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Birth of Nation

by Fuu-Kisi

Him Goblin-king him tell group of people to meet up outside tower for mission. Alpha him tell Fuu-Kisi to get out of ways of groves and go do som ething useful like rest of pack as Fuu-Kisi lazy, seem unfair him had found nice camp in groves with plenty water what else him have do?

Who else there?

Nathan , him Pack Alpha who been everywhere and know many things even about where sun goes at night.

Dreidan , him healer when in fight otherwise sat around and looked smug making Nathan do as was “more efficient”

Therion , him archer. First time out of Tower.

Dougal, him fighter and battlecry.

Hamish , him fighter like brother Dougal

Shen Manchu , him Sorcerer and star of series of naughty books like “Thong Manchew and the Mouth of Heaven”. . . . Fuu-Kisi not found them in store though.

Renown , him trouble maker

Garrett , her cut throat. Supposedly him beautiful water-nymph but Fuu-Kisi stick to undines as her nymph have nice personality if know what mean. Her have deep voice for lady nymph too.

Snorri , him scout which Fuu-Kisi found out means something different in Valley than did in old pack

Kylar , him angry man who kill people. Hamish did definitely not do his sister though him would.

Kyle , him think Hepath right answer to every problem

Fuu-Kisi , him Sufi.

First thing that happens is we met the King. Him very regal. Gave gifts to recruits who not have own stuff. Him explain that we were going to north west Orin Rakatha near the Vale of Tears to speak with goblins who used to be with the Kalid Steelwind who have become homeless since tower fell. Him had permission from other sector lords to bring in three groups of about twenty each into the tower and our job was to find those most useful to tower. Eventually King wants all goblins on plane to live in Fortunes Keep under him rule so that them no longer slaves and have all opportunities that humans and elves get. Fuu-Kisi sure he right (he King) but it going to get crowded. . . .

Lady Wizard teleported group to the Vale where we got jumped on by bunch of Air-spirits (elementals) who kicked us about a bit as punishment for using spirits of magic when them cannot leave. Think this pretty standard on Orin Rakatha now especially since Undine tell Fuu-Kisi that prince of water him turned up recently.

We headed to an inn in the area call the Elemental Breeze (him Nathan always get name wrong) with a view to finding out more about the goblins in the area. We also met a strange pair of hospittalers who may or may not have been part of a cult spreading “love and joy” around. No-one really trust them but Culty-lady seemed to know her way around so we let her come with group and never even tied her hands or hobbled her which was diplomatic.

Rather than give blow by blow telling of story (which take long time and probably not helpful) Fuu-Kisi summarise what happen.

Goblins both drunk and mental

Main point of us being in area was to find the various goblins that were booted out of the steelwind. We met several groups including;

Drunken sorcerer – He lived in a boat (on sand) and could create massive wards and summoned elementals. Him seemed safe enough so we left him behind.

Psi-Master – Him apparently strong in mind which valley lacking (that what Dreiydan say) so we invite him come live in tower.

Psi-Student – Him work with master and bring more mind power with him. Him invited come tower too.

ExShogun-Nephew – Him one of big purple types with single horn on his head. He strong leader of goblins in area. Kylar duelled him to show that our tower is hard and him give us directions to Shogun temple so we could remove him from area as him Shogun wanted take all his people to Celestial Bureaucracy. Him coming to live in tower too.

Warmaster – Him try stab us so him not come to tower

Greedy Goblin – Him had a group of minions but him only interested in cash. When him ask for gests just to show up at meeting him get dropped off list. We not see him again.

Late arriving goblin – After we had been round and invited everyone to party this guy turned up looking worried. Him apparently representing lots of goblins but we say sorry we got three that all we allowed for now. Think plan is that they hang around where can until we find spare beds for them all.

Other Mental Master guy – More interested in joining CB as him wanted be somewhere else where people have mind stuff. Wanted him come but he turn us down. Maybe if we sort lack of minds out him come.

Shogun – Big shouty Alpha who chopped legs and arms off for hobby while sending lightning bolts through sword with every blow. Him wanted Steelwind remain together and was dealing with Celestial Bureaucracy to take tribe into them tower . So that we could get Shogun-Nephew on side as we like him we decided to go and cut Shogun head off. That not go well for Snorri. . . twice. But eventually Shogun dead, temple not defiled and everyone happy. Except Shogun.

So choice ended up not being that hard. Of all ones we spoke too only left drunken sorcerer and late arriving goblin and them men. Hopefully King happy.

Spirits and dodgy paintings

The Elemental Breeze have three paintings and a skull inside that contained spirits of power and or magic (Skull power, one picture power, one picture magic and one picture both. It seemed that these were acting as some sort of focus that created “fogs” in the area which manifested as spirity creatures who tried to kill you and occasionally put you to sleep giving you nightmare.

Once we had chance to prod and poke things a bit (resulting in Nathan going a bit bonkers and beating up Snorri) it decided that we try to remove pictures from area. First one took control of Hamish and him smash against a tree resulting in a big spirit lady turning up and battering us around the dark woods for a while. Eventually Nathan gave her some healing and she buggered off.

Next painting was burnt by Renown who ended up drowning while standing on dry sand. . very strange. Him get better though so all fine.

Last one got burnt by Garrett who went a bit odd and thought it raining fire. Him get better eventually after Dreiydan suggest if it raining fire why not him go and sit down inside and let fire bounce of roof. That seemed work.

When last paintings burnt we went out to find a Goblin we had spoken to earlier who had a beguiling voice. When we kicked him head in him turn into a spirit of fear which strange culty lady said meant no more fog. Which was good because they were really annoying.

Celestial Bureaucracy

Them in area trying do same thing we were only they wanted slave soldier rather than proper pack members.

We also met a few of their star-gazers who were trying to get vision or omen about what happening. Them not have anything interesting to say though.

Also met some who claimed that Shen Manchu was their nephew but was really called Thong. Turns out that Thong had the “Mouth of Heaven” and them keen to get back. Had couple little skirmish with them when they came back to get it. Shen/Thong claim him never heard of it but him and Nathan both give Fuu-Kisi dirty looks when them having private chat behind privacy screen so thing something might be going on there.

So in summary:

Cursed paintings and foggy things – Sorted

Goblins recruited – Good

Strange cult member Hospitallers left behind – remains to be seen.

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