Laws of Chaos - by Leitha Fae


High Status Group

Me (Leitha Fae), Slag, Lady Kevralyn Soulfire (Party Leader), Giles, Quicksilver, Draal Lolthspawn, Khandis, Obelisk, Kiara, Anthrax, Sutnac, Jack Morgan                       

Low Status Group

(Sorry I did not get any of their stuff down, sure they did though)

Jon Barleycorn, Kylar, Kelvin, Dorkal Greyspire, Lucifer, Arranill, Anabeer Greyspire, Tourretts, Nobby, Greyspire, Ivak Duhm Greyspire, Gomeric Greyspire                              


Day One It Begins

After leaving the White Retreat I walked to the Halfway house where I met the rest of my high status comrades. I met some old faces and new and was honoured to meet Lord Giles, a while later we were given our orders,

1. Secure the area and surrounding area

2. Ensure the safety of House Valdurim members and escort them and their property to the border of our lands.

3. Secure knowledge of Chaos Vortex for his majesty King Paullandiss

And a secondary order to help the green school of magic out by attaining some plants one on Akari Island and two on Orin Rakatha for the nice people in the Hospitaller guild and Druids so they could try make a cure.

A green Sorcerer turns up and anounces himself, who says we must make our way to Akari Island and takes us to where he will perform a portal spell and take us there, we follow him up a hill and set up a perimeter. He asks us to give our names and we transport to a site we secure the area and move off quickly encountering a small contingent of Akari Islanders, they were heavily armed and were celebrating new years eve we were attacked and in self defence slew them we were absolutely lawful in our approach they attacked first we slotted them, no crime at all. We moved on through the land quickly meeting a band of warriors who were trying to take over the land under some tribe. We move forwards into fray after been attacked and push them back and kick the bejesus into them. We arrived at the garden and killed plenty more islanders in self defence. We found the flower and made a quick tab back to the site killing a few more enemies. We were attacked by undead fools they were hard we then transported back and met the low status group back at the Halfway house.

I went on guard duty and a Halmadonian high priest Clement and his brother bodyguard came to our place to discuss the situation. Turns out he was a bit rebellious and we met with heavy resistance from other Halmadonian factions, wish he’d bothered to mention the problem. We finished the night drinking playing Duegar games and talking. The night was met with a lot of good fighting and meetings.

Day 2 Hard Work

We awoke to the beautiful sounds of breakfast in half an hour. After breakfast we were engaged by a retinue of Labrinthe of Xenos. They engaged us in close combat 6 xenos and 2 minotaurs. We slotted them after been attacked ourselves we had no other option. We make our way out to secure the area and find ourselves under another attack of Labrinthe of Xenos from the bottom of the hill where they were quickly forced into retiring and slain we had no other option it was all lawful we had to kill them they were going to come back with more “things”, the strange tower people turned up they were weird look on them I couldn’t remember the tower name they attacked us, we tried to get them not to attack put the one made a pact of war on magic against Lady Kevralyn and kicked off on us we quickly used pure shield aggression to disperse surround and destroy them.

Then we moved on to the top of the hill where we stopped bar Lady Kevralyn escorted by Giles. They came back up telling us that Halmadonians were stopping us and wanted to see tower colours and to add further insult were not going to allow us to carry out our orders, after multiple times of telling the halmadons to go home or talk this out over a drink them attacked us. Most of them were quickly slain after quick hitting attacks and then the few that remained were slain after a while. This was done with a heavy heart for myself but we had no option they were making us fight we couldn’t stop them they were asked many times by Quicksilver, Giles, Kevralyn and myself kept asking them as much as possible for them to yield we promised them quarter yet they attacked. On the way back we fought off multiple attacks of Labyrinthe of Xenos, we arrive back to find nobody at home in the base. Found out they were in the north of Orin Rakatha, our first Drow fella turns up loved his books from what it turns out, I spoke with him about it. Shame really smart fella shame he weren’t smart enough to keep himself alive by not carrying a chaos tainted box the fool. More on that later.

Giles started opening a portal when low and behold the Halmadons sent another contingent, they were asked on more than one occasion to settle this over a drink and a chat but they refused and we had to quickly make an exit after a number of us were hurt. I myself was badly wounded after receiving quite a few bolts at me, I was tended and when I came too found myself moving through the portal and looked round. We arrived  on a hill to see Khandis on the floor. After plenty more fighting against drow which felt flipping fun, they deserved it they were that ugly. They kicked it off it weren’t our fault. By the way we were taking this fella to drow country I cant spell the places name so ain’t trying. We moved on  through muddy tracks and were met by the vanishing tower folks. I mistook them for Halmadons as I was at the back and rumours are like Thranduil Whispers. I received a psi bolt from a laughing priest who was enjoying the joke, poor Khandis opened his mouth after asking the fellow to give me another and before he could finish his plea not to receive one flinched as a psi bolt hit him. Ouch I thought. We decided to quickly close the distance and turn this to our advantage while they were in thicker mud and they’re slowness was rewarded with their destruction. Slotting them was so much fun. Sorry had to be said. They wanted us to give them the drow, as King Paullandiss decided we had to protect the Valdurim fella’s I did as I was told.

We finally after a nice slog through the mud get to the border and after Kevralyn asks that he is satisfied by our conduct and that we have done our duties he agrees and discharges us. He then moved past the border and we were attacked by chaos beasts. I rushed into the fray from the side and before we could stop it the representative was dead as a dodo (Poor fella poetic justice even though he were smart.)

We returns to the open area after been in a couple of frays and then we got to the portal and got through the portal and returned to meet more Labrinthe of Xenos, it was an absolute pleasure they came out of nowhere and hit one of us, so by law we were in our rights to find back and with quick and pure aggression we bombarded and destroyed all of them before they could group up. It was a massacre and a thoroughly enjoyable one. We moved back to the Halfway house and found poor Kelvin and Kylar in Hordeling form, me, Draal and Slag managed to get to them and finish it Slag been first in the fray destroying Kylar it was something to admire and stand in awe of. We enjoyed a beautiful stew, thank the spheres for the valley cooks there da best, our dinner of course. We after a rest and drink were ordered into Thranduil to do business with the drow Valdurim fellows.

Kevralyn gave us orders, we marched up a short hill and found nothing I was rather surprised and annoyed. We moved into position in the shrine and kept a look out we were met by a front guard he went in and spoke to the drow members of the party.  We then killed a load of black elementals. We then were visited by two fellows from house Valdurim. They gave us a lecture on the fact there was no one there to speak for the white retreat as there was no guild master from the white retreat there. There was a guildsmen, me unfortunately but we all declined. Then we got to business we received the information in three pieces:

1st were told we have all the physical pieces for the information it was passed on to the kingsmen.

2nd we would lies with the soon to be 2nd sorcerer of House Valdurim to be met on the morrow and will pass the information directly to King Paullandiss he will be escorted by the low status party so as not to attract attention.

3rd we would meet on the morrow to let through the Valdurim through a portal we would be the distraction and let the members of the house through so we were going to get a kicking. We would meet the patriarch on the morrow here two hours after sun up. No status members were to be at the meeting with the 2nd sorcerer. We would meet with the the patriarch and he would send the messenger to tell the other fellow he could go. But this fella was a runner if he met with trouble. But here the house nobles would pass through.

With that our business was concluded and we pulled out after a spell duration. Learned a lot from that about drow behaviour. We returned to Halfway house and meet with Abadon Dreamweaver, 4th Sorcerer of House Drannath, 13th in line to the throne, he asks us questions and offers us help. We spend the rest of the night talking and celebrating our last night of the mission.

3rd Day A River Of Blood 

The third morning we woke and went for breakfast, I began thinking my own parents were killed by a drow and now I might die to protect them it felt strange. We were attacked after breakfast by a large wave of elementals we consolidate our position and destroy them. We then go to the shrine after much delay. We are attacked by red elementals again, the alert came to the call of here they come as thick as grass and as red as a saldorians bottom. They are quickly destroyed, we then get visited by our good friend from the night before the Lord Bloodheart and Abadon Dreamweaver. I heard later on my singing had been heard by Lord Bloodheart who said it was “quite pleasant.” I told them I had a good voice.

We move them into the safety of the shrine before we are attacked yet by the Shrouded Eye.  Our leader Kevralyn asked them why they were here to which they told us to slot all drow basically, to which she replied you can start with me then, now that's brilliant. They kicked off on us and we kicked the hell out of em and sent them to their death.

They are destroyed and we continue to wait, the messenger is sent to the other group. We are attacked again by an intense wave of different creatures chaos beasts and elementals. They were seriously hard me and Obelisk were pushed back into the corner of the shrine and had to back out of the shrine through the bushes. We then managed to fight them in the open where we came into our element and slew them in the open ground as most were still in the shrine. We destroyed them and healed up. For another hour we waited various members of the House Valdurim came through and we waited for another hour before heading back and then the next day we were returned to Orin Rakatha and we went home.

For the records we acted most lawfully throughout and completed his majesty's orders extremely well. We worked well and all got through alive.

This is an official report from Leitha Fae, Crusader Veteran, White Retreat, Son of Talid and Earwen. For the mission of Laws of Chaos to the Librarians in the Valley towers

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