Triumph of Light – Report by Toshiro


Party members: Myself (Toshiro), Kal (group leader), Khortaz, Tersius, Zug, Sister Mary, Kahndis aka “Mr Terrifying” or “Candy”, Randolphin aka “Wishbone” or “Randy”, Ezekial, nArp, yArp, Aruna, Sasha, Baron Silas.

Mission Briefing:

You have been tasked to accompany the Valkyrie to Dalehoven and then gain access to Valhalla. Once on Valhalla you should seek and obtain the final symbol, that of the Valkyrie’s Chariot and return it back to the Kern Valley. Once all three symbols have been obtained, then the three Death Avatars can be restored. Yana’s Hut is currently not available and therefore you have been granted access to the World Window, once more in Dai Fah Dyne hands, and should use it to traverse to Dalehoven. The mortal form of the Valkyrie will accompany the party, despite the concerns of the Chorien. She should be listened to and protected at all costs. This mission is sponsored by Duke Hanrow and Lady Mortifera."

First evening:

On the way to the World Window we fought undead and Agothians and many of us are Soul Marked. At the World Window we learn from the DfD that a group went through before us. Upon going through we are all split into small groups on Dalehoven where we fight “Sert” worshippers. We eventually group together at a lodge, owned by Jarl Ulric Gustaffson. The Valkyrie is now calling herself “Hilda”. The Jarl informs us that their shaman is coming tomorrow to talk to us about the runes on the walls and about the Valkyrie.

First Day:

In the morning we fight more Agothians and undead. We meet the spirit shaman. He tells us that to get to Valhalla we have to obtain the favour of a god. Freya seems a good prospect so we need to find her temple. On the way to the temple we fight green elementals and Agothians who stand still until attacked? We meet some locals who are trying to decide between following Sert or Odin, we convince them to worship Odin. They tell us there is a high priest of Sert in a ruin nearby. We travel on and have a tough 3-way fight with blue elementals and Agothians with “Hollow” among them. At the temple we find four Agothian Soul Taints sitting around the temple font. They do damage back any time they are attacked. We protect the Baron and he uses large Cause Mortal invocations to deal with them. Once the undead are removed the mages fix the taint. Freya’s high priest arrives and tells us he will beseech her on our behalf. He suggests that killing the high priest of Sert would bring us more to her attention and make our journey to Valhalla more likely. We return to the lodge then after nightfall head to the ruin. After a fearsome melee the Sert priest is defeated.

Second Day:

We wake up in Valhalla and our early morning is disturbed by heroes looking for a fight. The Valkyrie, now herself again, says we have to find five pieces of the “Chariot”; two wheels and axle a harness and the body. To achieve this we must treat with five gods and gain their favour.

The Oracle of Freya arrives and tells us her mistress is pleased with us. She gives us a key which will attract the four others.

The Oracle of Loki arrives and tells us that the 13 oracles are actually realm lords of Valhalla, one of the realms of the Plane of the Sleepless Dead. He says the other oracles don’t know what they are.

We meet with the oracle of Tyr who extracts an oath from Tersius to protect Sister Mary at all costs and from Ezekial to protect Sasha. He also gets us all to swear to follow Kal’s orders which we gladly do as we would do so in any case.

We learn that Freya may betray us as she consorts with Sert. We are drawn off to a meeting with Baldir’s oracle fighting Agothians on the way. He requests that we show him beauty and commitment. Sister Mary sings him a song and Kal offers an oath not to call upon St Michael to protect himself until dark. We travel onwards meeting followers of Odin who test us.

Back at our lodging Thor’s oracle turns up in a foul mood and he and his lightning-charged minions attack us and we defeat them.

We are again drawn off, this time to find Odin’s oracle. On the way a hero challenges me to see if I am worthy of wearing the Valkyrie’s helmet and I beat him. Upon meeting Odin’s oracle we are again tested, this time in a 3 vs 3 fight plus a healer on each side. After a long, hard fought contest we prevail. On our way back to the lodgings Loki’s oracle possesses Zug, nArp and Baron Silas and they try to kill Sister Mary with only her Good Spirit invocation preventing the Baron’s enthusiastic effort. We remove their spiritual influence. After we get abck to the base we are attacked by Agotians and then another group arrives with a Vere. It talks to us and asks questions about our intentions and asks us to join Agoth before leaving.

At this point we split our group into two so that we can both talk to Weyland and investigate a nearby tomb. Sasha, Baron Silas, Randolphin and I face Weyland’s challenge of 4 vs 4 combat against a master Scout, Mage, Priest and Warrior. We defeat them soundly and gain Weylands approval. The other group return also having gained favour from Heimdal.

Third Day:

The Valkyrie tells us that she will enact a ritual to restore her to her former self and that we must defend her at all costs in the coming battle.

Loki’s Oracle comes to talk and tells us that himself, Freya and Thor have sided with Sert.

We prepare the ritual site and are assaulted by several waves of Agothians. The Valkyrie completes her ritual and is restored. The Vere arrives and a mighty struggle ensues with heroes of Valhalla arriving. Those of us who were soul marked then are forced to defend the Vere and the melee descends into chaos. One by one we are expelled from Valhalla by the Valkyrie but nArp and Baron Silas both fall in a heroic struggle, fighting to the end. The Valkyrie grants them the boon that the next time they fall in battle it will not weaken their spirits.


A complete success with the Valkyrie restored and Valhalla saved but at the cost of many lives. They will not be the last in our struggle against Agoth.

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