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TOPIC: Exploding powerful creature
Exploding powerful creature 4 Months ago Karma: 28  

On me last mission we met a strange creature that showed up by itself. It appears to of learned skills from previous Valley groups its mates 'ave met before.

It was callin' itself "Teppic" and mentioned Quicksilver, Michael, Kevralyn and recognised Dayleth. It 'ad blood comin' out of its ear so I was asked to see if I could 'elp it. I did a very small cure which I couldn't really tell if it 'ad any effect ter be 'onest. 'owever, it then started slapping its chest calling on the Mother (as I 'ad just done) and gave us all a proper mass cure with no effort at all.

Anyway for some reason it got arsey and throatslit the Baron and started beating 'im in the back. It took quite a lot of us ter put it down, and then at the end exploded in a ball of stinking burning liquid that 'urt a lot of us quite some bit.

It is clearly bein' made by some boss-man somewhere who is learnin' about us and using us to train these things. It kept sayin' "show" and "explain" and didn't really seem interested in makin' people happy when it asked what I was doin'.

If you meet one in the field, you might want ter ask yourself if you want to teach it more stuff to attack us with or do something else more sensible.

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