KFW Mission Report Cold moon AR 12


Mission Objectives

Travel to the Wraith’s Head waystation, south of the Icarthian Triangle, meet High Priest Nomass and then attempt to deal with Drakken.


Drakken has been dealt with.

The Dymwan were prevented from regaining control of him and making mischief with his considerable powers.


Luke, Harry, Suliman, Gravesong, Khortaz, Dretch, Weech, Piskie, Taigan, Smudge, Alabrion, Puke and myself Kal.
After a troublesome journey, during which we were attacked by a Shadow Keep patrol, after their leader recognized Alabrion, we arrived at the Wraith’s Head Waystation. A short distance from it we were attacked by a group of Dymwan and undead intent on our destruction, they failed.

A scroll recovered from them indicated that they were intending to rebind Drakken and prevent us from interfering. They planned to teleport into the Lokshal family tomb when Drakken was occupied and subdue him and his family, upon the following night.

High Priest Nomass was already at the waystation and we discussed our plans with him. We resolved to travel to the tomb and ensure that the Dymwan were not able to interfere with the Canticle ritual that Drakken was performing.

The journey was hard as both Undead and Psionic constructs guarded the tombs. We gained entry and were confronted by Drakken’s undead family, Drakken being deep in his ritual. We attempted to convince them we were here to help, but they attacked anyway. The despairing wail of Drakken caused us much trouble. After subduing them we awaited the arrival of the Dymwan.

The Dymwan struck in force, two waves of mixed Dymwan and undead. At the final count we defeated them, but four had given of their lives to accomplish it. Taigan, Suliman, Luke and Khortaz, your sacrifices brought us victory.

Drakken completed the ritual and he and his family were with us no more.

Reader Mastercraftsman Alberto Cerulian was at the waystation when we arrived. It is one of those that he has been purchasing. Despite his vast personal wealth it seems that he must have some additional backing to have funded such an extensive purchasing spree.

The planned transportation network is nearing completion. It seems it may be ready in time for our Celebration festival upon Eostarre. It may well be the case that the Mastercraftsman chooses to attend the Rednow’s Rest at that time. If he does he is likely to be accompanied by Scholar Vilmeus of the Wizards Concillium. Wizards Concillium

As is often the case when one encounters Cerulian, Scholar Vilmeus is also present. In this case he was performing some experiments related to their joint endeavor. There was also a Wizard of the Black College and a Purple Guard present. Taigan asked if he could be a Purple Guard, but was told that only those born within the Concillium can be Purple Guards. The Black Wizard was investigating the nearby Darkwell. We were told that the Concillium were organizing a meeting of many casters of Yellow Magic at the Garden of Elements waystation, in Planting Moon. He suggested our group may be interested in providing an honour guard for any representative the Yellow Guild chooses to send. Scholar Vilmeus also indicated that he believed that the tower in the Valgrind Pass was most likely the Dreaming Spire.

Summer Meadows
News from the summer meadows indicates that the mists continue to drawback from the area. It seems Monk has been slain and his men initially scattered, however, the towerless are gathering in the area once more. The Kalid and Dymwan are both present in force.
The news from the Saldorian towers is not good. We have discovered the location of their two towers. They now claim a northern province and southern province. The towers at the heart of these provinces are found in Dagwood and the mountains north of Dragur forest near the Third Waite.

The previous leader of the Orin Rakathan Saldorians, Lon-Lorranan Prelate of the Brotherhood of Purity and Light, has been corrupted (turned into a hordeling). It seems the other factions of the Navanti, especially the Brotherhood of Darkness of Despair have seized power. The previously isolationist policy is no more and we can expect a hostile reception in the field. I am concerned that the fate of Lon-Lorranan may not have been accidental. The experiments being conducted in the Valgrind Pass, by the Brotherhood of Darkness and Despair, could possibly have allowed them to force such a transformation.

Before we dealt with Drakken we were approached by a Tian of the Melniboneans. He was a Dedicant of Death. He had just come from the conclusion of some business with Drakken. He questioned our intensions regarding Drakken and seemed disappointed that we wished him to be put to rest. It seems he may have had a task for us but judged us unworthy of it. He and his retinue left without incident.

Spiritual Warrior & Veteran – Order of King Michel
Priest of the Micheline Sect