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Birth of a Nation - Report by Shen Manchu

I barely feel it necessary to put pen to paper after having read Fuu-kisi's erudite report but I will extrapolate on some of the minor details.

People met

 Sorcerer Shana  Fortunes Keep Blue Sorcerer, teleported us to the Vale of Tears.
 Sorcerer Nekatuna Drunken, goblin sorcerer who lives in a beached ship. Still there.
 Sister Niemh Fortunes Keep Hospitaller and member of a group called "The Pilgrims". Cultist.
  there was another male cultist, also a Fortunes Keep Hospitaller, but his name escapes me
Okrapia Steelwind bakemono. Wanted gests to come to the meeting. Ignored.
Elion Fortunes Keep, from the Market Place. Wanted us to kill all goblins we didn't recruit. Ignored.
Shomshuomo Kinetaka san Steelwind bakemono. Shogun Musashi's Battle Master.
Master Onotomo Steelwind bakemono. Psi master. Wanted high level Psi teaching/study.
Yomitake (Junei) sama Steelwind bakemono. Shogun's nephew. Call him Yomitake sama. Accepted invite.
Romuleg Beguiling goblin, source of the "fog" spirits. Killed.
Shogun Musashi Steelwind bakemono. Uncle of Yomitake Junei. Head of Steelwind in the area. Killed.
Motori Tojo Steelwind bakemono. Gone over to Celestial Bureaucracy. Killed.
Kinoshi Kinoshi Steelwind bakemono. Psi master. Onotomo's student. Accepted invite.
Mitsuke Glory  Steelwind bakemono. Psi master. Accepted invite.

Groups Encountered

 Feral Goblins Goblins afflicted by the oppressive aura of the area, wild.
 Fog Spirits Spirits of the anguish and suffering caused by the area. Now gone after Romuleg killed.
 Celestial Bureaucracy Enslaving Steelwind goblinoids in the area.
 Shadowsfall Being their usual nosey selves. We killed a number of them. They seem upset about it.
 Kalid Stone Panthers and other legions.
 Elementals The problem of sorcery summoning them and them being trapped persists. Inconvenient.


Bakemono Goblinoids originating from the island of Sukoku (East of Akari island) on the plane of Shou Lun. There are two types, the more powerful of the two resembling Oni with blue/purple skin and a single horn on their forehead.


 Shogun  Title originating from the island of Sukoku. Head of the Military.
 "San"  Honorific term used in Sukoku. A term of respect.
 "Sama" Honorific term used in Sukoku. A term of great respect that carries more weight than "san".
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