If You Go Down in the Woods...



Day 1
Encounter 1
Party encountered a group of strange animal creatures, I believe these were a rat, cat ,pig and a dog.
As we couldn’t communicate with these strange creatures we killed them.

Encounter 2
I have to admit I was invoking so I only turned up the end of fight between the party and a group of shadowsfall assassins, the party came to the conclusion this group were after kylar and Harlequin.

Encounter 3
We approached what we believed to be an old hag, things went very strange for a moment and then we were in the presence of a (beautifull !! )fairy called tinkerbell.
It would seem that Tinkerbell had kidnapped us from orin Rakatha and transported us to never land, we would only be returned to Orin Rakatha if we helped her by destroying a man named Captain Claw.
Tinkerbell also told us that a member of fortunes keep was here in a building close by.
Stroking her bearded face the strange fairy gave us some fairy dust she said would help us and some blood that would apparently heal any wounds we received. I have to be honest I was a bit sceptical.

Encounter 4
We met Mrs B in a tavern , mrs B is the member of our tower we were told about , I believe it was our mission in the 1st place to find Mrs B although I could be mistaken I was busy drinking and paying very little attention.
From what I can gather , Captain Claw has stolen some treasure that makes him and his crew invulnerable, the balance on neverland is now out of balance as peter pan his enemy can not fight back and so evil has become to strong on neverland and is messing everything up.
To kill Captain Claw we need to find all the treasure and cast some kind of ritual upon it.
Mrs B’s brother is also lost in neverland and we need to find him and bring him back to the tavern .
We were told that a fight had just erupted in the tavern over a piece of the treasure and that the drunken pirates were still in the area so we jumped up and headed out to find them.

Encounter 5
Found the group of drunken pirates, they were far to drunk to get much information out of so we killed and searched them . We found no treasure.

Encounter 6
Heard some drunken singing up ahead so we ran up to be met by a very drunk Captain Sparkle. He told us he had a piece of the treasure we were looking for and would swap it for some fairy dust.
We thought this over and decided instead to take the treasure and throw him in a bush .

Encounter 7
Upon returning to the tavern a group were outside who seemed intent on violence.
They had strange hats and spoke in very weird accents, they seemed convinced that a group were inside the tavern who were called the Indians.
Not being able to convince them otherwise we got ourselves into a very tough battle with this group who used a very large number of bolt attacks.

Encounter 8
While at the tavern we were attacked by a large group of Claws men who had with them a huge scary  wolf.
These pirates told us that Claw knew of what we were up to and was now out to get us .

Encounter 1
After eating breakfast with a group of very loud and jolly pirates we were attacked by someone called Bosun and a mixed group of pirates and wolves.
A very tough battle and when they were defeated the Bosun just stood there laughing and striking out at party members telling us we couldn’t hurt him.
After he had finished insulting and attacking us he swaggered off telling us Claw would finish us off.

Encounter 2
Party encountered a women called wendy and 3 children, I couldn’t hear the entire conversation as one of the children had up a radial protection from evil stopping me from getting close.
From what I could tell she wanted us to kill peter Pan , when we said we would she went nuts and they attacked.
We killed this group finding some more pieces of treasure.

Encounter 3
Met a group of tribal like barbarians and some animal creatures, they became aggressive and attacked, I don’t recal much more as I was surrounded and beaten to within an inch of my life.I did come round to the faces of our party and a pile of dead bodies so obviously the rest of the party fared much better than I did.

Encounter 4
Party came across the tribal leader and his daughter.
Luckily he never mentioned or asked about the tribe we had just slaughtered .
The leader has some treasure and said we can have it if we answer 3 questions in the form of a game of charardes !
We accepted and easily  answered the questions .His daughter (tiger lilly ) then gave a belt to Scarlet the leader told us that tiger Lilly was very good friends with pan and if we showed him the belt he would know our intentions towards him were good .
This leader was in fact the chief of the group called the Indians.

Encounter 5
Party came across more Bolt firing loonies searching for Indians, these strange folk were called cowboys and wore different coloured hats.
Violence broke out and they were killed.

Encounter 6
Meet 3 of the fae elders.
This group told us a story of the fae and how the balance is becoming more and more Evil.these fairies looked a bit dark themselves .They gave us each a gift so we could harm the pirates in Claws crew but were warned that they would only be out of action until the rise of the moon when they would return once more.

Encounter 7
After dinner we found a Mr Smee in a small shack guarded by wolf like creatures . we killed the creatures but were unable to get to the gloating Smee as the shack was protected by a ward.
Harlequin dispelled the ward and as we entered Smee vanished leaving a large pile of loot behind .

Encounter 8
Met a large group of children who insisted if we wanted to see peter pan we had to play a game called Skull Ball.
For some reason our party leader Kylar (not normally known as a fun, game playing kind of guy)agreed.
Although we lost 2 games the children agreed we had been fun and gave us directions to where Peter could be found

Encounter 9
Peter Pan was sat in tree and guarded by a very large fury creature.
I was actually sat down at this point not paying attention as playing games with children while wearing armour is exhausting !

I think what he told the party went something like this.
Peter pan is the good balance on Neverland and Claw is the Evil, when they are battling with each other order is maintained as there is balance.
Claw has become so strong that now the Evil is starting effect all of never land this in turn has affected the Fae which could then affect the whole of Orin Rakatha.
Not knowing what to do Peter has taken into himself the essence of a Vampire to make him strong enough to battle Claw but has in turn made him quite Evil himself.Tinkerbell has said she can remove this once Claw is defeated.The blood we were given earlier is Peters and this is why it can restore wounds.. (so glad I didn’t take any )

Encounter 10
We can across the very dumb Stone ogre brother of Mrs B.
After various attempts to move the large idiot to little success , Scarlet came up with a plan to use the fairy dust to make her look like Mr’s B .
This was succesfull and took the huge brute with us.

Encounter 11
In a grove of trees we came across the fairy princess, princesses really aren’t my thing so I boggered of to Invoke , don’t really know what was discussed but no violence occurred so I stayed out of it.

Encounter 12
Back at the tavern we are attacked by a strong force of Claws men, they stopped being so cocky when they realised we could hurt them but was still a hard fight non the less.

Encounter 13
Disturbing us from our late afternoon we are doing quite well drinking session was a huge bearded man calling himself Captain Black Beard.
Black beard told us the tavern was once his ship and he left it here to let everyone on neverland know that he is The ruler of the seas .
He hates Claw as now he has the treasure he believes he should be the ruler of the seas.
Blackbeard tells us he wants us to hand over all the treasure so that he can deal with Claw himself.
He keeps talking to his high ranking pirates in his group (one was called Morgan and one called Gibbs)
Black Beard became very angry at some of us for being disrespectfull and because we refused to hand over the treasure.After a brief chat with Kylar our Leader raised his sword and with a call to arms charged .
This battle was one of the bloodiest I have ever been in, Black beard Smashed me of my feet and I believe if it hadn’t been for the fairy dust I would have been left for dead, Scarlet also fell in this vicious mellee.
The whole party fought for there very lives in this encounter and there bravery was second to non.
Eventually the pirates fell one by one until just Black Beard remained continuing his epic battle with our party leader.
Showing true Vally spirit it was at this point we all got stuck in.
Captain Black Beard definitely showed us why he was ruler of the seas.

Encounter 14
Came across a hidden garden containing what we believed to be 3 mermaids (although they had legs )they told us that they would give us some treasure if we left one of our party members behind with them.we wouldn’t do this but said we would crack the ward on the garden so that they could all be set free.
The mermaids agreed, once the ward was broken the mermaids laughed and said we were to trusting they ordered some rat creatures to attack and then using a mixture of beguilment and power drains attacked as well.
It was once again a tough fight but the mermaids had under estimated us and fell to our blades.

Encounter 15
We headed off to find Calypso, The witch was indeed crazy but very east to deal with, one by one we gave her our treasure and each gave her a gift of something that was important to them.
Calypso then did some weird ritual using a coldren and said it was done and we had to move on as the area had now been used.

Encounter 16
Calypso joined us as we headed off to battle with the Claw, we found him and his Pirates and decided it would be best if we could hold a gap and thin there numbers as they attacked .
Captain Claw left me a bleeding mess on the floor within 30 seconds of the attack, the pirates also put an end to Scarlet in the whirling melee.
Luckily we were both once again saved by the fairy dust and appeared in the midst of a vicious battle.
Captain Claw was arrogant and cocky believing in his and his crews ability to deal with us despite the ritual and the tasks we completed to face him.
One by one his crew fell until at the last The captain still unbelieving he was defeated fell to the swords of our party.

Encounter 17
Back at the tavern enjoying a well deserved beer Peter pan turned up with one of his lost boys and thanked the party. Last but not least arrived the stunning bearded Tinkerbell who told us she was still unable to send us back as Neverland was still returning to normal but by the morning we should be back in Orin Rakatha.
She then took Peter with her to remove the evil essence and then hopefully they could start returning neverland to it’s former glory.

Valley Party
Kylar –Reaper High Priest, Fell Knight and Party leader
Harlequin Void Stalker- Drow Sorcerer
Kyle Ompak – Warrior of the rangers
Kurt Polaris- Crusader
Renown- Ranger and hero
Scarlet head hunter – aspirant warrior
Theran -  elf acolyte
Written by myself – Vallan .