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The Grand Opening of the Greasy Pole

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Now, I must appologise in advance that this isn’t like my usual mission reports as I wasn’t planning on it becoming a mission, more of just a piss up at Orm’s new pub.
So I rocked up to the Greasy Pole, and was joined by 
Kyle Ompak (Party Leader)
Kurt Polarise
“The dogs”
And a novice, Zac.
(if I’ve forgotten anyone i'm sorry!)

So we turned up at the pub, and found out that the first intersector games were about to begin and a representative from the marketplace arrived and handed me a wedge of money to pay for everyone’s food and drink while we were there.
Orms staff, clunge, didn’t seem happy to be employed and really didn’t like Nathan. She left/got sacked and he got some new staff in.
The rest of the group occasionally went off to deal with the incursion of kalid and such like while I decided it would be a good idea if I stayed behind to keep an eye on Orm and his staff and ensure that the pub was running as it should.
As part of the intersector games we decided to have some combat duels of which Zac appeared to come out on top and the eminent of the sentinals got beaten by a girl!!

We wandered into a grove and had to deal with some tree ents and druidy people and a shambling mound, of which non of us evil casters could deal with, not even Kiara, who had appeared by this point, as it was behind a ward that ment we couldn’t cast behind it.
The dogs went and got this branch for the groves and ways challenge and lying dog became the scion of the grove with his amazingly wonderful useful and powerful stick! Its truly amazing. Just ask him!

We ended up being assailed by:
Rabid Badgers (the pub was situated near a rabid badger den, a cesspit of despair and something else…)
Kalid, lots and lots of kalid.
Fortress of Pentar at the Humacti node, after Zacharius
And some other people.

There was lots and lots of beer.
Poor scorch ended up being killed three times in a row! Even Kurt wasn’t that unlucky!

Kiara had a vision that showed she was going to get assassinated by someone in blue at the costume party.
We decided that we couldn’t let this happen and that I would disguise myself as kiara and be attacked instead of her. (I didn’t want to face Kylars wrath if he found out I knew about it and did nothing to prevent it, I know what he can do!)
Kiara also impressed on me the importance in the role of the Seers in ensuring that either we submit mission reports or ensure that a mission report is submitted by someone else on each mission.

We were also beset by a large group of green elementals who attacked fukkisi and altered his mind so he forgot he could cast green magic. We suspect this was because we’d pissed off the elemental prince of water as we had been slightly abusing the recall spell. Oops. He regained his memory later on.

We had a costume party on steel day evening where we were joined by many others, including Ichabod as Tornado. This was highly amusing!
Nathan went as Kevralyn, as did I later on once “giles” had assassinated me and infected me with the poison that all the people within in the valley had been poisoned with. 
Kyle went as a very convincing Gob, Kurt as Drokal, Dreidyn and fukkisi went as King micheal and Rol-Sireth, Shade went as Tornado and there were a few others.
There was also a very entertaining play put on by Nathan and the dogs about Khandis and his love for Kevralyn! 
We also had a quiz set by the library and myself and Driedyn did rather badly on it I must say!

After the assassination we placed a tracking stone on the assassin and followed him to an area where he had been hiding out and dispactched of him we discovered a small laboratory where the 5 part poison was being made. We collected it and gave it to Bill jingle in the hospital to make a cure for which was then distributed to all of us that had been poisoned. 

It was declared by Orm that running a pub was too much trouble and he had decided to return to adventuring.

It was declared later on in the evening that
Zac won the fighting competitions,
Fukissi, won lots of stuff, including scroll translating and play making.
The scion of the groves competition was won by lying dog as mentioned earlier which got him his awesome stick of awesomeness!.
Dreiyden won the costume competition
And I won the market place competition for keeping orm and his pub in order.

We then proceeded to get very drunk.

By my hand
Red Sorceress
Dark Seer.

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