BOPs - Black Orc Down


Restricted Brown Ops Mission Debriefing Materials

The following materials have been declassified as they may contain information pertinent to Valley Missions.
Mission Codename:   Black Orc Down
Mission Theatre:   Tharanduil
Primary Objective:   Deliver Spare T.A.R.T. to “The Package”
Secondary Objective:  Remove Warlord “Jaffa”

Operatives:    [[Confidential: BOPs Eyes Only>]]

Day One:

BOPs operatives engaged and destroyed a Morgothian patrol lead by significant military commander.  Commander had documentation suggesting interest in recently arrived “Halfway House”.  Orders were to present patrol to newly arrived building and receive message.  If patrol is not heard from then in Four Moons the Warlord Jaffa would send greater forces against the area.

Operative J. was Slain by Morgul Wraith during engagement.

Operative M. wishes he was slain before he had a chance to talk to one of his superiors.  Chances of promotion minimal when he declared his support for the Valley, The Maw, BOPs, High Priest Nathan, The King and his own Power before ever mentioning the Wolhold based martial sect to which he actually belonged and was being interviewed about.


Day Two:

Arnorian forces made a morning assault on two of the three BOPS positions.  They were driven off and breakfast was enjoyed.

BOPs initiated the T.A.R.T. and travelled four days north of the halfway house into the borders of the Angmar/Arnor war.

Day spent skirmishing with various forces of Angmar and Arnor although an accord was reached with the forces of one of the local Dukes which was naturally done as the Mission left his lands to ensure maximum hostility from his Arnorian neighbours.

A deep cover Operative met the patrol and directed the mission to a secret Tunnel which would take them deep into the heart of a large invasion camp where further rumours of “the package” could be obtained and the mission objectives advanced.  Operatives P. G. and T. (cause you always get a T. with P.&G.) and the T.A.R.T took point into the Tunnels which seemed to be littered with small biting spiders that Humans seem to be remarkably allergic to but proved irrelevant to the other members of the team.  Two larger arachnids were dealt with in typical BOPs fashion and the mission pushed out into a major rumble with the forces of an Ungoliant Spider Priest and minions.

Operative G2 was Slain by repeated poisonings.

With the spider worshippers dealt with BOPs proceeded with insurgent tactics and donned appropriate disguises just as a local Morgothian arrived.

Believing the mission to be Angmarian Irregulars he explained that various patrols were sending men to “the night” where there would be dice, cards, dancing, booze, games of skill and chance etc. with the grand prize being a “no questions asked” Pass back through the lines. In order to prepare for a night of gambling it was apparently standard practice to meet up at a fight circle to distribute the gold needed for the stakes.

The mission proceeded to the circle as dusk began to fall and made a good account of themselves in the main part in solo situations and ended up with sufficient gold to “buy them in” to the evenings entertainment.

After a hot meal provided by the local military caterer the games enforcer (a Cave troll with a Morgul Wraith “back-up”) listed the rules (don’t do anything we don’t like or we’ll hurt you) and kicked the night off.  Mission operatives took part as their own skills allowed winning gold from various areas.  N. excelled at “Jenga” and despite G’s inability to follow the plan had a couple of big wins.  S. did well at Angmar Hold Em while E. had mixed fortunes at BlackJack.  In the end a lucky hand of Blackjack and some not so lucky (for the Morgothians) bush action by N. and G2. secured the required funds for the Pass to be obtained.

There followed some reprisal attacks from disgruntled forces of Angmar who fancied taking the chain (the form the pass took) but they were driven off with no casualties.

Day Three:

Strangely began with an insurgent force of Arnorians penetrating the compound and attacking the pub that the mission had holed up in for the night.

The mission pushed ahead and found some filthy thieving Morgothians who had stolen some exclusive BOPs technology including “stealth blades”, “stealth shield” and “bags of thunder”.  The miscreants were dealt with although recovery of the items was hampered by design limitations.

Beyond some more Ungoliant spiders and priests contact was made with two of “The Packages” Canines who after a thorough investigation of Operative disguises took us to see “the package”.

The mission parameters were at this time expanded.  The primary mission was complete (T.A.R.T delivered for extraction of “the package”) and a secondary mission was now given to the operatives.  A local Warlord by the name of Jaffa was currently installed in a nearby slate mine that was currently the focus of a huge amount of activity concerning “The Maw”.  The Maw is in some way related to the Messenger (dead Nazghul) and it is of great importance that any progress the WitchKing makes toward the recovery of the Messenger is considered a priority to stick a spanner in.

The Operatives were therefore instructed to remove the Warlord which would require the following:

Objective 2a – obtain a poison recipe from the Hashishan that would inhibit a connection to the Maw.
Objective 2b – obtain a potion lab from the Arnorians to concoct the poison
Objective 2c – identify and obtain a method of injuring/slaying the Warlord who it seemed was a fairly unusual of Black and Cave Troll
Objective 2d – perform a night attack and slay the Maw high priest to weaken Jaffas hold on the Uruks in the area then retreat
Objective 2e – engage Jaffa in daylight (due to Black Troll heritage) and destroy him.

BOPs proceeded to locate and obtain the Arnorian services in short order agreeing to meet in an old fort some distance away later that afternoon.

A passing dwarf explained that forces of the Warlord Jaffa had moved into the old slate mine where they were digging for the Maw.  He went on to say that the vicinity of the Maw was a focus of great evil which weighed heavily on anyone going there which cheered the mission up no end.

The operatives then found their way to an abandoned fort that had seen better days. Securing the area the fortifications were rebuilt as best as could be in the circumstances.  Soon after this a Black Sufi with an entourage of Hashishan and Easterling tribesmen arrived to provide advice, recipes and shit-stirring.  The mission was told that they had to protect the Black Sufi from a group that were “coming for him” while his men went and fetched the recipe required for the completion of the meeting.

Over the course of the next couple of hours Agothian forces assaulted the area but caused no issues for the operatives on the ground.

Then the enemy of the Black Sufi arrived (it was assumed that the Agothian Forces were following the operatives). A Morgothian sorcerer of reasonable capability lead a vigorous assault of the fort from the rear entrance which ultimately lead to a sally by the operatives present and the defeat of the Morgothian forces.

As a result of the missions success a scroll was provided along with a bow to be carried by Operative N. which the Sufi explained would be able to confidently deliver the venom into the High Priest assuming a certain level of accuracy on N’s behalf.  The Black Sufi then offered “water and shade” to the mission which most accepted and they pulled back to a nearby building which the Sufi had taken over.  Operative G. stayed outside out of principle refusing anything offered by the Black Sufi but still having to suffer through endless prophesising and general baiting (See Mission Addendum below).

There was a peculiar incident where a small group of “Valley” adventurers (Yana, Sweetpea, Luke Montoya, Daark and Gutrot) arrived. Operatives were suspicious but casual.  Eventually a Morgothian priest of some kind arrived and thanked us for the ability to bring such interesting things with him at which point the group switched sides and starting fighting next to the Morgothians.  Upon defeating this group the bodies of the “valley” members collapsed into nothingness.  Very odd.

Following a hot meal and a short period of casting (operative may have been sarcastic at this point) the group prepared for the first assault on Maw territory with the objective of getting N. within firing distance of the Maw high priest, poisoning his connection to the Maw and then slaying him the plan being to blow him to pieces from a distance while the line held firm against Jaffa who was expected to be (and proved) quite tough.

Under the growing darkness the BOPs approached a ruined slate mine in good order.  Unfortunately they were spotted by keen eyed guards and found themselves in a stand-off with Warlord Jaffa, several Morgul Wraiths, the Maw High Priest and a retinue of other guards and priests.  At this stage Operative M. turned coat and joined the Maw high priest (possibly a last chance stab at getting a promotion).

The battle went badly; Jaffa was tough as the mountain itself with even Operative G3’s blows failing to make any impact on him and all invocations and spells failing to impede him.  Operative N. however turned the tide with a series of deadly shots delivering the venom into the target.  Following up Operative S. unleashed Cock upon the target and surrounding support destroying the support and leaving the target open to Operative L’s attentions.  With the target destroyed fallback was ordered and retreat began.

Unfortunately during the retreat Operative R. and Operative L. fell before the onrush of enemy forces and the mission was forced to retrieve the bodies without chance for adequate care.

With resurrections and curing completed by the erstwhile Operative C. the mission waited in anticipation of reprisals from the nearby Slate Mine.

The Black Sufi left and dissolved his claim on the building telling the mission that a White Sufi would be coming to speak with them following his departure. 
A White Sufi did indeed arrive and presented visions and tellings for those interested parties (details included below in mission addendum).

As operatives began to drift off to bed a force of Agothians accompanied by a “Soul Harvester” assaulted the location of operative P.  They were driven back after a bloody fight that left several of the mission crumpled on the floor in need of the medic.

Day Four:

Mission accepted incoming intelligence and made for location of the battlefield where Warlord Jaffa was to be engaged.

BOPs operative S. unleashed Cock destroying the majority of Jaffa’s support forces in a well timed suicide attack.  Soaking wet hat provided by Pee. branch negates requirement for post-humorous medal ceremony as it demotes suicide attack to foolhardy attack which has no medal attached to it.  That and Operative S. actually survived the slacker!

Field Artillery deployed for live firing.  BOPs operative P. performed admirably.  Target Destroyed.


Mission Accomplished

BOPs Operative Status:  They don’t exist, they were never there, we don’t know where they are now.  But if you have a problem and no-one else can help.  Well your f*cked even before BOPs show up so how much worse could it get?


Mission Addendum – Sufi Prophecies and Tellings.

During the course of the mission both the black and White Sufi made a number of predictions/prophecies/tellings whatever you want to refer to them as.  Operative J. (codename: Snappy) wrote as many of these down as possible but a summary as best remembered by Operative G. is included below:

“The Child of Light, the Child of Moon and Stars will return to the tribes of his birth.  He will stand against the Maw and delay it’s return.” – Black Sufi

“To find the Child of Light first he must be slain.  Only by [Operative G.’s] hand may this be done” – Black Sufi
“Your futures are entwined” Black Sufi to Operative G and Operative G3

“[Operative G.] will stand at the Child of Lights back and defend him while he does what must be done and then they will die” – Black Sufi

“[Operative G.’s] hand is not the hand that slays me” – Black Sufi

“You will meet your end before you see me meet mine” – Black Sufi to Operative G.

“The future is clouded [Operative G.] may have to give his responsibilities to another” – Black Sufi

“There are three who travel with you that could take on your task, Operative J. Operative M. and Operative G3, there may be others” – Black Sufi to Operative G.

“The two halves are separated The White Knght lies between them Does he hold them apart or is he bringing them together? But the knowledge is far away.” – White Sufi to operative G

“The White Seer that told you that you were choosing a King for only the White Retreat was lying” – Black Sufi to operative G3

“The Knight will use you, you are a tool.
You have knowledge of how to help the Knight get to the other half.” – White Sufi to operative M.

“You have the knowledge to bring the knight and the two together.” – White Sufi to operative G2

“That's the White Knight and you have a bit of him You know much of where the dark half is” – White Sufi to operative P.

“The knowledge of the halves is close. You are akin to one of them.” – White Sufi to operative G.

“The Knight stands between you and the two halves Your token is close to them You will go to the place the dark half is.” – White Sufi to operative J.



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