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TOPIC: Fools Moon - Call for Adventurers
Re:Fools Moon - Call for Adventurers 1 Month, 3 Weeks ago Karma: 4  
Sil-Illume Khandis

We thank you for your recent communication, and we are glad that you have once again realised that peoples working willingly together would benefit all.
It is a shame that your recent behaviour has not backed up this statement, and your unilateral decisions on who should be sacrificed for your perceived greater good make no account for any alliances you had previously formed, or show the disregard you have to those alliances.

Until you can back up your words with actions that match your words, the pledge we made to send our whole Nation to aid yours, should you ask, is still suspended.

With regard to current events, we will consult with our wise ones too see what wisdom they can bring to bear, and we shall send this information to you, and we look forward to you actually doing what you say you’d do in return.
We do wish to hear your interpretations of the will of the Mystics in these events.

Vorondo Esta Heru Sel-Nenda Ailo Amatisa
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Re:Fools Moon - Call for Adventurers 1 Month, 2 Weeks ago Karma: 0  
Mission report from Wulfric Baneguard and Skalgrim Skyfather

We are pleased to report that we have safely returned from the mission entrusted to us by Brother Simon.

Brother Simon asked us to travel the Dai fah Dyne trading routes, as our normal delivery of essentials has been severely hampered of late and the Dai fah Dyne have not been very forthcoming regarding the real situation.

Travel was slow. The mists were thick and fast moving and many times we had to take shelter in waystations for several days.

The Dai far Dyne were staying in most of the Waystations we visited and they were directing the caravans and supply routes from there. They are using whatever labour they can muster to move goods between the waystations. After many late night conversations with the Dai far Dyne it is clear that the picture is a depressing one.

We learned that attacks have been prevalent along some caravan routes in the West of Orin Rakatha. The trading route that rounds the south of the Spine has experienced severe disruption. Specifically once past the Labyrinth of Xenos Lands and in between the safety of the Wraiths Head Waystation and Rainbows Landing Waystation, losses of goods and men have been running at about 25%.

To learn more, we decided to travel this route ourselves, though the Dai far Dyne were extremely wary of everyone, including ourselves.

The sorry tale that unfolded from our mission is extremely worrying for the Valley regarding the supplies of food and goods. At the current time, our estimates indicate that around half of the Dai far Dyne caravans are being intercepted.

With care, we were able to investigate the aftermath of the sacking of several caravans first hand. There was evidence of Nomad involvement and most worryingly - Hepaths. Very disturbing indeed!

There is some good news however. Upon reaching Rainbows Landing we were greeted by the Shadowsrise.

All six Shadowsrise Judges were there - a great honour; Flam Mistborn, Duval Stormfist, Genevieve Stormheart, Talurt Stormstrike, Forlark Stormwind and Laverne Varley.

Given our role as official representatives from the Valley, Judge Flam explained to us the current situation regarding the mists and why they are more active.

He reminded us of our help saving the Sneverhime Radnor Stormheart and helping the Pure Shadowsrise judges to be created. The fact that those who failed the test became Mist Weavers might have been overlooked by many. But not for hundreds of years have there been more than twenty Mist Weavers on Orin Rakatha. This now means that much greater control over the Mists can be exercised and they can be called upon and directed in a way not seen before.

He also reminded us that the Mother was harmed by the Wizards Concillium cannon, and consequently the mist and hordlings remain highly agitated and aggressive - actively seeking out transgressors. And he reminded us that with the majority of nations now “dispossessed” their borders are being reduced with the mists rolling over previously safe areas claiming livestock and farms, something that many people are not used to seeing.

Judge Flam agreed with us that this is getting out of hand and that somebody would need to talk to the Mistweavers to see if things could be calmed down, which is why the Shadowsrise were at Rainbows Landing to see what could be done. He informed us that the Shadowsrise Judges plan to split up and visit all corners of Orin Rakatha to talk to the nations and ask them to consider their position with regards to the Mystics, the Land and how they view the Mother and Father. Judge Forlark Stormwind was to go and speak with the Mistweavers.

We also learnt that the Shadowsrise are seeking the remaining River People, who were connected to the Rainbows Landing Waystation (that is used during the Time of Reckoning), but the River People's connection to the waystation is broken and the waystation is now inert.

All of this is most concerning and Jude Flam requested that the Valley assemble a group to work with the Shadowsrise to restore some order. He suggested they meet by the shores of the Lake within three moons. It is with this news, and this request, that we return.

Wulfric Baneguard and Skalgrim Skyfather
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Re:Fools Moon - Call for Adventurers 1 Month, 2 Weeks ago Karma: 7  
Why has this only just crossed my desk?
I blame Oblisk.
I'm up for a bit of whatever is needed.
Prepped and ready to go.

Lady Ksndra

(Ooc edit - stupid autocorrect, new phone not understand ksndra yet. Damn it)
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Re:Fools Moon - Call for Adventurers 3 Weeks, 6 Days ago Karma: 5  
Oi I’m a mysterious Gollum with a (few) souls running a very strange stone body and on occasion a guard and life ward.....I’m not a receptionist ...........by the way here’s your mail and some odd looking flowers left on the door stop no card,
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