Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated in /home/sites/ on line 124 Heroquest UK LARP Events (LRP - Live Action Role Playing - Larping) - Forum FireBoard Site Syndication Fri, 23 Aug 2019 23:14:49 +0100 FireBoard 1.0.5RC2 Powered by FireBoard FireBoard Site Syndication Subject: Map of the Plane of the Sleepless Dead - by: sarahb On a recent mission, the party needed to travel to Thranduil which we did by realm-hopping through the Plane of the Sleepless Dead. Our guide, Edvard le Voir, had a rough map of the different realms within it (although the map was burnt and torn in places). A copy of the map will be added to the Archives in due course, but for now, a list of known realms are as follows: - The Undying Lands - Necropolis, - Mian's Realm - Dark Pass - Bone - Disease and Decay - Valhalla - The Hall of Heroes, surrounded by Battle, which in turn is enclosed by Pain - Fort Humact - The Kimon - The Shadow Lodge - Hearth - Court of the Ghast King - Duat - The Assembly - Devil's Island - Halls of the Damned Amongst all these realms is the long winding "river" Styx that passes near to many. Otherwise the Void lies between them all. There are 19 realms marked as Un-named on the map. The largest realms are: - The Undying Lands - The Hall of Heroes - The Kimon - Halls of the Damned (the largest) Wed, 21 Aug 2019 11:20:02 +0100 Subject: Missing Valley Members/Slavery Update - by: andyreagan Thank you for the update. I have to say I am assuming that the Soul Well is an effect that I thought we had resolved many years ago. When Kamul(The Savage Chieftain) and the Easterlings first appeared on Orin Rakatha they made their home at oasis called the well of souls I believe from memory. What you describe about using Good and Evil casters to make the ritual originally makes sense. I was on a mission where we were delivered the body of Onyx who had gone missing while on a mission around the Well of Souls. When trying to resurrect him it was very difficult process that required the combination of efforts of myself and Althea if memory serves to call back Onyx's spirit. When he was restored he described how he was drawn to the well and how the close he got his protections were removed from him even my permanent bless that I had cast on him. I am not sure how accurate my memory is but I have spent quite some time on Thranduil over the years. As I am sure you are aware the remaining 8 Nazgul have a continual power struggle on Thranduil the 2 major protagonists are Kamul and the Witch King. In the past they have used Orin Rakatha as a staging area to build up troops to either attack each other her or on Thranduil. There was a time when it was much easier for them to physically travel from Thranduil to Orin Rakatha this was facilitated by the Messenger. In order to stop the strife from Thranduil spreading to Orin Rakatha in a major way we worked with some of the Deep wood elves to ambush the Messenger and attempt to destroy him. As you can imagine this was not a small undertaking. Essentially it involved multiple ambushes between Orin Rakatha and Thranduil. We were able eventually to access the Messengers home base and confront and ultimately destroy it. I am dredging memory as to who was on this mission names I certainly remember are: Delta, Sky, Giles,Djim,Harry,Brother John,and maybe Bremor,Onyx, after that my list ends. Perhaps they could give you a better account if needed. What you say about the inability to resurrect on Thranduil is correct and having access to a way of bringing forces back from death would be a huge advantage to Kamul in he ongoing struggle for dominance. In the past I spent quite some time in Gondor attempting to establish the White path and try to establish access to the good sphere there for local people. This was a very difficult task and was not very successful. If you want any more information let me know and ill try and drag it up from my memory. From your brief notes I would seem you didnt get chance to complete the ritual of life or was that combined with the ritual you did do? I am glad to see you and your colleagues returned to us safely along with the others you have been able to free. Melkeron Mon, 12 Aug 2019 10:02:17 +0100 Subject: The Future of the Valleys Role - by: sarahb As an aside, I would expect there would be plenty of interesting people to discuss this very topic with at the upcoming Arcanaeum: the meeting of Sorcerers called by the Chancellor of the Wizards Concillium. Fri, 09 Aug 2019 11:33:41 +0100 Subject: Soul well event - by: sarahb I'd like to thank everybody who put in their huge effort to make the event what it was. The continuously energetic monster crew was very noticeable!! There are some very fit people out there :) Thanks to Ant and Jenny and Tom for all their cooking for different diets/preferences and yummy foods, makes a massive difference especially over 5 days. The refs Alex, Neil and Bruce. Some highlights from my perspective: - elven food spread. I think I was the only person delighted by this!! K would have liked to stay there a few more hours eating. Were it not for the ridiculously powerful undead elven high king sitting opposite looking at me suspiciously. I still have some "lammas bread" in my pouch btw. - some good fights like Ungoliant Hierophant and Adam the Morgul Knight - Woolf and 'is boys and the challenge for new Guildleader. Gratz Vilk. Kind of Lancorrin to help his opponents. - persuading Rob to wear a ridiculous white wig (without too much effort I would point out) - "Kevralyn, is this a duel?" "No!!!" against the Knight of the Spider Queen - helping Skalgrim stay alive after he collapsed from the morgul blade - the potion that enabled us to share an ability with another party member, I thought this was an interesting & enjoyable concept - roleplaying NPCs - overall plot arch - putting Alex's Bjorning barbarian type on his bum after there was a fight challenge :) Thanks Alex! Shai! Fri, 09 Aug 2019 11:27:27 +0100 Subject: Passing away the time - by: bambam I dddnt realise you’d met him Kas. I haven’t had the pleasure I’m just glad he. Got what was coming to him. Maybe this will act as a warning to other nations who believe they can attack our people without retaliation ☠️ Mon, 29 Jul 2019 23:14:51 +0100 Subject: Hepathic Nations - by: mbt It was my bowel! On point 2 da mean ones focused primarily on da Heps or ones that has em in der nation? Mon, 29 Jul 2019 10:09:54 +0100 Subject: Recovered Material - by: Fay B I myself have a number of these quatrains in my office in Darkholme. Due to my being very busy of late, I haven't gotten around to making copies to add to the archives but I shall do as soon as I can, anyone is free however, to come and read them if they wish. Lady Ksndra Sat, 27 Jul 2019 00:43:07 +0100