A Leap of Faith


Members of the group:

  • Rancor, Sorcerer, Sacred Sword
  • Li-Fung, Warrior, Sacred Sword
  • Beren, Warrior, Sacred Sword
  • Tankred, Warrior, Sacred Sword
  • Cirith, High Priest, Sacred Sword
  • Rasc, Sorcerer of the Red School
  • Verrik, Seneschal to King Paullandiss, High Priest and Spiritual Warrior of St. Michel
  • Sir. Kal, Paladin of St.Michel
  • Lupus, High Priest of the Gauntlet
  • Nero, High Priest of the Grey Path

We headed North East toward the Dumpling Downs to investigate an area that was showing properties similar to The Plane of Sleepless Dead. As we approached the area we were met by Master Seeker Dew who delivered us a most informative report of activities in the area. Typically our business had drawn us to an area in which many other groups were playing out their own business. Upon this occasion we had entered a Front line area in the War between the Northern Alliance and the Icarthian treaty.

First, we came upon Morgothians with Uruks and undead including a Marsh Wight. They were slain as were their brothers whom we came across next. The Shadowsfall made their usual appearance though I feel that they were keeping an eye on the War. Then a Kalid Scout who was also not too interested in us.

Finally, we came across some Elves, one of whom- Garahim, I recognised from a vision. They had found shelter and we joined them nearby to hear their tale. They had been forced from their home Plane- Dralond and had fled here. We offered to arrange a meeting between them and the elves of Laire Tinwe to find succour. We spoke long and shared a wine and I found Garahim to be most agreeable and I knew that I needed to help him and his people.

In the morning I had just woke and was making my morning meal when we were attacked by powerful Shades. We were caught short and only by using many of our resources was Death avoided. At this point I am not sure who sent them, though they smacked of Drow Business. We were then attacked by a powerful group of Morgothians.

Garahim had explained that he had some herbs that he had escaped with and had been taken since his arrival- these plants would provide the Earth we needed to use the World window to travel to their plane. So we set off and I tried some scouting again which was fulfilling. I found some Easterlings with Spiders who again were strong opponents. After this we needed to meditate and then we fought more Morgothians who had a Celestial Bureaucracy man held captive. Then a Herald arrived and informed us that his master, an Aspirant knight of the dark lady would like a fight. Sir Kal and Verrik dealt with the formalities and we took the field.

A long hard fight ensued with both sided displaying great power. Unfortunately, I made a mistake and compromised our group and at the end when I regained consciousness Tankred lay dead. I was shocked and dismayed though myself and Rancor began to administer the Sword Rites over Tankred's broken form when he rose up alive as the day he was born and arrayed in Celestial Garb- we had witness a magnificent miracle favouring our brave and true brother Tankred.

I also discovered that a couple of the Knights retinue had got away with the plants so we chased them down. We journeyed thence to the World window and travelled to Dralond.

We arrived and met several groups of undefined undead before we reached the Halmadonian fort where finally we met The Beloved Sir Canterbrus Brevus who explained what was going on. In essence they had built a fort on Dralond and allowed it to merge with PoSD, thereby creating a foothold on the Plane. At this time they needed to go after the Realm Lord and asked us to preserve their Fort against the attack of the Realm Lords 3 Lieutenants and the bulk of their forces.

Thus they left and we began the defence, first we were attacked by wave upon wave of undead whose blows attacked your weakest protection before the 1st lieutenant arrived- some sort of Cosmic Mummy that caused healing effects to become diminished. We took a rest within the ward.

Then more waves of Barbarian undead accompanied by Puke. We had a bit of a ruck and then a chat and he agreed to perform a service for us. The 2nd Lieutenant could not be killed and Puke agreed to get his heart while we held him. Anyway, Furryboy turned up and gave us a good kicking- his blows attacking our weakest points and with an aura of curse and blight. In the end we had to repel him from the compound and rest as he would have surely killed us all. We had to let him back in and held him a while longer until Puke returned and then the creature was controlled.

Finally, we went out to intercept the 3rd lieutenant, who used a mirage to trick us before maiming Tankred, but though he was mighty Beren and the boys took it to him and he was slain. We returned to the fort and the Halmadonians returned with the Realm Lord contained. We spoke again on a number of matters then returned to Orin Rakatha and took our rest.

Everyone was exhausted in the morning and for a moment our guard was down, luckily our first visitor was a curious Shadowsfall. We were then attacked by elementals and became clear that Kalid influenced factions within the Concilium were making a move on the world window so we left to intercept them. They were most tricksy but in the wrong and accompanied by belligerent Kalid, so they were slain and we returned to our hut.

Then the Dymwan showed up. Things were immediately tense with the Death Knight and soon enough Solomon turned up and hostilities began. I managed to call a parlay and they demanded a service of me. I took a moment to think and consult and decided to deny them this service. Then they left.

As a number of matters regarding this business remain unresolved I have chosen to publish a simple version. Until we know more it would be remiss of me to speak too much of these matters. If any wish to contact me regarding this report please contact me through the Green School.

By my hand,


Sacred Sword and Seeker