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Azad-An Auxiliaries - by Verrick

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(April 2002)

This is a brief report of the events that occurred on the thirteenth day of the fourth month, here I will concentrate less on the actual deeds of our group and more on the things that were learnt from our mission alongside two other towers.

Adventurers attending the mission.

Caradac - Seeker, Zephyr Starlight - Air Sprite, Billed Tork - Acolyte of the Grey Path, Molly - Hospitaler, Sarathir - Green mage, Jade - Monk of the Middle Way, Kevralyn - Drow Mage, Cedric of the Michaeline Sect, Cool Hand Luke of the Humacti Sect, Alabrion - Drow Mage, Dudge - Assasin, Conner Kane - Seeker, Bat - Ranger, Ko Suyama, and Verrick - Acolyte of the White Path.

At the previous meeting Lady Subadai, Ambassador to the Azad-An had spoken to some of us about using Valley Alliance members as auxiliaries, to assist in the completion of various guard duty contracts.

Our guilds had been contacted and they had sent us along to on an initial mission to test the viability of this working arrangement. Our task was to travel to the edge of the Maegnor Swamps near the Kalid borders where Captain Morgan would meet us at a Waystation. We were told that we were to guard three Reader Merchants whilst they conducted their business. We also had to sign an agreement to say that we would abide by the Azad-An contract and work to their code of conduct. For this work the Reader would pay 10Gests and hour, of that the Azad-An would take 75%, this left 90Gests that I was later to learn 50% of which could have been paid up front.

We arrived just after nightfall, out scouts reporting that Kalid of the Earthwarp had been seen inside the Waystation, initial conversation with our scouts was hostile. Within the Waystation were Captain Crazelin and his men. They said they were waiting for the Azad-An but would not allow us to enter to check for ourselves. I guess that some of our towers past history got the better of all of us and after a few heated words we attacked. The fight was brief as Captain Morgan arrived and broke the fight up, but still three Kalid lay dead. Shortly afterwards 3 of Captain Morgans team arrived, speaking of hordelings and forest creatures in the area. They also informed us that 3 Reader were expected at noon the following day and gave us their names.

Bekket, Associate of the Money Lenders, Brokers and Minters. He was due to meet with Vade of Umbar from the Morgothian Tower, and Sluthesdra of the Thessesin.

Rosanion, Associate of the Weavers, Shoe and Basket Makers. He was due to meet with Seffa of the 4th Legion of the Kalid tower.

Alberto Serulian, Master craftsman of the Caravan. He was due to meet with some Dy-Fah-Dyne merchants and was also accompanied by his personal bodyguard Kaddis of the Kalid tower.

We were informed that Associate and Master Craftsman were ranks, much like our Wizard and Sorcerer titles. It seems that there are only 9 Master craftsmen within the Reader so Serulian was an important assignment on our first job.

For the rest of that evening we were attacked by both Undead from the marshes and forest creatures, whom initially I thought were hordelings but later proved to be creatures sent from the Earthwarp.

The next day was spent protecting the Reader's whilst being constantly reminded by Captain Morgan of the Azad-An code. He explained that the code was what set the Azad-An apart from the Kalid. He also constantly questioned us to find out what we thought we should be doing next, and how we may have handled things better. All in all he seemed a man of honour and genuinely concerned that our contract went smoothly.

Throughout the day the forest creatures along with the occasional hordelings constantly attacked us, though no undead appeared during the daylight hours. We were later to discover that the forest creature were being sent by Caladium, Priest of the Earth Warp and under Captain Morgan's guidance we ventured forth to parley with him, explaining our reasons for being in the area. He agreed to stop his attacks as long as we were gone within 24 hours.

The Reader met with all of their clients this day and allowed us to view the proceedings, though Captain Morgan suggested that it would be best not to broadcast the contents of these meetings.

One of the meetings I was specifically asked by Alberto Serulian, Master craftsman of the Caravan to report on.

"To the Valley Alliance Guilds,
Let it be known that the Waystation to the West of the World Window area is now under Reader control, and will be so for the next five years. All Alliance guilds are invited to travel there to conduct business with the Reader, as well as to trade in potions and leather goods. Low prices are guaranteed for accommodation whilst here. "

One other message I feel that needs passing on is from Sluthesdra a Thessesin of the Meagnor Swamps. His people are angry that no one is helping them against the undead within the swamps. It seems that they are under the impression that the Free Towers Pact is still in force, as they were not informed otherwise. It seems that the edges of the swamp are drying up and they feel very alone in their fight. It was suggested that they take their plea to the White Retreat and the Royal Court of King Michael.

Overall the mission was a success, though I feel that we need to work on our relations with the Kalid. The Azad-An code is something that should be considered by all travellers. Fortunately for our group none of the Reader asked us to do something of questionable morality but I would warn other groups who do this, that from what I saw it could happen.

May the light of the Good Sphere always shine upon you.

Acolyte Verrick of the White Path.
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