The First Intersector Games by Tristan Clearwater

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A report into events surrounding the 1st ever Inter sector Games

I was asked by Lazarus Steel to organise the 1st ever inter sector games. It was decided that this event should coincide with the reopening of the Greasy Pole which had been shut since the cataclysm.

I approached the various sector lords and their administrators in order to obtain competitions and prizes. Suffice it to say some sectors welcomed the games and were forthcoming with all they were asked for whilst others, not so.

It was decided that we at the training grounds would sponsor a costume ball on the Saturday night in order to help build morale following all the disruptions and provide some light entertainment for our adventurers.

We provided a light Pathfinder guards as we felt there was no threat to us, however it soon became clear from Pathfinder reports that something unusual was going on and I decided to attend the scene myself. Luckily a number of adventurers were already at the Greasy Pole for the early stages of the tourney and were able to attend to a minor incursion into our lands.

Upon arriving at the scene I discovered that a fairly significant number of Kalid had breached our nation. The Pathfinders seemed to have no idea where they had come from and according to those gathered at the Pole some of the Kalid were well prepared. Unfortunately we did not have many pathfinders here and our intelligence was limited so I decided to remain in the field rather than return to my desk.

Despite this unexpected turn of events we decided the inter sector games should continue, we did however decide to send word to the temple that there had been a hostile incursion.

On Saturday afternoon there was a further incursion by several different groups of Kalid- Crimson Feast, Corpus Militaria and Stone Panthers and the adventurers gather for the games went to meet it. However it turned out that these forces were a diversion and that a significant force from the Fortress of Pentar had infiltrated behind and were assailing the Humacti temple. I would like to personally commend Pathfinders Bryce and Hanrad for their diligent work in alerting us to the ruse.

Quickly the adventuring group returned to the temple and were able to assist Woolf of the Humacti in defending the temple. A long hard fight ensued and it is clear that the Pentar forces, lead by a Vampire, were there to recover significant items that were being contained in the Humacti temple. Fortunately, despite being hard pressed the adventurers were able to prevent the Pentar forces from succeeding and they were all destroyed.   

Further work by the Pathfinders revealed that the Kalid had discovered a new way into our lands through a passage concealed by a waterfall coming down from the great escarpment. As a result of this I have been charged with reviewing the layout and security of our Nation. In the short term we have stationed additional guards on the secret way and are in the process of constructing a fortification. In the long term I shall be inspecting all our borders, where additional fortifications are needed and any buildings and facilities that are currently in an insecure location.

Having been charged with organising some fun games for our people I was not expecting to be the senior officer present for an armed incursion and I feel that despite our difficulties we responded promptly and prevented any disaster befalling us. I would personally like to thank our adventurers for their dedicated service when they were looking forward to a weekend of mead and games at the Greasy Pole.

Finally, in case anyone cares the winners of the games were as follows-

The Tourney was won by Zak, a novice who showed great skill in defeating several veterans.

Fukissi, won several competitions including the archives “translate a scroll” and the 6 boroughs “perform a play“.

The scion of the groves competition was won by lying dog who is now Scion of the birch grove.

Dreiyden won the costume competition with his wonderful King Michael and Rol-Sireth- though Nathans Kevralyn and Kyle’s Gob deserve mentions.

Ksandra won the marketplace competition


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