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Mission To Misty Elm Wood - Hunting Moon

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The mission objective was to visit the Mistyelm Wood, particularly a wolfhold trading post operated by Taran Yielder, a trader from Wolfhold.

I, Andarta of Wolfhold led the mission and those with me included; Niamh-grey mage, Anthrax-corsair, Irwin-corsair, Sutnac-corsair, Scar-warrior, Viosh-dark fairy all of Wolfhold, Thalia-fairy warrior, Sci-sor-animal, Sean Gillings-scout, Topper-warrior, Little Mo-acolyte, Garret- scout and Toshiro-samurai all of the VAT.

We arrived at the trading post to be greeted by an Easterling guard of the Dai fah dyne who told us that the trading post was full and we should leave. Clearly we could not accept that nonsense so I butchered the guard and was about to the same to Aziz the Dai fah only she went grovelly and apolegitic before I got chance. Anyhow it seemed that Tarn had gone missing 3 days prior to our arrival and she was ‘ looking after’ his interests. Anyhow I marked her and resolved to deal with her properly later.

Investigations revealed that Taran and various others had a cosy little trading relationship going which lined all of their pockets at the possible expense of their own Towers. The day or so before his dissapearance Taran had mentioned in his diary that he had discovered information about the recent waystation sale to the Dai fah dyne and was to investigate it.

We went through Taran’s diary and resolved to investigate all the groups mentioned therein which are as follows.

Hordelings. There were a large number of hordelings about One group asked us to take a message back to our Towers telling us to stop meddling with the workings of orin rakatha otherwise we might break it. This message is being sent to all towers.

Saldorians. They were in the area to receive ‘magical training’ from The Kalid. We killed most of them when they attacked the non-humans within our group.

Dymwan. They were investigating the large number of uncontrolled undead which were being created by burial cairns locally. This apparently being caused due to Node connected to The Plane of Sleepless Dead nearby. After a misunderstanding and short fight they left peacefully.

Drow from house Tilduring . They were purchasing large numbers of potions, particularly venoms from Taran. It seems he had failed to deliver his last consignment and they were looking for him. They took Taran with them at the close of our mission, he accompanied them willingly.

Monk’s Men. They had only arrived recently and were recruiting. We killed those that we met.

Towerless in red hoods. These were under the command of Easterlings and were responsible for our missing caravan. We learnt of their plans to ambush a second caravan so we ambushed them instead and the caravan got through safely. The contents being purchased by The Reader. It is not clear if the easterlings were under the orders of the Dai fah dyne and their leader unfortunately escaped.

Shadowsfall. The area rep was named Martin. He had recently been sold a fine dagger by Taran at a knockdown price. He also bought venoms from him also on favourable terms we suspect. His favourable treatment was in return for his turning a blind eye to Taran’s dealings with Towerless from whom he purchased potions which is of course contrary to the laws of orin rakatha. Evidence showed that he was responsible for the assassination of a Dymwan who was concerned about the trading with Towerless and was about to voice these concerns. He was undoubtedly tipped off by Taran and the dead body of this dymwan was discovered in Tarans room in a locked and trapped chest.

Wizard’s Concillium. It appears that they traded with Taran and attended the trading post for frequent drunken parties.

Kalid. Two groups, Valdemar present as guards to the Reader who were keeping a low profile although were involved in regular conflict with the Dai fah dyne. And the DOTHLOADASS who were responsible for the abduction of Taran. This was to stop him revealing information that they were responsible for engineering the recent sale of Valley Waystations to the Dai fah dyne on extremely disadvantageous terms..the details of which I have posted on the noticeboards.

Labyrinth of Xenos. They were awaiting the shipment of iron ore whose dissapearance we were investigating. Unfortunately they had to be destroyed.

Taran. A dodgy trader with his fingers in too many pies who eventually paid for his underhandedness. We rescued him from the Dathloadass and he told all about the waystation sale. We then questioned him about his dealings with Towerless and the dead dymwan in his room. At this point he became rude and evasive and refused to answer further. I threatened to kill him unless he answered my questions. He thought I was bluffing and realised I wasn’t when my sword slid between his ribs. As a leader you cannot afford to be seen as weak and threats should always be carried out otherwise they are worthless. I wish to make it clear at this point that I, Andarta was solely responsible for his death and no blame should be apportioned to any other member of the group.

Dai fah dyne. I had made an agreement that both the D F D and ourselves would remain silent about our interaction. However it seems they lied as usual and have made representations to our towers about our behaviour. So, the deal is off and here’s the story. Aziz the dfd trader had tried to take over the running of the wolfhold trade post following Taran’s dissapearance. We questioned her forcibly about her activities and this included diseasing her, tying her to a convenience and regularly stealing her power to heal ourselves. She was discovered by a visiting dfd / easterling group who attacked us after I had offered to recompense them by allowing them to stay in our trading post free of charge. We slew most of them. At the end of the day no lasting harm would have come to Aziz and we had merely punished her for attempting to steal a wolfhold trading post. Later a second group of Dfd arrived and apologised for Aziz’s actions and said they would take the matter no further if we did not mention our actions to anyone. They broke their word as one expects of the DFD.

My conclusion is that the Dfd were probably behind the easterling/towerless attack on our caravans. They must have been party to the deal in which they effectively stole waystations from us with the help of the dothloadass and they are generally an untrustworthy lot. I believe the best way to deal with them is to hold a sword to their throats we cannot after all afford to be seen as weak or easy touches…

Taran was resurrected by the drow to whom he owed potions he left willingly with them and has now disappeared. He is unlikely to return as he does want his dodgy dealings to be discovered.

Might is Right



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