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TOPIC: Information On Calex Wraithspawn
Information On Calex Wraithspawn 7 Months, 1 Week ago Karma: 8  
Given his increasing threat to the Valley and Orin Rakatha we have dedicated some specific resources towards researching Calex Wraithspawn.
Some initial results with an aim of how to eventually defeat him are provided here:

He has a permanent aura of repel life. To harm him at all you will need immunity to the evil sphere and power weapons.

His strength is necromancy and multiple embodied undead.

He has a power word of recall and a permanent portal to the PotSD, this is via a rod he stole from the Dymwan cadre.

Recommendation is to vanish the rod and destroy the multiple embodiments, then travel immediately to his place of sanctuary in the dark wood.

He often travels with significant undead and currently is protected by the cult of hate.
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Re:Information On Calex Wraithspawn 7 Months ago Karma: 28  
On my most recent mission, Calex Wraithspawn was declared Realm Lord of the Realm of Hate and Pain.

The Reader who took the Sword of Law (Athlung Halle) had become one of Calex's powerful undead servants. He was defeated and the Sword recovered.

We also removed the Sneverheim who had been tortured by Calex Wraithspawn, Radnor Stormheart, from Calex's service (alive).

A Pordaradrim who had been acting as a lieutenant for Calex was also persuaded to leave the Cult of Hate and Pain, as far as it was possible to tell.

Calex's bases close to the Stormfather Mountain were destroyed, and the mists have now rolled over this area.
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