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From February 2018 onwards, we will be restricting our event player numbers to 14 for each event, until we get a sufficient number of crew for the event. If we do get enough crew, then we shall offer the additional 2 event places to those people who are first and second on our reserve list.

Prices for Players

  • New Blood discount - for people who have never been to HQ before you get a £50 discount from a Special Event or a £100 discount from a Heroquest
  • Revenant discount - if you've not been to HQ in the last 3 years and are thinking of coming back then you get the same discount on your first return event

The prices for Heroquest LARP events from 8th July 2018 will be as follows:





These prices are all-inclusive with no hidden extras. This price includes:

The aim for each event is for you to be able to just show up and play  - the only thing you need for an event is your personal kit and enthusiasm!

The only thing we ask is that everyone helps tidy up before they leave site.

Prices for Monsters

Monstering is free! Additionally it comes with a number of extra benefits.

The only charge comes if you want to take up our optional catering service.

Paying for and Cancelling Adventures

Once you have booked onto an adventure you must either pay a 50% deposit or have that event as 1 of you membership allocated adventures. Full payment of the event is required for non members 12 weeks in advance of the event.

In the unfortunate situation that you have to cancel an event we will still have to charge you the full amount unless you have given us at least 6 weeks notice in which case we will charge you a 50% cancellation charge. Alternatively as you have paid for this place you may give it to another player, not already booked onto the same event, and it is up to you and them how much, if anything, they pay you for this.

We do not like having to do this however filling adventure spaces is the hardest task we have here at Heroquest and we do not have the manpower needed to have to refill cancelled spaces.

Going on a Heroquest event is the same as booking a holiday and if you get UK holiday insurance, which is relatively cheap, you can claim any lost payment s back and we will gladly issue you with the necessary paperwork to allow you to do this.

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