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The Lost Archive
(Green Growing Moon PCY08)

Report by Sorceror Shen Manchu, Head of the Yellow School of Magic.

Our primary mission was to resuce a green sorceror by the name of Marak from imprisonment by the forces of Pentar. Lord Quicksilver provided us with a box of hepathic keys, a bottle and a scroll that we could use to locate him, and hopefully other Valley prisoners. We were also given a message and a package for Lord Giles who is known to be operating in the area. We were to make contact with the Abyssal Investigation Beaureau (AIB) who are led by The Count (a sorceror of the Yellow School). During some fights with Pentar forces we encountered what turned out to be a werewolf that we weren't equipped to deal with, not having any silver weapons in the group, so Lord Quicksilver vanished it allowing us to make our escape. One of the Valley Resistance, Wertigo McYokel of Clan McYokel came upon us and led us to the only shelter nearby. What first appeared to be a rundown shack turned out to be a heavily defended Valley archive, manned by the AIB and led by Eschelon. After various investigations into the contents of the archive, I determined that I would be able to roughly locate Sorceror Marak's location using the bottle and one of the keys provided plus some information gained from a green book.

The next day we set off in search of him. We encoutered more Valley resistance members; Secondus and Wulf. We gave the message and package for Lord Giles to them to be delivered and also agreed that we would act as bait for the werewolf so that Lord Giles might slay the beast. My information led us to a magical node that seemed to be an entrance to some kind of demi-plane. Using the key and a high magic dispel we gained entrance and began encountering what seemed to be memories of the struggles that Sorceror Marak udnerwent during the Pentar/Khalid assault previously. We eventually came across Sorceror Marak who had been imprisoned by an Inquisitor. We slew his captors and unshackled his spirit to release him. During the fight, what appeared to be The Witchfinder General (WFG) turned up to talk to the contingent of Witch HUnters in our group and then left (I believe he was a projection?). We then returned to the archive with Sorceror Marak. In the evening Lord Giles arrived and told us about how he thought the resistance was slowly turning the tide and becoming a real problem for the occupying forces. He then accompanied us out to hunt for the werewolf, which we slew during a large battle with enemy forces.

With our main task completed, and no new leads, the following day we proceeded to deal with some business for the Witch Hunters. This required using a book provided to us by the WFG and a key that was hidden in it. Using the book we located another node entrance to a demi-plane, this time to what appeared to be a simulacrum of the Horesod Forest, where it seems the Witch HUnters are from. We encountered various local inhabitants including some "dark witch hunters". We met a druidess in the woods who guided us to the WFG's location and there was much discussion that I will not go into detail of here. That evening the WFG carried out a ritual using an Orin Rakathan native in the party (perhaps the only one of us to be from here?) to return us home. During the process we were assailed heavily but we managed to complete the ritual and escape. There was some confusion upon completion of the ritual as the party was somewhat scattered when it was completed. We were still scattered upon arrival back on OR and not all members of the party were immediately accounted for which is a cause for concern.


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