Time of Reckoning - by Khandis

Mission Date:
Fools moon, PC 1 
Mission Brief:
A call went out to all adventurers within the Valley to assist in the Time of Reckoning and help protect the gathering place as well as act as ambassadors for the Valley.

Our group was as follows:
Khandis Greyspider (Myself, Party Leader)
Kyle OmPaq
Kurt Polarise
Lyrissa Fenwatch
Smudge Welk
Theran Shendolan
Shard Farsight (at times)

Given that things happened in a somewhat haphazard fashion, I have grouped events by category rather than in a chronological order. 

Apologies for the lack of names in the report. Sorcerer Ichabod acted as scribe during the mission and hopefully will be putting in his own report soon. 

Nation Leaders:

We encountered a number of Nation representatives. Most were either friendly or at least not openly antagonistic. There were two worth mentioning. 
Firstly, Calex Wraithspawn who declared his presence first thing in the morning with a sizeable Forgotten attack. He announced that the Forgotten nation will be ruled not by himself but by the Black Queen. 
Secondly we encountered Ison, who is now the nation leader of the Fortress of Pentar. He is more in control of the Hepath bound within him than previously but still not fully as evidenced when his concentration broke and hepaths suddenly appeared and attacked us.

The Mists:

We met a mist Shaman by the name of Bonzo Paddlehands who reminded us (by way of a large stick) that we still have one Mist Game remaining to sort. 
We also ran into strange creatures who said that they had come down from the mountains at the edge of the world to see what was wrong with the land. They had lived in the mist but had clearly not been touched by it in the same way as Hordlings. Despite an invite to attend the Time of Reckoning and claim a nation, they were interested only in finding out what was wrong with the Mists and what the Cataclysm has done to the land.

Shadow creatures:

There was a strange accusation from the Shadowsfall representative that his group had been attacked by Valley members. This was initially treated as a lie to destabilise the Time of Reckoning as two of the valley members accused of being involved were part of our group and had been with us at the time of the alleged attack. 
After some unpleasantness and us reminding the Shadowsfall that it is no longer their place to dispense justice we discovered the truth. Something strange happened during the Cataclysm which led to those on the Central Isle having shadows of themselves created. We had a brief encounter with a group that included shadows of Driedyn, Kiara, Kylar and Obelisk. The shadows appeared to have the same abilities as their human counterparts and due to some confusion, a number of beguiling effects and a pressing ritual we were unable to secure one of the shadows for study or as proof to the Shadowsfall. Of note the Shadows were not aware of the actions of their counterparts after the events of the Cataclysm, they were also much more hostile than would be expected. 

Unusual Alignments:

We were attacked by a group of Halmadonians who used the evil sphere. They left after losing an honour duel and were later deal with by an Adamancer. 

The Dymwan wish it to be known that Necromancy is not directly linked to the evil sphere. They are diversifying and demonstrated this by enlisting Verrick to perform a ritual. The ritual enable Verrick to use a form of Necromancy through the good sphere in order to summon and talk with Cirith. Having been transported away during the defeat of Cardinaris, Cirith and the Sacred Sword are currently trapped on Cardinaris’s home plane. The ritual has hopefully opened a connection to the plane to enable a group to journey there to help Cirith and put an end to the spirit of Cardinaris. 

Internal Business:

Njord Forgeson has been appointed head of the forge. 
The challenge for evil sphere baron of Darkhome ended when Kiara stood down. High Priest Rannin is now baron of the evil sphere. 
Captain Irwin stood down as warrior baron of Darkhome. 
Irwin and Kiara are leaving Darkhome in favour of the Temple of Four Winds.
There was another instance of poisoning of a Darkhome member.
The laws of the land and our role has been clarified and a full announcement is available here.

General Opposition:

Unsurprisingly a number of other groups tried to interfere. While they did not appear to be directly working together the groups were not hostile to each other. 

Dark Druids - There was a group of Dark Druids performing some sort of land corrupting ritual. They had caused the local wildlife to become hostile and were stopped. 

Khalid - Large numbers of Khalid were around. They are using the fact that the mists are not performing properly to gather in numbers far above 20 to launch assualts on other nations. Our groups total Khalid head count was 52.

Vote of no confidence - The Knights or our Dark Lady, Khalid and Shadowsfall lead a vote of no confidence in us as the voice of the Mystics.  The vote failed but we have only been given a reprise of a year to prove our position. 

Halls of Suhtek:

The main obstacle we ran into was Kassenwatii the Undying, similarly named but different from Kammenwatii the Eternal. Kassenwatii was formally the Tower Leader of the Halls of Suhtek. 
We first encountered him while looking for the last position of the Rainbow Landing way station and any trace of the River people who were strangly absent. Kassenwatii was waiting for us at the place that Rainbows Landing had appeared last. He talked about the River people being “more at peace than they have ever been before.” After a scrappy and scattered fight we realised that we were not able to take on a full tower leader and Knightly retinue and that even if we were able to there was nothing to be gained having found at least some of the information we were after.
Shortly before the vote of no confidence we learned that all the representatives likely to vote in our favour had disappeared. We investigated what Shard described as a “time bubble” nearby. We arrived to find an area protected by Shadowsfall Archivists. Upon further study we found three anchors somehow related to the sphere of time. while studying the anchors we somehow triggered something and were assaulted by a strange mix of Agothians, Hordlings and Archivists. We decided the best change to disrupt the ritual was to travel through the anchors to try and “burst” the bubble from the inside. 

Once inside we arrived in a confined space and quickly ran outside when a goblin started hugging Smudge’s leg and counting down from ten. Outside was the same mix of Hordlings, Agothians and Archivists. This time accompanied by what looked like the Void Weaver, Otion Wraithchild and Judge Amos. Thankfully these were some sort of memory of the originals and did not possess their true strenght. We were able to defeat these groups and the time distortion seemed to no longer be present.
Just as we were catching breath, Kassenwatii appeared to confirm our suspicions that he had caused this disruption. He and a large retinue of knights engaged us and our work being done we withdrew.
Our disruption to the time distortion did enough damage to allow High Priest Andrew to escape. He arrived and offered to assist us by using his knowledge of the Vale of Memories to free the others. 

The Dreadlord himself later appeared and explained the situation. In the absence of the River People, the Dreadlord had left the Central Isle to collect the Nations status in person. He gave us details of a ritual that could be performed to kill Kassenwatii despite his almost immortal nature. The ritual involved Shard consuming parts of a priest, a knight, and a snake. We fought our way through enough Knights of the Dark Lady and Snake creatures to collect the necessary parts and, with suitable wine, Shard ritually consumed them. 

The main ritual was in some ways a distraction. The completion would be when Kassenwatii tried to consume Shard and would instead consume the parts of himself, like a snake eating its own tail. We set up a decoy ritual to attract him and then defended long enough to attract Kassenwatii. He fell for our plan and when he broke through our lines and consumed Shard the trap was sprung. Shard was unharmed, Kassenwatii was dead, his retinue broke and we were victorious. 

The final outcome was a successful, though disrupted, first time of Reckoning and the fall of a major foe of the Valley. 

As ever if you require more information do not hesitate to contact me. 

Khandis Greyspider
11th Sorcerer of House Drannath 
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