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The mission: To travel to the vicinity of the Drowned Gate waystation, retrieve the Tablet of Storms containing
Lord Veltyn’s essence and investigate the magic in the area. Undertaken by two groups from Fortune’s Keep.

Enemies encountered

Elementals, Kalid Brood & Broodlord, Kalid 3rd Legion, “Dark Spirits” (a bi-product of a DH ritual), Uruks,
Hordelings, Pine Brothers, Xenos drones, Marsh Hags

Persons of note encountered

Darkhome Scout
Tells us that a DH ritual has been disrupted by Uruks and that High Priest Kylar of the Reaper Sect has
been captured.

Sorcerer Zaneth of the Black College of the Wizard’s Concillium
Investigating magic in the area. He has Kalid bodyguard (Children of the Brood). Went to meet with 3 rd
Legion for replacement bodyguards after we slew his current ones.

Calix Wraithspawn of the Dymwan
Delivers a message for Ichabod.

The Darkbringer and an Aldonar “ancestor”
They are carrying the Aldonar artefacts recovered on recent missions.

Swamp Hag
If we kill the Kalid Brood Lord for her she promised to get the Tablet of Storms for us.

Sorcerer Selantril of the Wizard’s Concillium
Directs us to his friend who can help us with magical issues resulting from the ritual I performed.

Sorcerer Florentine of the Wizard’s Concillium
Friend of Sorcerer Selantril, removed an embodied elemental from me.

Sir Godwin, Knight of Purity from Halmaddon’s Heights
Announces that HH are carrying out a crusade against evil. We turn him down which means that as we
are not with them we are against them.

The Goblin King

Lord Jallinos of the Hospital
Tells us that the tablet will sustain Kettlar von Harzon who is afflicted with a grave, magical illness.

Dreadlord Araikas accompanied by Lord Thoran
The Dreadlord declares that all dealings with Barad Tirgul are at an end.

Other information of note

We successfully completed a ritual to sample some of the magic in the vicinity of the waystation.
We forcefully reclaimed the Tablet of Storms from the Wizard’s Concillium who had agreed to return it to us
but had not.
Uruks tried to abduct High Priest Vallan of the Reaper sect.
High Priestess Kiara announced her intent to stand as a Baron of Darkhome and passed a test aided by members
of the group, myself included.
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