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Requim - words from the field

Shard Farsight

I am sure by now that the enormity of the situation that arose at the recent time of reckoning is apparent to all adventurers in the Valley.   The recent mission to recreate the ancient Ritual of Ancestors on behalf of the Taranor was massively overshadowed by the falling of Anach Morranninal, The White Retreat, The Northern Province of the Saldorians and Wolfhold along with the subsequent punishing of the Kalid and the resultant pogom that we now find ourselves the target of.   However there were some smaller events that should not be lost amongst such planeshaking events and I feel compelled to ensure they are made available to the wider community.

Aldonar Prophecy

During the troubles the group I was with suffered the attention of an outerplanar being akin to a Djinni or Elemental Lord of Air by the name of Kolinor.  He had been employed by the Aldonar faction within the Wizards Concillium to prevent an ancestor of the Aldonar being called back from the beyond in case he brought the old taint with him.  I will ensure that the letter he carried is published in case we have further dealings with this faction and our old for Erelan Black (who seems in some way to want to atone for his past).

More concerning (because I dislike things I cannot fathom out) was what reads as a prophecy which was written in Aldonar runes.  It seems to be only a small part of a larger peice.

The Maze Navigated, The Ritual Performed.
The Soils are Counted, The Pathway Formed.
A Soil Walks Forth from the Caverns Long Buried.
A King of the World, His Footsteps Unhurried.
Twelve Will Stand. Against and For.
All Must Submit, No Less, No More.
On Comes Forth Dying and Old
Duty and Sacrifice, A Future to Safehold
One Comes Forth, Controlling the Dead,
Claws and Teeth Which Rend and Shred.
One Comes Forth a Lord of War,
Bearer of a Golden Key that All Abhor.
One Comes Forth the Elemental Master,
Lover of Nature, Skilled Arcane Caster.
One Comes Forth with Words of Wisdom,
The Warden of All a Man of . . . . . 

If anyone has the following part of this I would be most interested.

Nathan - A Spirit in Hiding

My own selfish reason for travelling to the Ritual of Ancestors was to try and salve my own guilt for my part in the death of Nathan nearly two years past.  I was successful in part that his spirit was indeed able to speak with me however he bore sad, and troubling, news to me. 

His spirit has not past to the beyond and is instead hiding somewhere on the plane of the sleepless dead in a safe place full of jars and bottles.  There are spirits of poison and evil seeking him still and so he is unable to finally go to his rest.  I promised him whatever aid I can provide in allowing him to finally rest peacefully but with the limit on planar travel currently I have to make an open plea to any who may find themselves on the PotSD to find out anything they can and offer succor to our lost hero if they are able.

The place of bottles and jars did cause several people to speak of Soul Gardens which were associated with the Vere spirits of Agoth which was a foe recently defeated by our alliance I do not know what bearing this might have on Nathans situation.

The Winds in Balance

I am extremely happy to report that the winds of Orin Rakatha have been balanced finally.  I was not present for the final ritual so please refer to Leithia Fae or one of his group for the details.

The reason I raise it is that I have heard conflicted reports as to our alliances promises from this point on.
One story says that now we have balanced the winds we must use the Arc of Fire and the other paraphernalia to create a temple to the four winds and maintain some sort of vigil there?  I have heard Giles name attached to this promise.
The Second story is that a group in the field promised to return the Arc and other items to the Labyrinthe of Xenos for “recylcing” as part of an agreement for one of their High Enchanters to assist in some task.

No doubt this may cause problems in the future but my understanding is that the Arc has been returned to Fortunes Keep.

In these times of troubles we must stand together as a closer people than ever, if I can aid in any way please do not hesitate to call on me.

Shard Farsight

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