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Mission to Grand Fayre at Starbound

Our mission was to move to the area of Starbound Forest and secure the area and protect Valley Merchants who planned to move into the area for the fae trading fayre. The Unit comprised of:

High priestess Sasha, (White Path, party leader.)

Veteran Alariel (Rangers)

Lying Dog, Snarling Dog, Running Dog (Scouts)                    

Priest Tarquin Ulricson (Grey Gauntlet)

Roesis (Veteran, Osm)                       

Tarndeth ( Veteran, Osm)

Obelisk (Champion, Iron guard)

Bill Jingle (Priest Hospitallers)

Leitha Fae (Druid Priest, Groves)

Please note that Lying Dog, Snarling Dog, Running Dog, Veteran Ranger Alariel and Leitha Fae Son of Talid of late of Iron Guard and Earwen of Wood elves and White Retreat and servant of the EARTH MOTHER are now sworn to Arbour and part of the newly formed Forestalls. Please read on for the announcement gave to us about this.

Also we came across some adventures that had not been seen in four years.  They are

Cynnon (of Neutral sphere)   

Cerredwin (of Good sphere) 

Kilty (of druids.)

FIRE DAY securing the area

We began our mission walking towards the forest, the night warm for the time of the year. We walked on towards danger with no fear. A group of Khalid decided to bear arms against us and were put down, we found a group of people the three above mentioned and found Cynnon dying, the enemy sent another patrol to engage us in battle with wolves in the front skirmishing out. The rest is obvious. We approached a group in a small outhouse two fae sent to direct us to our residence. We spotted uruk hai in the distance, we moved in their direction as they blocked our path. We gave them a choice they and we chose violence and quickly their blood was laid low upon the ground. We went inside and were greeted by members of the vanishing tower. A shadowsfall man came in, a Darkholme member came in and announced that a council was to form to rule Darkholme and restructuring was going on in the towers all evil sects, all iron guard, all black school members and Drow are to live in Darkholme a council of 16 to be formed.  Representative of Drow is Lady Kevralyn Soulfire, Wolfhold Ambassador, upon been asked if any here wish to declare themselves unto the council no one said anything. He asked to stay the night.  We spoke to a number of people about quite minor things and then were told it was safe to sleep. Ten minutes into the drinking we had an attack from two very mean looking zombies who were put down quickly. We waited another hour and then stood down.

Steel Day (Getting to work)

We started with a beautiful breakfast and quickly began to fire out our next move. We were to go out, so after a couple of fights around the base we began to move out into Starbound forest we moved over a meadow and encountered Uruk hai, so we then moved on and found our way through a narrow path to the forests. We arrived and found ourselves diverted by forest creatures and a number of white elementals.  Two people went down and I found myself been saved by nature and brought back up to help out. It hurt. We moved on and were greeted by a badger hunting knockers. It told us don’t feed them as we wouldn’t be able to kill it. If we fed it three times apparently it would kill and eat us all. Further on we found a melmebinaian scout standing in the path and also some creatures of the forest and White Elementals they claimed to serve the earth mother yet, they attacked me throwing multiple magic missiles in my direction. So it kicked off. We moved up and engaged a group led by a huge ass goblin. He keno was looking for his lover, who was apparently the daughter the water woman we were looking for. We faced off and he kicked off a fight. We were outnumbered and huddled in the end though the caution gave us the edge to come back and in a mighty feat of courage we pushed forwards and beat down on them.  We continued on and meditated; found out later that the dead goblin was the lover trying to rescue his love.  So we decided we had proved ourselves worthy to rescue her now. We moved out and came across the party of melmebinaian, we asked them to give us the girl and leave the forest and give us the artefact they had as they said they were in our debt for killing the goblin, well suffice to say even though Cedderwin and Sasha tried to find a peaceful resolution we killed em.  We then decided we would have to take the approaching re-enforcement party on as a mage was casting at an extremely long range and hitting us with bolts. I decided to try taking some flak as they seemed to only do red magic and moved forwards taking two bolts of fire and letting them flow away. We killed them in a long battle taking casualties ourselves, three of them. We then moved out the area our mission done. We moved back to the base to allow the fae to rebalance the place. We moved off home so we could get on with the next job, we arrived back at the base and were attacked by Khalid again; we also got visited by the Valley Merchants, The Humacti, Kynon a Druid who has not been seen in many years and was one of the hierophants who taught Arbour. He spoke with me and Alariel, and then we had dinner. I noticed Arbour walking round and asked Mrs Cerredwin if it was Arbour, she told me it was and I went to pay respects to him, after a conversation one that was rather enlightening and thought provoking that those of the tomes were needed to hear him and Kynon. They told us.




And maybe most frightening of all THE SNAKE EATS ITS CHILDREN.

We then gathered everyone up and the announcement from Arbour came, the temple of earth, the rangers, the archers, the pathfinders and the druids are to form into one cohesive unit that lives in the groves, this is now known as the Forestalls. We declared our status to him. The situation for the three people who joined the group was now told to us and we told Cerredwin and back her up in her decision no matter her decision. So then Ariel, the dogs and I had to explain to the party how the cycle works and the cataclysm of what would happen with the eagle been gone, basically going back to basics in druid and cycle mechanics. Not exactly hard but takes a while to get through. So then we were told Dymwan were messing with bodies. There was no way we could let them do this so we set off to defeat them in open battle, we hunted our quarry firstly finding them on a meadow next to a valley, we slew two groups while someone was killed in the process. They were brought back and we carried on and engaged three more units and a full necromancer slaying them all before returning them all to the cycle. Withdrawing from the scene we had another death and had to bring them back to the building. We took it easy for the rest of the night and went to bed.

SUNDAY (Rescuing a Valley Merchant)

Ok we got up to breakfast and found out a valley merchant had been captured by the Kalid; we were attacked by them twice. I had been in the middle of casting when they came in so first thing I knew of them was choking with one very tall priest standing over me and Cerredwin coming running through to my aid. Cynnon was with Kilty beating away at a group of wolves and people coming out, they attacked again before we went out and fought the Kalid on our terms hunting them like the vermin they are, at one point I was rather disturbed when I had gone off for a few minutes and returned the find I was being cut off from the party I moved in to engage the enemy.  I moved in and joined my comrades until I picked my prey and put him down with power hammers. Then focused my attention on another and kept pursuing it till I could stick my blade through its lifeless corpse. There was no way to stop we were so close so we moved in. My prey made itself apparent when a bow came into view and made itself prevalent in the battle so I Began blasting my enemy till it gave up using the bow and came round the fence that blocked us off. He was killed for it. We then proceeded to engage them at every angle, flanking them constantly picking off targets and putting them down. Suddenly from a few minutes before to now, Cynnon was gone. An emotional time for many.   I went off in search to hunt any retreating Kalid and took out two more but they were gone. They were routed and slain for their deeds of evil.


Cynnon was a brave warrior who proved his valour so many times. He was a hero of the Kern Valley Alliance. Though I spoke to him only but a few times but he was an honourable and courteous man. It was an honour to adventure with him. He went back to the court of the damned. He will be remembered fondly by many and honoured.

End thoughts

These times become graver still. For the cycle of the earth mother is a delicate thing and to have it unbalanced within the major totems is a catalyst for a cataclysm. This must be dealt with. I ask you if you should hear anything report it to your local Forestall person and give word, we need to sort this before something goes wrong. For if those major totems are effected, the unbalance has begun and we need to right the balance.


This is the report of Grand Fayre at Starbound


 Leitha Fae, Servant of the Earth Mother, Druid Priest, son of Talid of Wolfhold and Earwen of the Wood elves.

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