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Halloween Mission - Viosh

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Date : Leaf Fall, 22nd – 24th days


Mission Objective / Contract Details:

Gather and lead a group of adventurers (principally VAT where possible) to the “Wraiths Head” on the edge of the Icarthian triangle and rendezvous with High Priest Puke Scumgrief of the Reapers sect.  Whilst in the area the group is to act under High Priests Pukes explicit command and return all Items, Information and Money gathered during this time to the High Priests keeping.


Payment details: 10 gests per head. Potential performance bonus of 5 – 20 gests per head based on results.


Mission Results: Mission objectives completed to the letter.

All funds (including those acquired through 3rd party contractual arrangements), items (ritual kit: see notes) and information (see: Mission Notes) returned to High Priest Puke.


High Priests Pukes orders followed at all times: Specific Orders;

“Take these (2 bags of ritual components) to Dymwan base” – Complete

“Follow us and don’t place yourself or your group in unnecessary danger” – Complete (refers to approach to Dymwan ritual site later that same day).

“Hang around the back and blame the Humactis” – Complete (refers to assault on Dymwan base).

“Engage the enemy” – Complete (refers to approach of a Mor Silvani Elite guard to Dymwan ritual site).

“Nick Off and get home” – Complete (terminates contract agreement, group returns).


As a result of political action in the area (see: Mission Notes) employer determined mission a failure and refused payment.



Arrol, VAT, Warrior.

Dunno, VAT, Warrior.

Saul, VAT, Warrior.

Thaliah, VAT, Warrior.

Patrick, VAT, Trainee 1st mission.

JACK, VAT, Priest Druid Sect.

Skorne, Wolfhold, Priest Reaper Sect.

Scis’sor, VAT, Acolyte.

Yril, Wolfhold, Acolyte.

Crone, VAT, Support.

Cynnon, VAT, Wizard Grey School.

Viosh, Wolfhold, Mage.


Group Leader: Viosh

Appointed Second: Skorne


Group Losses Incurred / Resources used:

Yril.  Slain by Halmadonians.  Resurrected by Halmadonians.

Potion.  Dark Bolt 7.  Used against Halmadonians.

Item Charge. Dispel 6.  Used against Elemental trap.



3rd Party Employment Undertaken during contract:

All funds handed to High Priest Puke.

Dymwan.  Bonus for refusing Reader offer and maintain guard over ritual site - 40 gests


> - 20 gests

DFD.  Provision of nuts and refreshments during trade negotiation - 20 gests

DFD.  Provision of guards at “Wraiths Head” for purpose of repulsing Kalid attack - 15 gests

DFD.  Provision of guards during casting of ritual magic (5 minutes) - 2 gests


> - 5 gests


3rd Party Contract Refused / Passed over due to prior commitments:

Reader.  Offered 100 gests to repulse Easterling assault on “Wraiths Head” waystation.  Declined due to interfering with guard duty on Dymwan ritual ordered by High Priest Puke (primary objective conflict)


Celestial Bueracreacy.  Offered 30 gests per head for scouting mission.  Details indicated that spies would be infiltrating a specified area to observe a meeting between three towered groups.  Mission objective.  Enter area and determine nature of the spies and report back.  Not taken due to primary mission objectives being unclear and may have caused irresolvable contract dispute.  Once primary objectives outlined employer no longer present.


Dymwan.  Original offer of 40 gests included killing the Reader offering 100 for group to change mission.  Declined due to idiocy of offending trading tower by senseless murder.



Mission Notes:

I will not create a narrative of the mission but I will say that all members of the group performed exceptionally well under difficult circumstances.  Special mention is due to Trainee Patrick for exceeding expectations of one so new to the role of adventurer.  I would welcome each and all of you on future opportunities.


Kalid / Celestial Bureaucracy / Saldorian Alliance

Discussions with a CB scout indicated that the Saldorians and Kalid (specifically 1st Legion and Dothloadass but covers all Kalid Towers) had formed an “alliance of peoples between our three towers not unlike your own Kern Valley”.


Dymwan Ritual

The Dymwan in the area were attempting to complete a ritual using the points of power within the Icarthian Triangle.  Mistweavers (3 of them in person!) supplied information that this ritual would result in the corruption of the mists across Orin Rakatha through the release of numerous Void Creatures (hordlings and others) from confinement of triangle.  High Priest Cirith determined that he would assault the ritual for the following reasons:


  • These Mistweavers had a number of notable Valley prisoners (foremost amongst them Sorceress Melieth of the Black School, High Priest Djimm Daggeroth of the White Path, Paladin Verrick of the Order of King Michael and Quentin a Cart Seller apparently) who were to be “returned to the mists” if the groups present did not act to the best of their ability against the Dymwan at that time.
  • The ritual would have destroyed the nature of the mists on Orin Rakatha
  • They were manipulating undead spirits.


Orders were given and our group to accompany the Humacti on their assault on the ritual.  No individual from Wolfhold began attack upon the Dymwan unless defending a member of the KVA against Dymwan attack.

During the assault an Elite Mor Silvani guard accompanied a Shriver of some description past the embattled Valley (High Priest Ciriths detachment) and Dymwan forces heading for the Ritual site itself.  As this was against High Priest Pukes understanding of the ritual he ordered our group to attack the Mor Silvani and prevent their interference with the ritual.  Despite assistance by Cirith and Rancour the Shriver entered the ritual and was killed which seemed to please the Elite Guard immensely.  Immediently following this action a Realm Lord (Septimus?) and Plague Bearer were summoned to the area and our groups disjuncted by the interconnection of the Plane of Sleepless Dead and Orin Rakatha.   While Ciriths group battled the Realm Lord and servants my group fought off a number of other spirits and then proceeded to investigate the ritual itself.  The Realm lord had formed a portal to enter OR in order to punish Urzafon (Dymwan High Priest) for summoning his minions despite a previous bargain to the contrary.  In order to close the portal and ensure that the realm lord could not complete the disruption of the Mists Urzafons body was corrupted and given to the Realm Lord to take back to the P.O.S.D.

The disruption of this ritual has proved to be detrimental to the KVA/Dymwan alliance and as such our mission was determined a failure.

Internalisation of Talisman and Foci.

A representative of Wylan Wycan (High Enchanter the Labyrinth of Xenos) arrived at the Wraiths head to continue his mission of demonstrating new developments to Towered people prior to the release of services on the open market.  The service in question was the instruction of those who cast power or magic without Foci or Talisman in the method of channelling those forces without bodily harm, and presumably the ability to channel greater powers without death.  These services were offered for a short duration for free in order to prove their value.  Further study is recommended (a letter offering services of a number of the above personnel will be forwarded to the guilds in question).


Escalating trouble between Reader / DFD.  Shadowsfall Involvement.

During our time in the area a force of Easterlings under direction of the DFD, Eastern Marches took the “Wraiths Head” by force killing both Reader and Halmadonian incumbents.  In the spirit of co-operation between the DFD and the KVA our group approached the situation as neutral observers.  The DFD were cordial in their dealings with us and agreed to keep to the Readers previous deal to house us for the night within the waystation.  In return for this an a modest payment we agreed to defend the waystation against Kalid attack during the time we were present, we did specifically include terms that we would not engage in conflict directly with the Reader however.


During some trouble with Halmadonian wards which we suspect were interfered with in some way by the DFD a number of puissant Shadowsfall charged past the waystation declaring that it was closed by their order and that they would not accept open warfare over the trading posts of Orin Rakatha.  This order was backed up the next day when a large group of Shadowsfall engaged another Alliance group in the area as punishment for our staying Steelday night.   At the same time this punishment was administered my own group were in combat with the Halmadonians (Order of Purity with some less zealous support) as fitting punishment for our own use of the waystation the prior day.  During the battle a large group of Shadowsfall assaulted both ourselves and the Halmadonians we were in conflict with declaring that “we (the SF) are the law here, not you (Hal.).  We shall be the ones who administer justice on Orin Rakatha”.  In the resultant fight the SF refused surrender and were slain barring a single scout who fled the field.


Previously unseen undead creature spotted.

A new type of bone undead was spotted during our time near the Wraiths head.  Appearing as a skeleton it seems to act in frenetic bursts of activity followed by periods of stasis.  While in stasis it seems immune to all harm.  While in stasis however its weapon can be destroyed with magic and the creature seems to continue attempting ineffective attacks with it’s empty hands.  Sadly power reserves meant that a Discern was not carried out on this strange being.


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