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Buried Beneath – By Thralk

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The Party

Thralk – That’s me, now a statused Wolfhold scout
Seraph – My brother, the other scout, hid in the bushes the whole time and did nothing
Baron Silas von Greenback – A Evil Priest, convinced I caused his death but its not true at all!
Stiletto – The Baron’s Sidekick, in the words of *name removed for their safety* “dodgy f***ker”
nArp – Warrior, kinda weird, wasn’t sure whether he was called nArp or yArp. Kept going on about his brother and some squirrel for a dad?
Bannack – Psychopathic unintelligible Warrior
‘Little Red’ Cinder – Fire and Steel mage, came out to scout, wasn’t all that sure of her spirituality, sure she was evil at heart (“I’m good don’t you know”)
Melisande – Fire and Steel Mage, very good at her job.
Tuchi – Good Sphere Acolyte, all I will say, is do not give this one alchohol.
Valentine – Neutral Sphere Acolyte, good chap, did his job perfectly.
Sasha – Healer, in the words of the baron “dirty little slag”
Ezekial Bramble – Scholar, pretty good at using a staff, shame he died because he’s not a bad fellow.


  • We met Octavius, our guide, and introduced ourselves to each other. Then we set off into the forest to do some ritual that Octavius was talking about.
  • On the way we met some Munk’s men, and 2 lots of Kalid Steelwind, the Kalid wouldn’t let us past. We killed them all.
  • We got to a suitable grove and Octavius started his ritual while we guarded.
  • He finished and it all went black for a while.
  • When we woke up deep underground, there were loads of earth elemental things all around. We killed them.
  • Met some other people, Kalid/Munk’s Men/Earth Elementals. Killed them.
  • Got to this village people. There were some mole things there, they called themselves garamites. We negotiated with them and they said we could stay there for a while. Very interested in the female members of our party.
  • They told us to go into a hut, turned out there was a big beasty undead thing in that told me to be its friend. I started to do what it said, so the Baron took me to the floor with a power drain.


  • Woke up to a couple of hordelings. We killed them.
  • More of the hordelings came along. We killed them. I saved the Baron’s life with a dark skin.
  • Some more garamites came along and said sorry but our protection seems to have fallen down during the night. We told them that we’d worked that out from the hordelings coming in.
  • We went off to summon the Undine. Killed loads of people along the way, nothing important happened at all really. Summoned the undine. It was pretty unhelpful as I remember.
  • Right about now loads of stuff happened that I don’t particularly remember, like the wolf cultists coming along and the undine showing us a vision of the Kalid Earthwarp summoning some big beasty (the thing that was causing all the disturbances). They hadn’t managed to do a big enough ritual to fully release the beast, but they were very close to doing it.
  • Met some other people. Killed most of them. A Shadowsfall came and told us off for not having tower symbols. I showed him mine but he didn’t really care.
  • Later there was some other unimportant things happening. They were boring. The Baron got himself killed somehow, and for some unknown reason he blamed me, completely forgetting that I had earlier saved his life.
  • The Wendigo Spirit came back and asked for some help, the WR people all faffed about saying oh no it’s a big evil spirit let’s not help it. Wolfhold is much more effective, and when they weren’t looking, Bannack made some sort of blood pact with it to give it a dead body within 24 hours.
  • It was on this night that we discovered Tuchi and alcohol were not a good mix. To be honest, none of the White Retreat people should ever take alcohol.


  • We spent Sunday re-catching the undine as it had run away and getting ourselves out of the underground place. The 3 Wolfholders grabbed some old Kalid body and delivered it to the Wendigo.
  • Ezekial got himself into a duel with a big Ogre Magi thing. Ezekial died. We killed the Ogre Magi.
  • We made it out of the underground place, and in the process of getting out somehow we managed to eradicate the garamites. I’m not sure that the White Retreat people have told their tower that they commited genocide, but I know that the Baron and Bannack almost certainly have.

Summary of who we met and what they wanted:

  • Labyrinth of Xenos Sorceror Octavius Septimus – our guide.
  • Loads of Pathfinders – they’re everywhere as always, helped guide us a bit.
  • Munk’s Men – running from the disturbances
  • Kalid Steelwind – Said they were investigating, but Kalid scum so who knows.
  • Garamites – Underground Humanoid Mole-like race – lived where we were staying underground.
  • A Wendigo Spirit – wished to be released from the area
  • Kalid Earthwarp – Appear to have caused the disturbances by attempting to raise a big earth beast thing, they have not succeded in doing so, but are several steps closer)
  • Wolf Cultists – Towerless trying to summon a wolf god beast into a dead Munk’s man
  • Undine thingy that the green school told us to summon.

What we achieved

  • Freed ourselves from our underground prison
  • Discovered the disturbances are due to the Kalid Earthwarp, should have really guessed it from their name I guess.
  • Discovered Tuchi and alchohol don’t mix (yes I have to repeat that, if you were there you would understand).
  • Discovered that Wolfhold and White Retreat relations could be better.

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