Heroquest V - Enemies United


By Starion Windweaver, Master Seer and Sorcerer of House Tumdurgul.

Many years have passed since I undertook this mission and in truth some of the details have slipped my mind, I do hope that other that were there and witnessed these events can fill in the details. That aside as I read a recent report on great deeds done by other members of our most noble house Tumdurgul, I felt obliged to write details on a part of valley history that to date has not been written about.

Again I apologies for the accuracy of the report, the original was more accurate and is in Master Snarlows records.

Where to start, all that I can say is that this plot came to light quite by accident. As I remember, a member of the valley Nishi, had infiltrated what remained of the Aldonar who had become increasingly active, our group had been sent to extract her so she could report her findings. Our scouts spotted an unusual group gathered in a valley including a traitor Dye Fa Dyne agent. Rather boldly a group teleported into the middle of this mob intent on taking a few of the people out by surprise.

The group however were quite formidable, A mind Flayer, A mist weaver, A Kalid General and a number of Dim Wan also interesting was that this group represented a large number of old valley enemies. A rather violent clash and hasty retreat took place and we tried to piece together what was going on.
We were later to discover that this group had some fairly unpleasant plans for the Valley Alliance – They were headed up by the then leader of the Dim Wan a man called Dim Theris. We understood that Dim Theris intended to instigate a ritual of some magnitude which would aid him and his allies crushing the valley (this is one of those sketchy bits I mentioned).

We decided that our first stop would be the world trade fair, a gathering that took place once a year which inhabitants from many planes visited. This seemed like a good place to track down the traitor Dye Fa Dyne chap. We did eventually catch up with him and discovered he was being protected by a group of trainee Aldonar. We took him captor and handed him over to the Dye Fa Dyne ambassador Lord Vombassor.

Our efforts netted us the general location of the ritual and who was involved. The list included The Mind Flayer who had caused the valley much strife over the years, A Khalid General and his legion, The Aldonar who may have been under the command of Eleran Black and Dim Theris, also in the area was a number of shadowsfall their reason for being in the area wasn’t revealed until much later.

We arranged to stay at one of Lord Vombassa’s hostals and set about scouting the area the next day. Our first night earned us a visit from some shadowsfall, we did not discover what they were up to at the time but fighting us seemed to be the way to go.

The second day we set out to patrol for the ritual site and ran into the Khalid Generals troops, we vanquished a number of these units and eventually fought and killed the Khalid general. Unfortunately his troops recovered his body whilst we chased the main body.

During the course of the next few days we tracked down the Mind Flayer and killed him and also defeated the last Aldonar Claw. We discovered that Erelan Black was under the command of Dim Theris but in exchange for us attacking and killing Dim Theris he (Erelan) would turn up late for the ritual (or not at all if we were winning). We had killed the mist weaver prior to us leaving for the Trade Fair, our only opposistion consisted of the remains of the Khalid legion, The Khalid General, Dim Theris and all the undead he could muster.

We had unsuccessfully tried to infiltrate the ritual site only to be driven back.
The final day started quite badly as the group were on the wrong end of a Dim Wam undead patrol, caught by surprise and spread out we took quite a kicking before the undead were killed.

Finally we entered the ritual area to discover we had walked into a power warded trap, it seemed we were part of the ritual and a frantic fight kicked off. Dim Theris had cast a block on the Good Sphere and attacked us with the full weight of his undead and Khalid guards. It seemed like an eternity before the block on the good sphere ran down with predictable consequences to the party. Most of the non healers had been slain, Myself, Narnia, Gurthang and Onyx had certainly fallen on the other side of the coin most of the opposition had been killed or had left the field of combat (The Khalid General and his 1 remaining follower). The group finally killed Dim Theris and blessed his body (he had embodied a vampire into himself to protect him from the terror invocations I had routed him with the previous night).

When the group got back to the hostal they discovered that a shadowsfall judge had taken up residence and was trying to discover why his people were in the area. Sky reported our findings; it was then that the final enemy revealed himself it seamed that the plot was not only aimed at the valley, but at the Dye Fa Dyne, shadowsfall and possibly the Khalid as well. All of those who had stood against us were to be aided by Dim Theris and the other allies to take control (I would guess) of their peoples or atleast get opposition eliminated. The traitor shadowsfall realising he was undone attacked Sky and paid the price for his treachery.

The Shadowsfall judge thanked us for our efforts and that was that. The Dye Fa Dyne and the Shadowsfall were to publicly thank us again infront of a number of valley guild leaders.

All that remains is to name the group (all that I can remember).

Starion Windweaver,
Sir Celestian
+ 1 other whose name I forget.

From the quill of Starion Windweaver, Master Seer.