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Mikawa's Desperate Plea - by Leitha Fae

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5 day mission in Fools Moon

Party comprising:

Toshiro Monastary (Party Leader)    
Leitha Fae Crusaders         
Slag rangers
Obelisk Iron Gaurd         
Ezekial Bramble wardens        
Aranil Black School
Randolphin Sorcerer Yellow School    
Lancorrin 6th assassin of the drow house Drannath

Water Day

We had began our mission from the towers in good stead. we came upon a unit of the catacombs of Asherai, also known as dymwan. They attacked us so in self defence they met the earth energy. We meet a Humacti of the sacred sword who gives us six doses of black lotus a drug known to liberate the mind and basically make it so that a person is deluded in mind and six anti black lotus doses which is to help liberate the people of Chung Po. we are told to be careful as we go through the Kimon. we make our way to the Kimon and are assailed by two gate guardians. We kill them both in a quick and orderly fashion as they try to hold a gate way. we pass through and move through the kimon attacked by a unit of dark creatures and a group of drow from the Tilduring house. we kill them when they attacked us and moved through the area to the other gateway at which point we move out the Kimon and into the land of Chung Po. the mission is covert for the moment so we keep quiet and move quickly to a building meeting little resistance. we get to fight a couple more battles and we are now in our secret base. How long it remains secret will be amazing.

Earth Day

We are immediately visited by the Shogun and Mikawa. we are given the orders to find alliances in the land to give us a chance to fight the enemy of Mikawa, we are to visit the Monastary of the Shoulin Monks, find the Barbarians of Timugin and The Red Lotus a lady who wears red Jewellry and is a warrior who can help us. We are told we must fit in with the local people. So mikawa uses an invocation to disguise us. I am made a warrior of the manchu, feeling stupid with a frilly tabbard, I set about making the best of the situation. we are attacked by steel elementals tough things but theyre killed quickly. We are moved off quickly to go to the temple. We are attacked by enemy Manchu troops who seem to engage me as in command and as one of them. so I keep talking to them until our people are in position and then kill them to stop them getting word to other units. Eventually we get to the temple and we meet with the Shou Lin Monks. we try to tell them we come in peace but something has their mind and they attack us carelessly. We are forced to defend ourselves and kill them. in the middle of this i was hit by a magic missile in the face and went down but my connection to the trees helped to bring me back from death to fight yet again. The second lot and the abbot come out and attack us and a member of the Kern Valley come out and fight us. I tend one of the dead and bring him back from the cycle. The others give a dose of anti black lotus to the abbot and the Kern Valley member who had been sent by the Monastary to learn from the Shou lin, those of the Shou lin saved had been sent away so we can speak.

We determine our next course of action is to take the last doses of the anti black lotus three of them to the river and pour two of them into the river as the instruction was to find a source that would be drinkabe and so the stream would bring it all to the shoulin and rescue the land as the Manchu warriors of a man named Zweng Zei have put the black lotus into the water and corrupted it. so we are rescueing the wilds and the shou lin. we are attacked by more Manchu and given a last mission by the valley member to attack a manchu fortress / camp. we move round to the camp and i can see we are watched by a force of powerful warriors. they come and our line falls apart and we are outmatched. I am pushed back and see Randolphin attacked by a couple of the enemy so move into attack them but fall into the earth and am brought back from the cycle to find the fight over and Aranil and Lancorrin over me. we move round to see the fort door closed at the back. We find a way in but only Obelisk and Randolphin get in. we face Ninja drones and elementals who attack us constantly. we manage to eventually get in a kill the man in there and the drones. After this we go to a labratory. We manage to get in but land up losing Randolphin and Aranil. They come back. We are chased of by No.1 daughter who is harder than all of us. we beat a retreat after aquiring some potions and other little bits and scrolls and bits and peaces aquired through the laboratory. We withdraw in good order.

We get back to secret base. Have a lovely dinner and then to give us misery we're attacked by Ninja's. they use black lotus to infect us and it affects me to the point where i attack Toshiro because he looked like a dymwan necromancer. I lost it and was gave anti black lotus. We go after them for three hours killing them and then lose aranil. She comes back and we are then attacked by Zweng Zei. The b**tard was inch perfect in his attack if it weren't for the fact some of us had moved round minutes before hand. We got a right kicking and i was left last one well fighting after a broken leg and arm. I fought them off and was too honest for my own good answering truthely. I did let off a good insult that will haunt his son till he died. Then i was maimed. Minutes later i came back by some woman with a red piece of jewelry and managed to get up. I Then found out it was the Red Lotus who had saved me and everyone else. We were been watched five minutes before hand by a ninja. I didn't hear over the din of the laughter before hand, we were beaten badly. the worst part is the death of Shogun Mikawa and his body was dragged off. I treated it with reverence and told her i was sorry about her friend and that though his cycle was completed the balance of power would be balanced before we left the land. We got some assistance off her and found out more about our enemies then went to bed.

Fire Day

We start our morning with some really demoralised troops all blaming us for Mikawa's death which we were in part responsible for as we reckon the ninjas followed us back and Zweng Zei is a shadow necromancer capable of transporting himself and others via the shadows and watching us from shadow realms. we are completely outclassed. I tell them he was one man, not an army and that they need a new symbol a new hope to stand behind the fight isnt over. I find out my disguise has gone down after been accused of been a spy by Manchu. Something of which I couldn't allow such insult to withstand and as they attacked i met in honourable combat and struck the foeman down. we are approached by a contact to go to Timugens camp. We are engaged in a fight with his men for a strength trial. we move up the path and encounter Manchu troops oppressing the people of the local area the civilians. earlier we had discussed helping the oppressed to gather allies. so we set upon the enemy and they were quickly over come. we move on again and encounter the tribeless men. i am left to fend a man off on my left alone and then cannot find the line so engage a single foeman at the back in single combat, i pronounce myself and my lineage to him and fight him to the end in honourable combat. we then move on after the enemy lie dead.

We get to Timugens camp and they attack us to assess our strength. We then manage to prove ourselves and go into the camp where we are given hospitality. We are then asked to do something for Timugen rescueing his wife and dealing with his brother who committed adultery and kidnapped his wife. We fight more Steel elementals. Then go out on our mission, I am asked to scout forward as nature shows me the path to go for our mission. I become overconfident and went too far and was assailed by Chuchi (Timugens brother) men. we kill them after I tactically withdraw to the line. I then go forward and find another storm like the one we encountered earlier. We attack it and beat it down. The wilds were troubled but we stood forth. We moved on and found Chuchi and his men and the wife of Timugen. We engage them in combat and eventually Timugen to save his fellows in what can only be described an act of gallant leadership he offered one on one combat and was killed by Obelisk. who took proof of his kill. I returned the body to the cycle.

We go and get ourselves teleported to deal with the problem of the winds. We were asked to do a ritual there. We encounter air elemental in a place called the Valley of the winds. We are attacked by three waves of Air elementals attack through taking gifts while we turn this ritual against the enemy. We are then in the last wave attacked by an lighting flying dragon. everyones jaws just dropped. The warriors attack in full strength charging in with sword and hammer attacking before finding we're doing nothing. we take cover and keep getting out the way while the others attacked it. Eventually we're victorious. We are now transported back and go back to Timugens camp. we await him and are moved to his camp where we get to go and rest up, eat a hot dinner outside and drink arrack while hearing a shaman off where the shamans told stories to beat each other. We are then visited by Sun Tzu the valley member from the Temple of Shou lin, the Red lotus and Timugen. we discuss battle plans and how we plan to get the Emperors gaurds away from the hunting lodge where intelligence suggests the emperor will be the next day. We plan for Timugen, the civilian population under the Red Lotus Training Girls and the Shoulin will attack in geurilla format and draw as many gaurds out as possible. We agree  a plan. we will teleport to the door as they attack and get close to the emperor to administer some anti black lotus. We also intend to use a White Lotus candle we aquired at the Laboratory. We intend to help him and tell him of Zweng Zei then deal with the devil. We are given the hospitality of Timugens camp.

Steel Day

The day starts with Timugens men gone to war, I feel guilty as i hear the trees tell me that many people are dying and their cycle been completed early through battle. I reassure myself that it is for the best to free the people from hippocrazy and oppression. The red Lotus tells us of an emergency of a mine collapsed near by. We are attacked by more Steel Elementals and move out to start the day. We went to a local mine and killed the Manchu there and rescued people. We are told of an important prisoner with the opposite spirit to the Manchu the Sukoku spirit. he is to be carted off in an airship. So we went to get him back through fighting our way to the air ship through creatures who are under the black lotus. I send them back to the earth to the cycle. We then go to the air ship busting through Manchu lines. Then at the airship we meet the enemy of four war elementals, the four guard the no.1 daughter and a couple of normal manchu warriors. we engage the enemy and are out classed with in fifteen minutes. i fall as the enemy drive us back. i fall to the ground and feel the spirit of nature flow through me. I awoke flew through the enemy ranks hitting a couple on the way and made a fighting retreat to a bottle neck where we took hold of the situation and destroyed a number of enemy units and then began pushing the enemy back. eventually killing all but four of the enemy, two war elementals held the steps to the air ship. so we attacked the ship using the sides to our advantage. we killed the war elementals then the last bodygaurd and then after mobbing and slaying no.1 daughter we release Kimino the spirit of Chung Po.

It is then we attend Timugens waiting area again for lunch and prepare to teleport to the area of Hunting Lodge enterance. We teleport to the front gate, attacked by both the emperors men and creatures under the black lotus. we fight the creatures and kill them. i send them back to the earth. We then move in and i fight a single one on one combat with a manchu soldier and slay him in honourable combat. We move into the complex and fight a number of squads of Emperors bodygaurds killing them all in combat after been attacked by gaurds. we get to the emperor and i prepare and we attack. we move in and take most of the emperors contingent through long constant fights and the advisor dying from too much curing from ezekial. the emperor comes out eventually and asks who killed his advisor. Ezekial stepped forward and allowed himself to be killed to open negotiations. then we're attacked again. then the emperor fights a reluctant toshiro to the toshiros death. He is ressurected and after the death of the niece of Zweng Zei. With the help of the loyal advisors of old, the anti black lotus is taken by the emperor and we are summoned to him and allowed his hospitality and help him to find out who has done what to him Zweng Zei is held responsible.

We are then after dinner sent on a dangerous mission into the Kimon and to get away from the hunting lodge as Zweng Zei will be after our blood. So we go to the Kimon as its safer. we go into perform a ritual with Timugens Shaman who has elaborately disguised himself as an advisor of the Manchu. we are led into the Kimon where we fight gate gaurds and shades. we also have to fight Taldurin house of drow who take heavy casualties and eventually we do a deal with the drow. it is up to those who made the deals to reveal if they wish to what they traded. we then are assailed by a spirit and its pawns who attack us as we withdraw we have no healing left so have to defend ourselves. when the enemy took its last attack it grabbed me and tried to drag me into darkness away from earth mother and nature. i fight back as it dies and am suddenly let go and managed to fight myself free. we get out and escape from the Kimon. we get out and return to Timugens camp. we take it easy and sleep through the night.

Sun day

Today we are ready to avenge a good mans life, the shogun was murdered and so we go to avenge his death and also free the people of the land. so we move out encountering Zweng Zei's men and we land up killing them in self defence. we then move on to meet a force of elementals under Zweng Zei's sorcerer. we kill her and the elementals pretty quickly though i am weakened to the ground. so eventually after restrengthening we get to killing them. we defeat them and then we come up to the family of Zweng Zei and the man himself. Along with Kimino and after Barrack our guide had been engulfed in darkness. we went up to confront the evil dictator. he was offered the chance to surrender. he attacked us and we engaged in battle. we pushed them back over a rise and were pushed onto a hill at which point our line was very loose but every person held their position. We killed the gaurds and then pushed the family back on the hill killing no.2 daughter. we then pushed them over the hill. the closest gaurd the priest and a mage and three sons were still alive. the two younger ones took on me and obelisk and were quickly dealt with. the one seemed to think hitting my shield was the way to win. he was quickly dealt with.

When the sons were dead and there were only three of them Toshiro was busy fighting No.2 son and we were busy dealing with the priest who tried to run up a hill and quickly we caught up with him, he refused to surrender so it led to his death. When Zweng Zei was on his own we continually mobbed him, but found we couldnt take him down.  Then Kimino and Zweng Zei released their spirits and fought and became one to reveal themselves to be two leaders of the Celestrial Beaurachrasy missing for five years. It was decided we could bring them back and help them return to their lives now the war was over. I released the spirits of those who fell in respect of their bravery in face of such battle. Then we began walking back to camp and were approached by a member of the Manchu Emperors guard who invited us to dine with the Emperor.

We went back to the Emperors hunting lodge where we were to see the emperor give the emperors seal to Ezekial and Toshiro. Also Toshiro swore loyalty to the emperor and was made Shogun of Sokoku. He announced his retirement and returned his wooden sword to signify his resignation of service. He announced he would not return with us. I finally got someone to identify the aquired bits and pieces of the laboratory. they weren't much more than components. So i gave it into the red lotus's keeping so as to protect the people of that land. We then were transported by the Emperors high sorcerer back to our own land after a while.

Final Thoughts

I wish to use this part to state my respect and admiration for Toshiro, some times i disagreed with his orders. but on the whole as a warrior he earned my respect and admiration and will always have my loyalty if needed in battle. He led us with compassion but with all the qualities of a great leader. He was and is a great man of who i will always remember. May his retirement be full of peace and joy in his native lands.

Also my thanks to the party for we came together and fought well together to defeat all our enemies. thank you to them also. This report is for the Library of the three towers for the mission in Fools Moon

Leitha Fae
Veteran Crusader
Son of Talid and Earwen Fae
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