to attack and quickly proved himself to be a deadly warrior, Also quick into battle was the huge Duegar Priest Drokal, obviously leaving his ale bag at the waystation had given him reason enough to get the combat over quickly.

Researcher Brogal returned to the waystation and told us that scholar Heros wanted back the tablets and scrolls for his ritual, the party agreed to meet with this scholar and discuss terms for their return.

The party left to meet with the Concillium Scholar. It wasn't long until we came under attack by a group of vicious and powerful hepaths, the party who by now were getting used to each others abilities wasted little time in entering combat and had little difficulty sundering there opponents.

Also encountered on the journey was a strange group from the Vanishing Tower and an attack from a group of earth elementals who teleported into the middle of the party to attack.

The Scholar Heros said he would be happy to join forces with the party to see the ritual completed.he also explained that the plane we were on can keep things in but once here they cannot return to whence they came. This made summoning dangerous as the creatures would have no way of returning to where they were summoned from. He also told us that it was a Jedrath Bone Singer a Drow from House Agrathan and Wizard of the Yellow College who was the one who was originally going to get rid of the motes. The Agrathan base is in fact his safe house.

On our return to the waystation we were again attacked by psi conscripts, although dangerous with their psi blasts both of our Duegar Priests and the Duegar mage gave as good as they got and our warriors proved more than a match for them in hand to hand.

At the waystation we met a Concillium wizard called Sophia Bell. She explained that she had been sent to aid Tornado and Anebir in finishing the ritual.

It was the belief of both Anebir and Tornado that if the motes were were all dispelled then the primus at the centre of the ritual would be able to bind the tempest.

Sophia Bell was to aid them in casting one of the Dispels.

We left the waystation and headed back to the Agrathan base to try and complete the ritual. The party was attacked by spiders but after a brief battle these were destroyed.

The mote appeared and was put down . Tornado and Anebir did some magic i know little about but I am under the impression they were trying to discern what was left of the tablets and in which order to dispel them.

The primus appeared and although tough was beaten into submission by the skills of Kakarot,Delta and the high Priest kylar.

The three mages all cast there dispels and the ritual was finally complete.

Later that evening Tornado received a whispering wind from the Concillium Scholar informing him that the primus now contained a Tanu Spirit. The Tanu is believed to be the spirit of Lord Velteyn.

Later that evening Sorik arrived with a message from a group of Duegar challenging us to drinking competition, before we had chance to discuss this challenge Gomeric, Drokal, Ivak and Anebir were already out the door with tankards in hand so the rest of us had little choice but to follow.

We met a rough looking group of very drunk Duegar who asked for our help. They explained that a corpse fiddling drow had in his possession an amulet that had them all under control. They were hoping we would take back this item and free them from their slavery. The Duegar in our party of course agreed seeing the potential trouble such an item could cause.

As the ale flowed a challenge was instigated by Tornado, it was to eat and swallow a bag of tea. Kakarot took up the challenge for us and a large Duegar called Sally took up the challenge for them. Unfortunately Kakarot was beaten although some cheating was involved.

Next was a drinking challenge, to empty a tankard and place the empty tankard on your head. Ivak took up the challenge and with little difficulty defeated his lame opponent, whilst we were busy congratulating the drunken duegar a lone Drow turned up and ordered all Duegar to slay the valley members. Things were looking bad for the party but luckily the quick reactions of Tornado, Kylar and Delta managed to surprise and subdue our own Duegar party members. Lacking our healer, a mighty priest, a powerful mage and a fearless warrior left us in dire straits but with bravery and I must admit more than a little luck we managed to defeat the Drow and the shades he had summoned.

I would just like to add that it was at this time our Capt Snorri made us aware of his abilities. The tricky scout seemed to have a trick up his sleeved for every situation and his dagger and stealth in the darkness made for a deadly combination.

On our return to the waystation the party ate and then while discussing our options were attacked by a well prepared and very tough Kalid force who beguiled two of our party. A combination of front line skill and Duegar psionics backing up the warriors ended the Kalid warriors hopes for re-entering there tower.

Later that evening we were once again attacked by a force of Kalid. From the little I saw of the party it became quite obvious that we were out classed and had little chance of victory, the Kalid separated our ranks and systematically tried to hunt down our party members and put an end to our lives.

Before I fell I did see Delta in action and I now know what it means to be a hero of the Kern Valley, I have never before witnessed a warrior as skillful as the Monk.

Myself, Snorri and Kakarot were felled by the Kalid commander and came round with other members of the party in the empty waystation. We were told that a mindflayer had come and transported us to the Sateva. Other members of our party arrived licking their wounds and the last to arrive was Delta who it seemed had been determined to try and take as many of the Kalid with him as he could.

Sorik joined us once more and explained that the Kalid could dream travel here and attack us, we would be able to slay any dream fragments appearing as Kalid they had with them but we would be unable to hurt the dream walkers.

He told us that he had a musical instrument that could cloak us from the dream walkers if we saw them in time .

Sorik is a follower of T'an.

The T'an is the head of the 12th clan of the Vanishing Tower and was exiled so moved to the Hold of Azard, and then left to join Wolfhold, when Wolfhold fell he became the Dean of the Grey College of the Wizards Concillium.

The Melnobs are not happy with this and are looking for him.

Sorik informed us that the plane of myths and legends had ancient valley lore but the story is relatively immature. We sat down and wrote our 1st story.

A story of the Fellowship of the Twelve gathering together to form the tower known as the White Retreat.

During our writings Ivak stopped drinking and seemed possessed, uttering the words "I BOUGHT YOU HERE TO OBSERVE THE STORY OF THE MIST LORDS".

Once Ivak returned to being his normal self and drinking again we called it a night and prepared for what the next day on Sateva would bring.


Earth day

Had a group of story fragments turn up just as we were finishing the breaking of our fast, they kept demanding that we tell them a story.

I'm not sure who snapped first (think it was Ivak) but violence quickly followed and the fragments were destroyed.

We headed out into the plane of myths and legends and found the story teller, we told him our story and was asked to act it out for him.

The party managed this although the acting was a little ropey !

Ivak became possessed again so we followed him as he wandered off.

We came upon some story fragments one of which was a shadows fall and the other an archivist- the conversation between them went ... THE JUDGE AT THE TEMPLE OF THE FOUR WINDS WAS SUCCESSFUL AND THE HERALD WAS ACTIVATED. EVERYTHING IS AS PLANNED AND THE 3RD CATACLYSM HAS BEGUN.

Ivak once more was possessed so as before we followed, a group of story fragments chanting WE DREAMED A DREAM THAT WASN'T A DREAM WHERE THE SHADOWS ROSE AND THE LAND WAS SHROUDED IN DARKNESS.

A battle broke out and the fragments were easily defeated.

Next we came across more story fragments who appeared as shadows fall..there conversation went... THE TOWERS ARE NOW OCCUPIED, THE VALLEY TOWER HAS THE VALDEMAR ISSUE WITH SECTOR SEVEN.....WE WILL WATCH BUT ARE SURELY LOST..

We traveled on and were attacked by some forest dwellers demanding we turn back, having little choice as we needed to press on we were forced into combat and had little trouble defeating the enemy, As the path grew more wild with thorns and bushes we were attacked again, these were of the same ilk as before but were much more barbaric in nature and very very tough....Drokal, Kakarot, Kylar, Tornado, Ivak and Delta took the fight to them and eventually killed all who had stood before them.

We returned to the way station and wrote our second story, during this time a story fragment appeared and began to speak, he dressed as one of The Dark Aspect.... THE GATES CLOSED, SEALED TIGHT, A HERALD FORETELLS THE DOOM, THOSE THAT HEED RETIRE TO THEIRE SANCTUARY'S




At dinner many story fragments appeared acting like different members of the White Retreat,very odd they seemed like children

wanting to learn.


After dinner we headed out once more trying to gather what information from this strange place that we could, we came across more story fragments I believe these were acting out stories of the shadows fall (I cannot be sure as my notes unfortunately got soaking wet )






As we moved on we were attacked by some shadows fall.

Myself, Anebir and Kakarot were transported to an enclosed room which was covered in spider webs and seemed very old, we all took horrific wounds on our arrival, we healed up as best we could and took a look around. The room had some items of a magical nature within it and ritual markings on the floor.

We were attacked by hidden spiders and in our weakened state easily defeated, I was put down unconscious, Anebir was webbed into non movement and unfortunately the brave Kakarot was killed.

When I awoke the rest of the party had arrived and seemed to be getting to grips with the situation, I was healed, Kakarot was mauled but in the land of the living and Anebir had been set free.

During our time in our prison we came under regular attack from spiders and even some Duegar wolves.

A lone figure sat in one corner with an hour glass that each time it was turned caused all within a mortal wound, Anebir played him at dice as this set up but every time he lost a dice he screamed in pain until eventually he lost his life.

Kylar was the next to bravely take up the dice challenge and this time proved victorious.

During the dice game Ivak stood on a trap while fighting spiders and was blown to bits leaving very little for Gomeric to try and piece back together .

Snorri who was looking over a ritual that was somehow connected to the door took a chance and made a grab for a ensorcelled necklace. A wall of fire erupted injuring him badly but before he could be healed the hour glass was turned and the mortal wound inflicted was to much for our scout to take and he to fell.

Drokal and Tornado managed to figure out the magical trap and an elemental appeared trapped inside a ward, it's mana was then used

to open the door and three party members escaped before it shut again. The elemental was released as this happened, Tornado tried to repulse the elemental back into the ward but failed so we had little choice but to slay the beast.

Realising we were trapped Anebir bravely stepped into the ward and used his own mana to free party members, I was suddenly outside the building and thrown into the middle of a tough battle with a well armed and disciplined group of Kalid, we eventually won the day and Kylar found a key to the building we had just escaped.

He opened the door and Tornado stepped out, it would seem he had sacrificed his own freedom to free Anebir, a very noble (personally I'd have legged it) act indeed.

Tornado was contacted by some magical means by Ketlar von Harzon. Lord of Aether Town, he told him we were to carry on looking for Lord Velteyn and investigate the Observer.

Three DFD turned up at the waystation and the leader Shala explained that they were treasure hunters interested in three submerged waystations, she also told us of a Jedrath Bone Singer who had a huge amulet and was a member of the Yellow College of the Concillium. this also happened to be the corpse fiddling drow who had been causing so much trouble to the Duegar.

She told us he moved mainly at dark and used two safe houses.

After their departure we decided to go after this Drow and take this amulet. We made arrangements so that the Duegar in our party could be easily put down (we had no wish to fight them and the enemy at once, I think we would have come off none too well ).

We encountered some shades on the road and after a brief battle made our way to the first waystation. We were attacked by Jedrath, some shades, a few Duegar and he ordered our Duegar party members to slay us as well. Our plan worked well and our Duegar went down quickly and reasonably painlessly. Tornado vanished Jedrath and the rest of the party fought bravely with the rest of his party, the retinue were put to the sword and when Jedrath returned he found himself out numbered and eventually fell to the swinging weapons of Snorri, Kylar, Delta, Kakarot and of course Tornado who although a Sorcerer proved himself time and time again to be bloody deadly in the thick of combat wielding a sword.

The party then returned to the waystation to (get drunk) discuss the activities of the day and plan for the day ahead.


Fire Day

After breaking our fast once again we finally met the Observer.

The Mind flayer spoke to us through the voice of one of his controlled minions.





After our meeting with the Observer a young lady ran screaming into the waystation she was being followed by a large number of hepaths. The lady was protected while the more rugged members of our party rushed outside to do battle.

The fight was hard but the hepath proved no match for the hardy Kern Valley party.

The young lady called Leyla was with the T'an who is traveling on the plane, she believed that the Hepath were trying to raise the Ashman.

Realising how powerful the Ashman was we rushed of to put an end to those trying to raise such a beast.

We came across a group of melnobs from the Vanishing Tower and some hepath, finishing some kind of ritual, the party steamed into them ending their miserable lives and ruining whatever foul perversions they were up to.

Close to hand and by a burning fire we found more of the melnobs and hepaths and this time they had with them a flaming beast...they had summoned the Ashman.

This battle was vicious and brutal and even after the death of all the other, the Ashman proved a terrible foe, eventually though the beast realised it was beaten and fled from the combat.

On our return to the waystation we came across the story teller, once again we told the story and then the party did a fantastic job of acting this out.

Vallen is a nob (please excuse this last statement it would seem Delta ran off with my notes )

We sat down to eat and myself Drokal and Delta wrote down our third story.

A group of heavily armed Kalid arrived at the waystation, refusing to enter into conversation and with a blood curdling scream of GOBLIN HORDE the party attacked.

Their leader knowing he was a dream walker and safe in the knowledge he could not be hurt tried to challenge anyone who would listen, to single combat. We paid this coward no heed and slew his minions, whilst our guide managed to complete a ritual to dismiss the dream walker back to Orin Rakatha.

We set off into the wilds to continue our investigations, to the setting of some ancient ruins we were attacked by Kalid, four of the enemy were dreamers and could not be hurt, we managed to slay their minions but were forced to flee the field or face certain death, Unfortunately we lost the brave Gomeric who went down fighting an enemy he could not slay.

We continued on and kept sighting the story teller but as we approached he vanished, reappearing at different locations. We followed him until by a river he stopped and told us the story of brave guardians defending the river.

These guardians appeared played out by story fragments and battle ensued. The fighting was fast and brutal the story fragments easily defeated.

The story teller once again appeared and as before we followed until he stopped to tell us a story. The story was of valiant crusaders who fought the chaos beasts. Story fragments appeared this time as the crusaders and yet again we were forced into battle and this time it was a lot tougher to beat our foes than it had been before.

As before the story teller appeared and having little choice we followed. When he stopped he told us a tale we all knew very well, the death of King Michel.

A large group of chaos beasts and a huge and terrifying Hepath appeared and a mighty battle took place.

These were some of the strongest foes I have ever had to face and although we were eventually victorious Kylar, who had played our king in our earlier stories, fell in an epic one on one battle with the monstrous Hepath.

On the path we met a Halmadonian dreamer called Andrew, head of the Dreamers Sect from Halmadons Heights, he informed us that he had persuaded the Kalid dreamers to move on so we made our way back past the ruins to the waystation.

Andrew told us that if we did not find and destroy the Ashman it would just continue to grow in power.

He said that if we found the Drowned Ones and three of our party beseeched them to possess their bodies these three could then dispel the Ashman, also as they would be possessed they would also be able to attack Kalid dreamers (hmm revenge me thinks).

Kakarot was the first to state his willingness to accept the challenge, even after Drokal, Gomeric and Tornado told him of the dangers of being possessed by such a spirit. I quote THATS HOW I ROLL

Next was the fearless Ivak who if i'm brutally honest  really didn't know what was going on he just knew he would be able beat to death the Kalid dreamers who had given him a kicking on their last encounter due to being all magicy

Last was the hero Delta, well he had to do it really.....that's what hero's do.

We set off into the woods and in the darkness found the three drowned ones, they eventually agreed to stop the Ashman and drowned the three brave volunteers by entering them and joining with their spirit.

It started to rain as we headed on looking for the Ashman and the weather was that bad we barely noticed the Kalid blocking our path, this battle was violent and bloody ,our opponents tough and well equipped. They still fell to the blades and hammer of our party.

Within minutes we were once again in battle with the Kalid, another strong force of heavily armed warriors backed by mages and a healer.

Gomeric aided by Drokal worked frantically to keep our warriors healed and fighting whilst Tornado and Anebir disrupted the enemy with their magics and me and Snorri lurked around in the darkness looking for stragglers who vanished screaming into the night.

Another hard fight and yet another well earned victory.

It wasn't long before we met the Kalid dreamers who had beaten us soundly in our last encounter were found waiting for us in a forest clearing.

As challenges were issued and insults exchanged the heavens opened up.

Blood and mud mixed together underfoot to the clashing sounds of steel as this frantic fight to the death took place.

No quarter was asked for and non was given, the Kalid fell one by one to the slashing swords, bone crunching hammer, magic spells, dark magic and silent assassins blade of the Valley alliance.

On our return to base we found the powerful Ashman who burned the party with terrifying hellfire but the three brave warriors all moved towards him and the drowned ones inside them banished the beast.


Cold, wet, bloody and exhausted the party staggered back to the waystation for a well deserved pint or four.


Steel day


After finishing breaking our fast and drinking our first ale of the day the story teller appeared once more and told us a story of courageous knights driving back the might of the chaos beasts. Story fragments in the guise of the knights appeared and we were thrown into our first battle of the day.

Battered and weary from three days of endless battle the party sat in the way station trying to decide what course of action should be taken.

An envoy from the T'an arrived and informed us he had safely made his way off the plane of myths and legends and gave us his thanks for our aid as well as each of us a personal boon.

The story teller appeared as before and just like before he kept vanishing and reappearing giving us little choice but to follow, when we finally caught up with him he told us an evil story of the dark brotherhood. We prepared ourselves for the following attack and in short time members of this dark cult attacked. We managed to defeat the story fragments but before we could check on the wounded more of the Dark Brotherhood ran in for the attack, the fight was hard and bloody but luckily we put down all the enemy with no losses to our party.

Once again the story teller appeared.

He didn't vanish he just told us the story of the death of the of the White Retreat champion Sir Pelinor.

The party prepared themselves knowing this would be no easy fight.

Fragments of Sir Pelinor and his mighty retinue arrived and battle commenced.

As would be expected from even a story fragment of the mighty hero, Sir Pelinor was deadly. He and his retinue fought like the heroes they were in life and with sadness of heart (not mine obviously) we played this story out to the end.

The legend that is Gomeric collapsed after pushing himself beyond his limits trying to keep his party members alive in the fight. Despite his efforts both Anebir and Drokal fell during this intense and bloody fight.

Battered and bruised the party returned to the waystation so that we could get ready for whatever else the Sateva could possibly throw at us.

Kylar and Gomeric settled down to med and the Duegar Mage Anebir began to Mnemonic, unfortunately we were attacked by some Psi creatures. Although these were defeated easily enough they did manage to enter the building and attack our three helpless companions, breaking them out of their meditations.

Andrew turned up and told us he could take us to the place of Lord Velteyn's death and then allow us to watch how he died, obviously the danger was that we would also become involved. Wishing to know the truth of Lord Velteyn's demise we agreed and marched off to whatever doom awaited us.

Lord Velteyn appeared believing us to be a part of the mighty Kalid force sent to destroy him and his retinue. The Kalid force was impressive boasting not only one of their Tower leaders but also many captains leading different Kalid legions. Although only a small part of the story of Lord Velteyn and his retinue, they were that devastating in combat that we still lost Anebir, Tornado, Snorri and Kakarot; Anebir had to be revived three times by the dreamer Andrew during the vicious melee.

As the battle went on and the valiant and hardy retinue of Lord Velteyn began to fall among the corpses of the Kalid it seemed that they somehow managed to block his means of teleportation and his escape.

One by one the mighty Lord of Fortunes keep watched his retinue fall until only he remained. Even at the last he refused to yield, drank down a potion of heal and charged into the ranks of the Kalid.

I was truly moved to watch such a being lose his life to the kalid scum but wish everyone who reads this to know that he died with honour and collapsed above a mountain of Kalid corpses.

We moved on feeling low of heart and once again met the story teller.

He began to carry on the story of the White Retreat when the observer appeared, slammed shut the book and they both vanished. No doubt he had his own ending planned for the story, we should have known better than to trust one so devious.

With Vallen meditating I Kakarot the mighty warlord of the horde has taken over scribing duties......

We returned to the waystation where a group of White Retreat story fragments were waiting for battle, I looked to my horde and raising my swords high screamed my defiance........GOBLIN HORDE

All those who followed me into battle proved their worth........ I had trained them well !

I decided we had better go and have stern words with the face sucking Mind flayer, we found him cowering in an ancient ruin his retinue waiting to make their final stand.

Knowing how nervous the horde had become at having to do battle with such a powerful beast I wasted no time and plunged into the enemy.



The fighting was intense, vicious and bloody.....I hacked left and right slaying any who were foolish enough to come within range of my whirling blades.

The horde were magnificent, although we were outnumbered maybe twenty to one they killed scores of the enemy.

Tornado with his powerful magic and deadly blade, Kylar screaming his hatred and slashing his enemies to bits with his sword (but forgetting to cast his Evil power), Ivak who went berserk hacking at legs and chopping at ankles.

Delta who flipped and cart wheeled through the enemy cutting off limbs with his mighty blade. Anebir stood with Capt Snorri, deadly dagger slitting throats and mighty magic disintegrating our foes.

I watched Drokal get knocked down but enraged he charged at his attacker smashing him to a bloody pulp with his hammer before charging into the rest of enemy like a wild beast.

And last was the legend that is Gomeric who stood passive in the centre of the whirling blades and clashing steel like an angel from legend, white light pouring from his body to heal any wound even a scratch received by our party.

Once this mighty battle was over we gave the Observer a bloody good kicking; our mighty Duegar fell upon the body of the Mind Flayer and started eating his brain (yuk), Tornado tried to taste a bit but couldn't take the headache it gave him. We then sodded off back to the way station for tea and cake......oh yea and of course ALE.


(After a brief and bloody struggle  I ,Vallen managed to wrestle my notes from the giggling Kakarot !!)

I cannot verify the report from the last two encounters as i was not there.

Vallen Reaper Sect with a little help from Tornado ......

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