Dimwan lay down the Law (Celebration Theme Feb 1997)

A meeting was called at the old Aldonar Fortress at the behest of the Dimwan with a subsequent meeting on the following night where we discussed the matters raised by the Dimwan.

There were representatives of many towers at the first meeting that we were hosting, a Kalid General, A Shadowsfall Judge, someone who purported to be Reader (of the tower of the same name), The acting head of the White School of Magic of the Wizards Concillium, A representative of the Morgoth Tower. Of our alliance Sorcerer Scrope represented WolfHold, Galnin represented the White Retreat, and Giles the Valley Tower. The Dimwan were present in number, the first chancellor, a Wraith Prince, Elran Black and Doomwraith (aka Lord Cardonaris).

At the meeting the Dimwan stated that there was a lot of disruption and chaos going on in Orin Rakatha and they were going to sort it out. They announced that their tower was going to go to war with two other towers in order to do this. The Drow Tower and the Bethellim Tower, neither were present. Stating that the Drow were a continual annoyance and constant source of trouble they were going to wipe them out - except those who had joined Wolfhold and were members of House Tundurgal. It was also stated that it was unnatural for hoardlings to be in a tower, they would destroy the Bethellim tower.

They stated that the Morgothians were bad buys, but not beyond redemption, and that the Morgothians should stay within their tower until these matters were sorted out. They spoke to Wizards Concillium and asked them to stop training anyone who the Dimwan declared war on, and that they would be increasing their training requirements in order that the Wizards Concillium not lose money. (I noted in passing that he did not declare the towers affected, but phrased it as those the Dimwan were at war with). They spoke to the person whom we believed to be Reader and said that they wanted Reader to stop any trading with anyone the Dimwan declared war on, and that Reader would be adequately compensated for any losses.

The Dia Fah Dyne were called bad boys and were encouraging bad trades, a source of disruption, but not beyond redemption. They should mend their ways. The Dimwan had taken control of the World Window and would be using if for the good of Orin Rakatha, if the DFD mended their ways and proved to be good traders in the future the World Window would be returned to them.

They spoke to the Shadowsfall and offered to buy them off of any contracts on the Dimwan, and they asked the Shadowsfall not to accept any contracts on them, that they would more than match any price offered. The Dimwan also said that the Valley Alliance have had continual problems with the Aldonar Tombs and if asked the Dimwan would be only too happy to sort them out, as masters of undead it was really down to them. When we seemed skeptical about this they said that we could accompany them if we wanted assurances.

The above is a summary of what was said by the Dimwan, soon afterwards they left. During these pronouncements when they told the Morgothians to stay in their towers the Morgothian became very agitated, Elran Black silenced him “By the power of my voice I command you to die” he said. Sir Gurthang carried the Morgothian away - I will note that Gurthang started no trouble, as I understand that he was under orders to avoid such. But it was the Dimwan who broke the truce at this point in time.

After the Dimwan left it was agreed by those present that we would have another meeting after people had contacted their towers and passed on the message to them for their feelings regarding the matters that had been revealed by the Dimwan.

During the course of the following day I accompanied a group who were intent on chasing down a traitor who had been supplying the Cult of Hate with potions and scrolls. We succeeded in our task and it was a Dai Fah Dyne called Madaxe, who has been involved in other activities against us in the past.

Another group went out to investigate what the others were up to and as I understand it to attack any Kalid they should come across. They met some Kalid and undead during the course of the day.

That evening, we reconvened to discuss the matters further. Present at this meeting were those from the previous meeting, less the Dimwan, and Reader. However Reader had been present earlier but had left shortly before the meeting and was now represented by two of the Chosen. In addition were Azard-An, the Dai Fah Dyne Sultan of the Southern Marches, the Son of Bethellim and two representatives of the Drow Tower (the 12th Assassin and the 7th Sorcerer of House Arduval). At this meeting we discussed the matters at length, and below are the responses of the various representatives:

Kalid : he reported that the Dimwan had surrounded the Aldonar Tombs and that they had fought the undead and passes through them. They did not see any problems, and did not feel threatened. They were willing to meet again in 60 days where further discussions might take place.

Shadowsfall : Firmly against the Dimwan. They were not willing to have the Dimwan dictate terms to them and superseded their functions.

Reader’s representatives - they stated that Reader would comply with the Dimwan and cease trading with those the Dimwan were currently at war with, or anyone else that the Dimwan declared war on.

Wizards Concillium : they would go along with the Dimwan.

Morgoth Tower : noncommittal, but unwilling to be dictated to.

Azard-An : concerned at the attacks being mounted by the Kalid, but generally very hostile to being dictated to by the Dimwan. He looks like a man badly in need of an alliance, and if steps were taken we could profit from this.

Dai Fah Dyne : sure that this was all a mistake and that they could work it out with the Dimwan - I take this to be compliance with the Dimwan, although that was not stated as such.

Bethellim : Pissed off at everyone who keeps attacking them - clearly against the Dimwan.

The Drow Tower : confident that they could withstand the Dimwan.

After the meeting broke up the Aldonar Fortress was swept by the Dark Wind, and many alliance people suddenly revealed that they were or had been possessed by undead, they attacked us. Discerning mostly as void zombies we were also attacked by other undead that came into the building. Ultimately we drove off these possessing spirits. It was revealed that all of these people had been cornered by Reader during the two nights and possessed, or influenced by him to be very favourable to the Dimwan cause. Our suspicions were that someone or something had impersonated Reader and had left before Azard-An turned up, whom we assume could recognise Reader. Another point of note, is that the Dimwan had already moved into the old Aldonar Tombs, and taken control of them. They were now denying passage into or out of the Tombs.

Draal, Favoured of Lolth.