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Concerning The Festival - by Kudos

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Our mission was to access Nodes within Kalid lands and if all being reasonable firm up diplomatic ties and gather information.

Our Group.

Myself Kudos party leader.
Smudge Welk, Sir Kylar, Wraith, Rainin and a contingent of Dark Home Hunters Rolph, William, Marsela, Nicola and Fromgra.

4th Earthday Hunting Moon PC0.

North we travelled to The Neck Waystation just outside our lands. Really don't like that jolt when you leave now, makes you feel sick. 
We arrived intact having only been pestered by some Hordlings. The place was as anticipated full of DFD and Kalid under the command of High Priest Ragwar of the Stone Panthers. I explained our intention to enter their lands to connect to the Node of War and Node of Wealth.
After some reluctance he felt it best we were escorted by some of his men this seemed fine to me but other members of the group seemed reluctant!

4th Fireday Hunting Moon PC0.

We proceeded North into the land the Kalid have named the Rift which is indeed apt as high cliffs stand both east and west throughout its length. Moving swiftly with our escort we arrived at a small forest, I asked its name they said 'Boundary' and it was indeed with a jolt we entered their lands. 
The lands themselves are somewhat displaying an air of tension and preparation for celebration there didn't seem to be any shortage of people busying themselves.
We arrived at the Node of War hassle free bar a few onlookers being somewhat rude this seemed to please Smudge. Both Kylar and Smudge reconnected to the Node bolstering there combat prowess, as if it needed it!
Heading onwards to the Node of Wealth a group of Children of the Brood approached are party smiling they said 'Well your in charge now so you can take a look at the dam place, I'm not going back in there' After further prodding they revealed that two Mistweavers had been fighting up on top of the rifts western side on an area called 'The Highlands' when they went to have a look they found an area of land containing 100's of people this area hampered their abilities.
So in true Valley tradition and to further good relations we said we would look into it and let them know.
Our guides said we would have to pass the Node of Wealth on the way or so they thought. Heading north for some time we eventually came to a large forest the Kalid have named 'Shadow Dells' as it is very dark creepy place.
We were unsuccessful in finding the Node of Wealth and our guides seemed very unsure if it had ever been there! 
With reluctance well it only seemed from me in not finding the Node we proceeded to climb the western face of 'The Rift' up to 'The Highlands'.
On reaching the summit our guides said they would wait here till Sun Day eve and then depart, charming!
Making our way south we arrived unhindered at the new lands. Given the time we decided to make camp for the night setting a guard rota against the Mists.

4th Steel Day Hunting Moon PC0.

And so we set off. Upon entering these lands there is the usual jolt followed by a feeling of discomfort in what you actually know, but more on this later.
We established this is indeed the land visited by the late Sorcerer Randolphin and Captain Irwin some years back. And so therefore surmise this is the missing bit of our plane returned after the cataclysm.
As we made our way in the place was very crowded with people wearing various colours some known some not. Below is a summery of whom we encountered.
Shadowsfall – Two groups one of the Keepers and one whom followed Justice. We asked them which judge they followed but they were non committal.
Wizards Concillium- A strike team with purple guard, a half dragon and a purple mage! 
Other groups seem to of arrived on this fragment during its time away.
The Keisora Dynasty possibly from Akari but hard to ascertain, very polite.
The Halls of Asgard are a mercenary warrior group originally from a realm known as the Northlands we believe it is a part of Dalehoven.
Elves of the Summer Stars didn't seem to know of Laire Tinwe.
The Cold Dawn warriors from Varidia on Hayat Ghallaya seeking a new start seemed a strong military force.
The Warriors of the Crimson Winter from various planes forming a mercenary force. Very prominent and clearly one of the larger groups.
The Vagrants of Dionaite - or simply "The Vagrants" are a rag-tag band of wandering warriors, philosophers, and scholars. Useful people who fill a diplomatic role in these lands.
Other groups of note which are of some concern.
The Legion – We follow the Emperor and the Emperor will rule all. Were very anti non human and showed a strong military presence. 
The Hoard. Followers of Bethelim looking for the location of their old tower which they didn't seem to happy when I informed them that the Dymwan were last occupying it. They seemed very keen on finding 'Stuff' that was inside it. So are they hordlings?
There seemed to be other smaller groups so it is hard to predict the exact number guess this calls for another visit.
Time was against us as we discovered that since they had arrived the Master of Time had told them to “Put their land back right” or suffer his wrath. Further investigation found there to be fragments of The Black Pharaoh, The Green and The Traveller present on this land.  The Black Pharaoh seemed to be the one causing them the most problems so we offered to deal with that if they could deal with the other two. We advised them that we would seek advice.
By now our invokes had run down and it was here that we found we were unable to cast most of our spells and invocations! We were also allot weaker than normal and susceptible to damage much easier! We did find one place to invoke by the Waystation called 'The Festival' is a ritual circle overseen by what appears to be a hepath and also 'The Crow' an Aspect of death a very helpful individual but just had that glint in its eye that you wouldn't want to cross it.
There also are allot of Masters which seem attached to the different groups more than really should be here but never the less here they are. I didn't get a full count but there was Justice, Truth and Shadow.
We retired outside of this land so Sir Kylar could contact the Dread Lord for advice on the Black Pharaoh. The Dread Lord advised Sir Kylar to preform a ritual binding the Hunters accompanying us with his voice this he felt would make the Black Pharaoh see sense and follow us out of the land where the Dread Lord could join it back to its main body/being.
Sir Kylar re-entered the land with the Hunters to agree that the Black Pharaoh would be handed over to them to deal with meanwhile myself,Smudge and Wraith organised communications so we new when to send in our forces. We also advised them on possible ways to deal with The Traveller and The Green. We also offered our healing services but there were no takers guess it must be the wary nature of the groups stationed here.
We also discovered that they had been subjected to an accelerated history of our time and that some remnants of that remained in play. Advice was given that they should dispose of these people so as to address the balance of the land.
And so we waited for our call. It came close to midnight the Black Pharaoh was again rampaging over their land so our hunters moved swiftly whilst we secured their exit. Successfully they convinced the fragment that they were its voice and it should follow and so we exited 'The Festival' lands. We no sooner had departed when the Black Pharaoh began to fade to nothingness and was gone. 
Our task done we decided it prudent to leave for we could not be certain they would all pull together and succeed with dealing with the other two fragments before the Master of Time got impatient (If that is actually possible).

4th Sun Day Hunting Moon PC0.

Making our way back North we were surprised to find our Kalid guides still there! I re-enquired about the Node of Wealth to which they shrugged their shoulders, whatever next!
We said we would advise  High Priest Ragwar of our findings on return to 'The Neck' and so we travelled back south in Kalid land to the Waystation and then on home.
I feel this lands warrants further investigation.
Any further inquires please don't hesitate to ask.
Ambassador Kudos
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