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The Kings Wedding

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The Kings Wedding

Leitha Fae

Brothers and sisters of the White Retreat and the towers oro se do bheatha. It is my gladful duty to inform you of our great kings wedding and the subsequent events of the festival. We arrived on Murandir, after making sure that my path was clear and no traps were evident and everything was safe I left the relative safety of the woods and entered the celebration area.

Those attending on our festive celebration,

Leitha Fae White Retreat Ezekial Bramble Wardens Tersius, Druids
Maggot Wolfhold Dark Brethren Slurry, Ranger Knight Marshall Valley Tower
Slag/ Slade Asgar Murandir Sasha White Retreat
Quicksilver, White Retreat Orlando, Crusaders WR Khortah
Myrtle Village Brown School Brother John, Hospitallers Verrick, White Retreat
Aruna, White Retreat Red School Constantine, Village Kaylan Tarrel


We all gathered in the great hall of the festivities and were informed there were missions to be performed before we could have the king come to visit us. I was rather naive in my belief we would be under the control of the king and the KVA, but I was told the empire were in control. First we were visited by Praetor Aquillis. (Was that his name something along that line?) He wanted information on the drow and looked hesitant to talk to me at first but when he spoke with Orlando I spoke and said that I had been in contact with the drow and that Quicksilver was the person to speak to on such matters. After a while the gentleman left and I didn't know anything more. We were then informed by a scout that our visitors were been stopped by a group of goblins near the waypoint so we went in search of them with the whole group and were met by the foe who were torturing a poor carrot farmer who they blamed for the death of poor Nathan, we attempted to dissuade them from their violent conduct. One struck Slurry and another of the group and then another started casting so we went into aggressive negotiations. We struck them down in the name of the valley. We rescued the farmer who couldn't provide us with much information but was extremely shaken. They constantly visited the shrine of Nathan and were allowed to go by and visit with no hassle from us. But members of our party reported feeling ill when at the shrine and I felt the spirits distress at something near by. Duke Hanrow sends orders that a fallen St Michaels tomb is unsettled and sent a group to investigate. Another group was going to be despatched to save a caravan in distress. But as we prepared to move out an explosive device in the middle of the room went off, I was thrown into a wall and hit my head, I was seen to by a healer and we resumed our duty after searching for the devices. I went to find the caravan as we moved down the road our path was blocked by three goblins that refused to let us pass we tried to negotiate and were slandered and told we had taken poor Nathan's life, but were attacked. We met them head on it battle and killed them and moved forward in a wall of shields. We marched on towards the last known area where the caravan had been sighted. We were blocked by a gate that had three warriors and an evil mage which we didn't know at the time. Upon talking to them for a long time and trying to negotiate we got two pieces of information, a man named Mervin had paid them to stand guard there and the People welcomed the Queen. But we were refused any chance to look up there. We told them if they yielded at any point they would not be hurt or killed. We stood against them and killed two and the third was allowed to live the mage yielded her spells had done damage but she stood in the light looking too tired to cast. She cast another spell and hurt a member of the party and was gave no mercy for she had no honour. I took no part in her death and no pleasure in it either, I felt rather bad about her death. We made our way over another gate and towards a castle. I walked up to the escarpment and with my elven ears heard a scream like no other. Kaylan our scout rushed back and told us she saw three men but didn't know where the scream was from. We marched on forward in line Kaylan stayed in the trees and scouted forwards. I saw the men and then heard another scream. We saw one in castle window who shouted to us and asked us to leave. I heard another scream for help and we were ordered forward the fire in my spirit took place and I was one of the three first through the door into the fray we pushed them back into a corned and then cornered them into the next room I went out and jumped through the window nearby entrapping them and slaughtering them we took a lot of hurt but we beat them down. We helped the lady out of the corner who told us her name Veska, she was a trader for the Valley Alliance, she kept asking about her guards, where were her guards. She told us what she remembered a pain in the head and then falling asleep she had then been awoken to the interrogation of the Duegar who thought the valley had kidnapped Alexandro. Her gaurds potions and contract are reported missing in action. We told her she was under our protection and Aruna and Sasha stayed closest to her as we went down the path and back towards Kings Fort. When we got to meet a goblin and his troll girlfriend I was in no mood to talk and after negotiating Slurry managed to negotiate our way past them. I spoke with Veska asking about how she'd got here and if she was ok. When we got back we made her a brew and let her stay. We returned and were informed that the Kern Valley is now been targeted by Agoth and there was a Vir on Murandir, the threat seems so close its scary but as I said to the king. Fearless hearts shall prevail. We found out if we manage to disrupt agothian rituals without killing the agothian soul bringer we would be able to stop them. They are getting through the Aldornar tombs into Orin Rakatha and trying to take Tharanduil, towers are in imminent danger. We must strike soon; Othion Wraithchild from the black side of the immortal game was involved. Agothian soul guardians can be weakened by taking power and then kill the vir as it is weakening. Soon there will be a mission to the hall of heroes to save our beloved land. We are also now aware that the Agothians have a portal at the shrine of Nathan and are coming through. The mission needs a ferry man to travel with the group. Chorion says he will attend on them.

Day 2

Waypoint messages we also saw a glimpse of a woman wearing red looking pregnant to far away to make contact monks on the way to collect votes for kings council they are coming from Middle way. The goblins also slandered our great king Paulandris calling him a hero killer, a sacrificer of tribal creatures and telling us the goblin king owned the land. We were followed by a goblin who kept on pestering us and binded my legs. I walked away and Orlando warned it off us. It rained heavily all day. We were attacked again with another bomb I was standing in the door way and was saved from the blast throwing me by the forest. Kaylan was killed in the blow and I was wounded. They healed each of us. We went to find some stones that Kaylan said she needed so we went with her to east, finding the land ill and dying I could feel its pain and we prepared for some kind of battle. We marched for an hour to the east after finding cart tracks and then we marched back with relative ease soaked by the rain. We returned for refreshments and to discuss what was going on. We then set off to find Veskas cart after having another explosive go off. It was lucky this time I was in out of the way. I came back to find a lot of hurt people. We healed up and moved on first going into a group of goblins in mourning for poor Nathan who attacked us and were cut down. As we marched we met many encounters of fighting between us and elements of nature and undead and many other creatures until we came up against some creature that incredibly difficult to kill. I moved in to attack and managed to pull back a few times. We followed it to wear some people were conducting a ritual. We charged into battle stumbling over rabbit holes and everything. We then managed to get into a fight. I took a huge hit from the female mage who brought me down a long way. I withdrew and received aid then went back in and lost my life to an ugly looking monster with lots of poison. I fell to the ground and fell asleep. I saw the light and someone was in front of it, it was Louis my brother telling me not to go to the light. I was to keep fighting. I saw green fields of and woodlands of happiness, I was brought back in the middle of a conversation, I was told by Sasha I was alright and alive and to rest. I stayed still for a few minutes but then remembered what had happened and my rage went up. I got up looking for the evil fiend that killed me and went to find him. Then was told to stay with the group. I went forward to talk with the stranger that the group had met and he said his name was Mervin. He had paid those mercenaries the night before and Kaylan advised me to stay back probably a good idea. I informed Lady Sasha of who I believed him to be and gave my evidence to her. She informed other members of the group and then suddenly he brought two elementals against us. I could do nothing to harm them so as we retreated my heavy armour prevented me from scaling some parts of the land and I had to make a detour round the back and move quickly we engaged them in open combat and killed them, taking him into custody we had to bring him back before the poison creature came back to life. We made a hasty retreat after bounding his hands and gagging him some of us felt justice should be done but we took him back with all of Veska's belongings. We ran for it quickly until stumbling into some person who was in absolute pain predicting visions of destruction and rocks of fire raining down and the killing of children and all kinds of awful stuff those who carried him as myself who were ordered to keep him alive felt the pressure of his ramblings making us terrified as he laughed I really wanted him to stop going on until luckily Quicksilver sent him to sleep for us. We moved quickly and withdrew to the hut for lunch. We began eating when the fellow woke up demanding to die. We had to stop him trying to kill himself. Maggot decided a power drain would help and asked me to hold him up. So I thought well what don't kill you makes you stronger so I held him then lady Sasha told me this was cruel and I was told let go so I did and let him drop stopping the power drain then put him on the seat and let them get on with debating the situation while I sat and ate lunch. He was eventually taken away for treatment. We were then attacked by Agoth, as I said before then I thought they'd come and try take him and they did but we held them off and slew them. Then we had the tournaments of challenges with competitions like all for two, jousting, single combat, spear throwing, and two on two fights, marathon, and staff fighting. A monk by the name of Holen turned up to collect kings votes and announce new councillor,

Announcement 2 on the message board found and blood of a recent battle no bodies litter the ground but lots of weapons. Valley rangers are scouting the area for the king's arrival with White Retreat leaders. Something catches one or two of the party's eyes; I swore it was an Elven male but can't be sure.

Two males visited us in the hut the major of Murandir's town a thin lanky man with a young face and thick black hair and a huge shiny pendant in brown clothing, shadowed by a man called Peter who stated he was from a far off land and demanded an audience with King Paulandis. Drinks were served to the guests. After an hour of waiting his majesty King Paulandis came into our building, we all stood up. He made a gallant speech and then asked if anyone wanted to swear fealty to him. I was second in front of him after having a deep theosophical (long word for me) discussion with Orlando and Quicksilver. I took out my sword and swore on my blade I would be true, then everyone else went and did it then we reaffirmed our oath. When the king was attending court I sat in the halls of the king's fort listening to people talking. Then Praetor Amadeus comes into the room guarded by two empire soldiers and an odd looking fellow in gold and black. I walked to the bar and lent on it write this report and I received a reprimanding scowl for my trouble I stood to the attention then he turned his back and walked away so I carried on writing. Amadeus was quite confusing so my information may have been interpreted wrong. He wanted to know that the place was appropriate for the wedding, secured for the wedding; the bombs were not going to continue. He wanted to know who our strongest warrior was. He then spoke to Quicksilver, then Myrtle and then demanded that all of us at some point would be spoke to. But they were first. They were surrounded by Guards and taken up to the barricades. I don't know what happened there. I found that the empire were quite the people for going on ceremony. They had quite the military hierarchy; they came back time and time again and kept taking people off. I was quite worried I had taken off my helmet and put on my nice headband so as to keep a bit cooler. I got a few reprieving looks off the troops. When another bomb went off I was far away and all I saw was a black figure open a cloak with bombs in it. It went off I heard a piece of steel fling past my head. I rushed over to see if I could help, all I could do was hand out bandages and felt quite useless. Amadeus came down with his warriors and was not a happy commander and all. I thought he were supposed to be polite he weren't very nice to Myrtle and Quicksilver and took them back to the base for a reprimand. They returned and orders came from the empire that Myrtle was in charge of securing the area and a mission was ordered to go forth and kill these bombers leaving six people behind to guard the base. I was appalled how can six people hold the size a base with a piquet so far out. They went off to fight and we were left in the rain guarding. It wasn't all bad we sat in the kings little tent with his nice bench. We talked for a while and then myself Ezekiel Bramble and Constantine were brought into file and marched up to the fort. We were told to put our weapons outside so I removed all my weapons and put them down. We marched up into there and were told to sit down I noticed I was been stared at by the guard who was obviously looking at my ears. Ezekiel was first questioned about his memory and was judged by what had been seen in him and was now not possessed but couldn't remember anything from when he was stuck outside the way house on his last mission helping someone in. Then I was asked my name, my tower, my allegiance and why I was there to which I responded my name the white retreat the king and because I spoke six elven languages and was a decent warrior. He then asked me if I spoke drow so I said yes but they don't like me, he asked why I told him I was a mongrel child of elven and human blood, he asked my opinion of Paulandis I said I thought he was a worthy leader but I hadn't spoke to him person to person. He asked if the drow would be able to be brought into the alliance I said I don't know. Then he moved onto Constantine who got questioned. A messenger then reported we were under attack and we pleaded to be allowed to help our comrades we were allowed to leave and ran to aid our comrades. The battle was over though. We kept been attacked by Agothians who were setting up a ritual at the shrine of Nathan. They had a mirror there two candles a water thingy and lots of other stuff and a map. First we killed the reaper then we power drained the guardian and halted it till it ran away but it the pursuit of stopping it look at the mirror my sword was destroyed. I was heaving with anger. But it was fixed when the party returned. We then were seated after a while for the evening meal. We have now been introduced to the future Queen Constance. Seems very statuesque and regal. Empire blokes entered with her strange humans these fellows. They are so hell bent on ceremony. They march in all posh and all it was actually a shock when one came over and sat with me, he obviously had a problem about been put at the "Lower Status" end. We were joined by our Wood Elven brethren who swore fealty to the king in the middle of dinner of all times. There were speeches from Lord Verrick, King Paulandis, the funny fellow from the empire, Aquilas and another person. Then we all got the chance to hear the lady in waiting, the queen and another lady sing some mourning song about the mourning time been over. Beautiful voices. We then entertained ourselves the rest of the night drinking and celebrating with baldrics tales of valour and glory. Then very rudely interrupted by the Drow. I did not hear their names they weren't loud enough. They had come to tell King Paulandis they accepted him as king of the lad and he bore the responsibility of the land and they were sending us a gift. Then asked all the people from a previous mission to attend on them, they left before the tribal creature they kindly sent out to kill us all arrived. I couldn't get into the line and it was causing lots of pain. So I rushed to the back of the room eager to engage the enemy and snuck through the rain outside around its flank. I managed to get behind it and attacked it. I got quite a few hits in before I quickly made my way into the building and taunted it again. I went out the back again with my two swords drawn I waited for it to try get inside before going in and striking again this time when it went forward I stayed on it and the team all killed it together. Later on after the others returned and it was announced we had heroes in our party again we celebrated till interrupted by Wolfhold Lord Araikas and Lord Bael entered, they were eager to talk to the king and give him their support though a small grievance between Bael and the empire Praetors Amadeus broke out. Then I was interrupted by Bael and spoke to him in relative coldness. I watched as the three big bosses spoke to each other and had time to meet Lady Kevrylin and spoke to Mereilth who I hadn't seen since her release from the Agothians evil. We spoke then I rejoined the festivities and drank all night the whole party enjoyed a night of pure entertainment.

Day 3

Dawn raid attack during breakfast by the undead, (rather rude to attack during a meal.) they were repelled and destroyed sentries posted again to watch for any incoming attacks. Myrtle and Tersius wandered if the tomb wards were down if they were coming out so went to investigate, we get to way point to see a strange Wolfhold ambassador when engaging in conversation she angrily told us to **** off. There is the sound of swords in the distance and shields been beaten it sounds either like a war band trying to warn us off or maybe someone trying to intimidate us, (They did a good job), we also meet a drunk man who is still a bit worse for ware from the celebrations last night, rather inebriated due to alcohol but says everyone loves the new queen. Get to the tomb to find who ever gets near gets ill and needs to move back we cannot enter. Its presence is making the land feel negative. We withdraw to get help but as we make it back to the camp a minstrel boy turns up with his drum beating a march. He keeps saying the prince something demands your presence on the field of battle. He keeps repeating this till we follow him. so we take a slog up to the open field a mile from camp and meet a platoon strength of Empire troops, one healer and eight to ten soldiers with a commander eight had shields, one had a two handed Maul and one the commander a short gladius blade the rest had assorted weapons and shields. They looked very fine in their armour that was broad and their shields were long wooden shields with symbols on them. Very regimented as we got their they locked shields. There commander then accused our king of having some ambassador's son murdered to marry the queen and that he wanted vengeance. The order was given to form line and meet them in battle. I was put on the flank. I moved forward with the party and engaged the enemy after they attacked Slurry who taught the devils like the rest of the party how to have a good scrap. The healers were running left right and centre curing us and the line held at a few points they withdrew in good order and we'd step forward. They got some skirmishers through our line. At one point my elven blood got the better of me and a hole in their line giving me the opportunity to get through and attack the rear and their healer and then had to make a quick exit as they tried to grab me. I got back and was cured and got back in the line. After a brief exchange of words about the courage of their commander the fight quickly turned against the Empire troops who started to lose their cohesion and we pushed our way in and started routing them off they tried to launch attacks around the flanks and were cut down we routed them back and then slew them after an attempt at asking them to surrender they attacked and were cut down. We were elated in victory cheering for our hard earned victory, they were worthy enemies and even though their sacrifice was in vain they died gallantly and bravely and to their credit worthy of mention in the hall of heroes. We withdrew from the field allowing them to rest in peace. We then went to the camp and relaxed and recuperated till we were once again under attack from the undead. We went to the tomb and killed some creature of evil. Then the spirit of the soldier of St Michael then appeared in front of us and asked for an audience with the king, I rushed back with others. The king accepted the audience and after reaffirming his oath he asked to be released from this world and was passed on to the light, his body was carried back to the tomb by some of our party. After 20 minutes we were called to a shrine of nature and this is where the event we had all come for was to take place, the surroundings were beautiful and so at peace it was beautiful. The king could not look more worried. He jested about this sacred ceremony with others of the group before Amadeus came along they attended the top of the hill he stood at the right hand post as the guards put their arms up in the air to make a gate way as the Queens hand maiden came up the hill half way and then began to sing, "She moved through the Fair" it was like hearing Orla from the tavern singing, it was heavenly a deep silence hit the forest and we were all moved by it as the Queen began to move up the hill and as she stood next to her maiden she suddenly finished at the next chorus. They proceeded up the hill the King handed his sword to Orlando of the Crusaders. The queen took the hand of the Praetor and they walked to the shrine and he gave her to the King. The ceremony involved a lot of stuff been said, then they gave each other the token of their chastity and became man and wife or king and queen. That was where our report ends for we left them in their wedding dress and finished. I went off with some of the others back to the white retreat. Some stayed in Murandir.

It was an honour and a privilege to serve with such great a party. Agoth has invaded our lands I have heard but I fear not for our valour that has been outstanding since we arrived at the wedding so I see that our lands will be safe we shall survive. We now have an air to the throne though with the loss of three towers one of the Khalid one of the Oasis of Souls and another one.

Thank you to everyone who helped me. This report is for the Librarians of the Records for KVA.

Leitha Fae

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