Tower Location: Also known as the Vanishing Tower and Dreaming Spires. This Tower is not always on Orin Rakatha and appears at certain times. When it appears it can be found in the Valgrind Pass.

Summary: Arrogant and strange in equal parts these powerful beings have weird sorcerous powers.

Notes: Little is known about this cruel race. Legend says that their people travel the planes – their home lies in a place hovering between planes, and when they travel they are restricted on the length of their stay by the movement of their ‘windows’. We have had increasing contact with members of their Tower and when we meet them they seem to care little for us, although encounters usually end up in combat. We have learned a little more about Melniboneans since one of their number, referred to as the T’an, was recruited into Wolfhold after the fall of the Hold of Azad. He is a powerful grey sorcerer and as well as being a Lord of Wolfhold is also the Dean of the Grey College within the Wizards’ Concillium.

Activity Level: rarely seen.