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Heroquest uses various sites across the UK. Blackwell Adventure, Oakraven, Consall, Horley and Frylands Wood Scout Camps normally have both the players and monsters sleeping inside buildings hired for the event, though this is dependent upon the event.

Candleston Castle Campsite is a camping site, and whilst it does have yurts on site which you are welcome to use, we can no longer guarantee they will be in a suitable condition to use.

More details of the various sites can be found below.

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1 Cranham Scout Centre 520
2 Silverwood Scout Camp 239
3 Frylands Wood 2471
4 Oakraven 2694
5 Blackwells Court 9096
6 Consall Scout Camp 8651
7 Horley Scout Camp 11037
8 Candleston Campsite 11454
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