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Randy and Kandy do Thrandy – Report by Maggot

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[Alternate name: In the Mountains of Thranduil]

Crew members:
   Irwin (chief), Anthrax, Sutnac, Captive Jack, Dudge, Wertigo

Hired Mercenaries:  Maggot, Garret

Greedy land lubbers:  Sasha, Randy, Kandy, Erf

The Mission

Hush hush looting raid to get OUR treasure from Arfang’s lair. We killed the dragon, it’s OUR loot dammit!

First Night

We travelled to Midnight’s Abode way station where we would receive further instructions. When we get there we find Malrin Thornblade, Assistant Guild Leader of the Black School of magic, 2nd Sorcerer of House Dranath in residence plus some of her flunkies. None of them are Drow which seems pretty weird. Some scroaty little wizard pushed his weight around with Kandy. While here we got attacked by a shade. Thralk turned up later and said that the Wizard’s Concillium group that were coming to see Malrin had been killed by Dymwan and raised as undead apart from one of them.

Our sponsor arrived having “cured” Randy of his affliction at the price of a bit of spirit strength. Well he had been warned. We are to travel to Thranduil via help from the Chorian. The lair is actually a demi-plane with one entrance currently in the Dead Marshes. We have to get into it between 7am and 1pm tomorrow before it shifts somewhere else. We have to leave the within two days between the same times. The central area of the lair opens to other parts of the lair every six hours and people who stay in there too long get trapped and become part of the lair. The gold is cursed and if you take any you can’t leave. Damn! We receive instructions and items to aid in the looting.

We then headed off to find the Dymwan, defeated a nasty vampire and rescued the WC woman. We then called the Chorian who took us through to the Plane of the Sleepless Dead. After a short but exciting journey we arrived on Thranduil. We located a building to stay in and a strange spirit arrived and proceeded to eat biscuits. Weird.

First Day

Travel through the Dead Marshes fighting spirits trying to drown us. Randy mysteriously falls over almost dead instead of it happening to Kandy; pretty odd. We find the entrance to the lair and go in. We arrive in the central area where there are white creatures that copy our actions. More weirdness. A couple of Red Scorpion Easterlings arrive, they think we are Captain Dragonbane’s men. A couple of Morgothians turned up for a chat as well. A ritual formed at the gate we came in through and a masked creature walked by us and went to the gate. We go there, complete the ritual puzzle and travel through to one of the other areas. [The dragon kin in each area have powers relating to one ability of the dragon ex-owner of the lair] Fight goblins, Rangers of Arnor, Dragon Kin, a blue sprite plus some of Garret’s race (some from the “good” faction, some “evil”). After we obtained some very tasty loot we are attacked by some nasty guardians of the lair trying to recover the stuff. We then return through the gate. Back at the central building we meet a couple of Dragonbane’s Corsairs boasting about killing the dragon, a fight ensued and they were killed. Found out more info about what happens to people who stay too long like aging etc. The gate creature returned so we went through to the “disenchantment” area. After fighting various creatures we are drawn to a location where there is a Morgul Wraith and a bunch of Uruks. We defeat them after a big scrap and recover important loot. We returned to the gate and fought some followers of Ungoliant then the usual guardians trying to recover our recently acquired loot. Back at the hub building a Corsair turned up and offered to bring Dragonbane and his men to us for a share of gold.

Second Day

In the morning a Gondorian ran in being chased by assassins. We protect him from them for some reason but after the fight he makes to run off which prompts a scuffle and he is killed too. Still, he had some shineys on him so no loss there. The gate creature turned up again, we go through to the “burning breath”  area. We fought various groups of Easterlings, got more loot, defeated the guardians then went back to the hub. We have a “dream visit”  from a minion of our sponsor’s. He’s pissed off that Kandy tried to pull a fast one on him to get some extra shineys. An ambitious ploy, careless for being caught. While in the “dream” a strange apparition appeared and said “let’s end this” and we all woke up. In punishment for getting caught Kandy gets ship justice; his left hand is cut off and then he is maimed. Probably a lot better than the thieving little Drow would have gotten from our sponsor.

The gate creature arrived again so we went through to the “beguiling gaze” area. We had a tough fight with some Dragon Kin who beguiled some of the party including Sasha our healer but we beat them and got some more nice loot. Further on we found some Dwarves who claimed the dragon’s loot for themselves so we kicked their heads in obviously then fought the usual guardians. We got transported back to the gate while Erf and I were meditating which didn’t go too well. Back at the hub Captain Dragonsbane and his crew arrived and after a few pleasantries (i.e. delaying on our part to get our invokes off) the fight happened and we put them down, recovering the captain’s log which made mention of them having been double crossed by Sorcerer Dreamswatch. (He was the “apparition” that appeared earlier in our dream meeting)

It seems that their ship crashed in the lair somehow and is now acting as a portal to the outside. While I was indentifying a large pile of our loot Kandy reneged on a bet of 5 gests regarding the comparative power of two items. So he’s a debt dodger as well as a thief it seems. How standards in the Drow houses have fallen... He wandered off in the night to do some sneaky Drow stuff which obviously went badly as Randy mysteriously fell over for no particular reason during a scuffle with some Ungoliant followers who turned up to bargain with us. That was strange even for a weedy individual like Randy. It seems Kandy has a deal with Loki and so Randy was taking the payback for his misadventures. Very amusing.

That evening we were standing around drinking and Kandy had obviously had quite a bit to drink as he entertained us, with very little prompting from the half orcs present I might add, with his views on various ranking and not so ranking members of his house. It seems that Thralk has been given the title of “swaffle cleanser”. Seems most appropriate to me. One high ranking member of his house was described as being willing to “do anything to anyone” and another one is apparently a goblin? Who would have thought? Then the conversation turned to how the classic line of “say my name bitch!” would work with two Drow shagging. Something like this maybe?

Thralk:   “Say my name bitch!” {whack}

Anonymous Drow:  “Thralk Swaffle-cleanser, 17th scumbag of House Dranath, 13th in line to...” etc, etc.

So not very well it seems...

Third day

After a very entertaining evening in the morning we set off to find the ship. We fought our way there and found Dreamswatch there with some of the crew. There was some fighting, some talking, some more fighting and after Dreamswatch had pronounced some nasty doom on a few of us and left we killed the rest. We searched the boat and recovered a truly enormous pile of swag. After a considerable amount of rolling around in piles of gold and gratuitous fondling of insanely powerful artifacts we bid a sad farewell to the huge pile of cursed gold we couldn’t take with us and left through the portal to return back home to count the considerable pile of stuff we did take back with us.

So in the end we finally got the loot after years of waiting. Three cheers for the Chief!

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