A Long Walk

I, Crion Airos, Ice Elf of Sindaril, have only recently arrived upon this plane known to you all as Orin Rakartha.

I was introduced to the three towers by an Elf with the title of Seeker.

I quickly decided that the extra dimensional tower known as The White Retreat was for me and after only a week I was asked to accompany several of my Elven cousins on a journey to a place called the Icarthian Triangle. We were to find a person or creature which had requested a delegation from the Valley to talk with. Upon entering the area we were guided by an Elven Pathfinder to a place where a red wizard, Harkonnen, had been lost. Apparently he had been sent to aid us in our patrol but was ambushed en route with the Pathfinder. Suddenly, in ran Harkonnen, closely followed by a group of Hordelings and despite hesitation on our behalf we killed the Hordelings. Harkonnen said that there were loads of Hordelings and Undead in this area and he had killed hundreds just to get back here.

Hordelings plagued us all day, they wanted us to go back to the Towers and tell those nasty people at Wolfhold to let their Mist Weaver Scrope free. If they did not then the “Shook” would attack.

After a brief fight with humans from the Dymwan Tower and their creations we travelled through the caves of insanity where we were beset upon by another Dymwan human controlling a creature recognised as a rank six shade. It took some killing that one. Soon a strong Elven Warder and his mistress, a Dryad, appeared and began to tell us a tale of a place called Homeworld. These are the salient facts.

Jade - a female dryad from Homeworld. Her bodyguard is an Elven being titled Warder.
Homeworld - a plane which has three major races which are all suffering because their trees are dying.
Elves - possibly only fifty of these left on the plane.
Svartalpha - apparently similar to the goblinoid creatures of Orin Rakatha.
Trolls - twisted cousins of the Elves. Possibly similar to Drow.
Trees are dying or dead due to the corruption emanating from the Elven Glade.

Jade has asked that the group return to Homeworld with her and her Warder within seven days to act as impartial ambassadors to sort out the Troll problem, that is the constant raiding of the Elves. The decision was to go with Jade, to accept her offer of training in response to our diplomacy.

Walk the Good Walk
Crion Airos