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TOPIC: The Time Of Reckoning
The Time Of Reckoning 3 Months ago Karma: 4  
The Time of Reckoning approaches!

The Mystics have sent visions which confirm the next time of reckoning will take place on the 15th day of Leaf Fall Moon (the 9th month I believe).

The visions showed the Valley Nation should - starting immediately - send scouts, runners and adventuring groups to communicate this news to all nations, regardless of our current relations with them at this time.

As such, having spoken to the Sector Lords, all adventuring groups are tasked with spreading this news while undertaking whatever task they are otherwise engaged in. Please report back as to which nations have been notified successfully (NOTE - telling them then killing them DOES NOT COUNT - you know who you are that I'm speaking to!)

Additionally, and equally importantly is a further task for ALL Adventuring parties. When you meet other nations you should discuss the Laws of the land and bring back suggestions to be reviewed and considered. The Visions suggest that the Laws will be reviewed at each Time of Reckoning going forward, but with some of the issues adventuring groups have experienced of late, including the viewpoints of other nations is vital!

Finally, and the Sector Lords are still looking in to how this will be achieved, it seems that this Time Of Reckoning will be slightly different to those in the past, with only the Status Bearers of each nation being permitted - via portal - to approach Rainbows Landing and be ferried to the Central Isle by the Ferrymen.

Walks In Dreams has had a vision showing this as the way forward, while - although she has yet to give details - Lady Kiara has had a vision of darkness and doom should the Status Bearers approach with retinues as they have in the past.

Not that the above mentioned portals were created by Valley Sorcerers and their Allies from multiple locations - adventuring parties should therefore consider this and bring back details of any suggested assistance to the Sector Lords as soon as possible, so plans may be made for the fast approaching Time Of Reckoning.

High Priest of the Path, Blue Sorcerer & Oracle to the Mystic of Balance, formerly known as the Green, Driedyn.
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