Laws of Chaos – by Kelvin


Party members (low status)

Jon Barleycorn (leader), Kelvin, Drokal Greyspire, Gomeric Greyspire, Ivak Duhm Greyspire, Nobby Greyspire, Anebir Greyspire, Kylar, Toren, Aranil & Lucifer

Party members (high status)

Kevralyn Soulfire (leader), Lord Giles, Quicksilver, Draal Llolthspawn, Khandis Greykoil, Thralk, Leitha Fae, Jack, Anthrax, Sutnac, Slag, Kiara & Obelisk 0.

First Evening

After returning from our last mission on Murandir (A Spark of Chaos) we were told to return to Murandir with the box of goblets. Our guide, Martin (a member of Wolfhold who wouldn’t tell us which guild he was from), said that he would identify a Kings man to whom we were to give the box.

On our way to the Halfway House we fought Hordelings then more Hordelings and undead near a Dywman corpse that we salvaged a talisman and a potion from. Further along the way we met a Dywman patrol who demanded the potion (it was part of their research they were doing in the area). After a fight we were forced to relinquish the potion in exchange for the lives of party members who had been downed in the fight. We then met two Xenos drones that were, as usual, searching for artefacts. We later encountered more undead and then came across a Dymwan ritual which we disrupted after a fierce battle. We recovered a belt that later turned out to be part of a set of ritual components involved in summoning a “bone dancer” which was the name of the creature it came from. Upon arriving at the Halfway House we found the high status group who were here handling the diplomacy with House Valdurim during their transit. During the evening Abbaddon Dreamweaver, 4th Sorcerer of House Dranath was present as was High Priest Clement of Halmaddon’s Heights. I passed on as much information to the high status group from our last mission as I could recall. Against my advice several of the Duergar engaged in a game of dice, the participants including two psioinic sorcerers. Predictably Sorcerer Quicksilver won the game after overcoming a seemingly insurmountable advantage in favour of Gomeric. Needless to say, aspersions were cast upon Gomeric’s abilities at dice.

First Day

In the morning a large force of powerful Xenos drones with Minotaurs attacked and members of the low status group made ourselves scarce.

Kevralyn wisely took the chaos cards (probably the Cards of Fate) off Kylar. A druid called Tobias Smollet tasked us to recover three sets of flowers from a grove in the Pordaradrim lands; Sunflowers, Fire Flowers and Mist Grass. We travelled to a suitable grove fighting Hordelings on the way. John called on the forces of nature in the name of Arbor and we transported to the Pordaradrim grove. This area turned out to be sickly and poisoned. We passed through a swampy area and defeated a group of Lesser Mourners. I remember seeing mention of these creatures in several other reports in the library. We then found two Kalid guarding a bridge, the near side of which was infested by poisonous mushroom creatures. We defeated the Kalid and left the remaining mushroom to its own devices. A little further on we came across some Kalid investigating the Fire Flower. Eating parts of it gave their leader power over fire magic. After defeating them Aranil picked the flower and we were immediately attacked by elementals. Soon after a Pordaradrim (no name, only a title: “Tender”) appeared and collapsed at our feet. He had been poisoned. After I had treated his wounds he told us that since about 6 months ago the area had been blighted and the lizard men in the area had become wild. This is quite likely to have been directly as a result of the poisoning of Green Magic that has happened on OR. (see my Spark of Chaos report for more information on this area)

“Tender” offered to take us to the groves with the other flowers in them. Apparently the grass is dangerous to touch and should definitely not be eaten. So we went to the Sunflower Grove first. This area was very wet and swampy with most of it under water and the flowers destroyed apart from one bunch. While the rest of the party distracted the lizard men there, Nobby, Ivak, Lucifer and myself went round the back. I blinded the remaining lizard man near the flowers then Lucifer ran in and grabbed the flowers. We retreated back to the party as the fight raged. Gomeric was slain in the fight and in return for his sacrifice, Tender used the power of the grove to resurrect Gomeric and offered to go and get the Mist Grass himself. Upon his return with the grass Tender died of his wounds but his sacrifice was noble.

On our way back to the grove we defeated another group of Lesser Mourners. We travelled back using the grove then returned to the Halfway House. Upon our return the high status group were just leaving to escort the 9th High Priest of House Valdurim somewhere. After some time, Tobias arrived, collected the flowers and confirmed John’s entry into the Druids sect. We also deliver the box of goblets to a Kings man and she gives us the news that Lensil Blackbone and Mothac Storm have been permanently slain! As this news is supposedly more than a rumour I pass it on to Kevralyn much to her surprise. The high status group left and as Giles set up a teleport portal a large group of Halmadonians arrived and a fight ensued. We watched from a safe distance, cheering on the mighty Slag (yay!) and jeering at Jack the kill stealer (boo!) until the party finally left through the portal.

In the evening we go out on a patrol of the area. Just as we are about to leave a goblin runs in saying it knows where some of our party are pursued by Hordelings. A scattered and disorganised fight ensued and the goblin was killed in the confusion.

After fighting through yet more Hordelings (including one wearing a pathfinder tabard) we find an area being guard by three Grimlocks. We are invited in by “Bracken”, the pathfinder we met on the last mission (see my Spark of Chaos report for more information on this subject). He introduces us to an individual (a poorly disguised Mindflayer) called “The Observer”. He says they are working for Vetzlar and he requests we do a task in return for the payment that Gomeric took on the last mission. The task is to return a box to Vetzlar which he gives us. He says they want to find out more about the Alliance on OR. They left saying they would send a vision with information. True to his word a shade appeared and spoke the story of the peoples of Murandir, the battle of the portal and events of this era. It also spoke of our people now being one since we have a king ordained by the spheres and that the story would continue. At this point some Melniboneans arrived following a Hepath that was seeking out chaos taint so I was distracted from the rest of the vision. (more in Drokal’s report) The Melnobs made several demands regarding taking various amounts of Kylar away with them. He wasn’t keen so a fight broke out. John seemed to become influenced by them and a parley stopped the fight. Eventually Kylar (rather foolishly in my opinion) cut off one of his hands and gave it to them and so they left. He already has a history of getting in trouble despite his short adventuring career. He’ll go far. Hopefully anyway. At that point Martin arrives telling us we need to run for the Way station as the mists are coming down. We head back and run into some Hordelings and at that point everything got a bit vague. I have a vague recollection of being run down, and backed over, by a stone house. Apparently I’d been transformed into a Hordeling by the mists and the mighty Slag had given me a sound kicking. But I recovered after some time so all is well. Remind me to never anger a stone troll.

Later on more Melnobs turn up accusing us of killing one of their number a moon ago which we had indeed done. The fight turned for the worse when Anebir and I ran completely out of magic leaving us with no way to defeat their Hepath of air thanks to Aranil having gone to bed already. Despite Drokal’s best efforts to rouse Aranil with his hammer, Lucifer was killed during the fight. We blamed the killing of their compatriot on him so they left with honour satisfied so at least his loss was not in vain.

Nelith Wraithstep, 25th Priest of House Valdurim arrived to be escorted so we descended into the pitch dark of the night with her in tow. After a debacle with a lantern, a cunning subterfuge, much fighting and a serious error the outcome was a dead Drow at the hands of Morgothians of the Shrouded Eye and us returning to the Way station. I was most amused by the statement from one of the ex-Kalid Morgothians that he agreed in principle that Morgoth was great. There’s commitment for you.

We return to find the high status group at the way station once more in the company of Abbaddon Dreamweaver going over the plans for tomorrow’s meeting with the Patriarch. On the morrow we are to meet Mowray Farrune, was 4th, now 3rd, soon to be 2nd Sorcerer of House Valdurim while the high status group meet the Patriarch. Why our low status group were “escorting” such a powerful individual I will leave to the reader’s imagination.

Second Day

In the morning we go to the appointed place and meet Mowray. He is an odd fish and not your usual sort of Drow but that is unsurprising considering his dabbling with chaos. We hand his cards back to him (John is apparently part Drow and has been talking to Kevralyn this morning the sneaky beggar) and this puts him in a convivial mood. We engage in amusing banter between assaults by various groups of chaos creatures. He seems to have a strong dislike for his Patriarch and views himself as having been held back or overlooked. Not that he’s bitter. Well maybe a bit. Ok, a lot.

In the end his shade arrived to say it was safe to travel so we escorted him back and all was well.
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