Theorem on the influence of Musical Wave Patterns - by Drokal Greyspire

A Theorem on the influence of Musical Wave Patterns on the Formation and Maintenance of Towers with particular respect to Cataclysms and the nature of the Mystics Manipulation of events.
by Drokal Greyspire NhP EP BotK AotM PaF


All the world's a song and all the men and women merely singers.  This statement has guided poets for years but recent empirical data combined with the weight of reexamined historical evidence may mean that this whimsical statement has more scientific basis that may have ever been considered. 

We begin with the assertion that songs are vital to the nature of a tower as evidenced by the Kalids attempts to subvert water magic to hide the true nature of their status which permitted them to expand despite being made up of groups who may not yet associate themselves to being Kalid.  This is supported by the recent activities driven by the River People, known to be working for the mystics in some way to collect fragments of the broken song of the Vanishing Tower which was clearly stated as no longer being complete (hypothesis - the large number of deaths resulted in various elements of the song being lost forever).

Then we can look at the laws of Orin Rakatha which states that “Towers shall not diminish themselves by taking up those without Tower”.  If the reason for this is that the nature of the song responds to the nature of the people then it could be extrapolated that the influx of new people (e.g. the Kalids absorption of any number of additional legions such as the Shukral Akbari or the Shadowlords) can cause dissonance in the song which can be minimised by limited such incursions.

If these songs could be simply plotted as a single waveform this interaction of new elements to a tower could be understood as a modification of the waveform resulting from differing wavelengths forming a single aggregate.
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